How do you get the contents you publish on this site sir?

Dear CEO of Palness Media. I have interest in running a blog as a business but I don’t know how to get contents to publish everyday. 

I see it as a big obstacle to me. Pls if you can fill me in with how you do yours or how I can go about it I would be glad. Thanks.

New Member Asked on August 17, 2017 in Business.
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I create them 100% original. There is nowhere to get content you publish on your blog than to create them, that’s what every serious responsible bloggers do. Either you create those content yourself with your own brain and two hands, or you hire writers and journalists to create it for you while you pay them monthly salary like every media company do.

There is no place where you have content stuffed for you to go get and publish on your blog. It doesn’t exist. If you decide to lift other people’s content, you will put yourself and your blog into many troubles.

  1. The owners of those content will come against you in many ways, both seen and unseen ways. That could harm your revenue sources, your potential for search ranking, etc.
  2. Even if you are lucky the content owners didn’t bring down your blog, you will simply not grow, because no one make a silk pulse from stolen content.

So, if you think you are unable to create contents, do not waste your time trying to blog. Look for other meaningful things you are good at and do for yourself. Thank you

Pro Consultant Answered on August 17, 2017.
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Have Your Own resources for FREE .. The topics covered are very broad throughout the Niches and are well written. I believe they will be of use to anybody involved in the industries Online and Offline.
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New Member Answered on September 3, 2017.
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