How Many Times do I Need to Weed Cassava Plantation

Good morning please preparing to start up a cassava plantation, how many times do i need to weed before harvest and like how many tons can I get from cultivating 1 acres (6 plot) of land.

New Member Asked on September 1, 2017 in Agriculture.
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As a cassava farmer, weeding can be quite challenging. However, the number of times you need to weed before your crops are right for harvest is normally 2 times, and 3 in some cases where the land supports the growth of weeds. You can significantly reduce this though by the use of herbicides which significantly inhibit the growth of these weeds.

For your second question on the tonnage of cassava to be realized from 1 acre, you can realize up to 20.2 tons of cassava from 1 acre. A hectare producing 50 tonnes.

Active Member Answered on September 2, 2017.
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Weeding a cassava farm can be quite herculean but you have to do it, so as to enable the cassava grow well.
You need to weed your cassava farm twice, the first time is after some months of planting the cassava when the weeds starts competing with the cassava and the second time is when the cassava is all grown up, at this time there won’t be too much weed because the cassava has outgrown the weed but you have to weed it to give the cassava enough space.
Hope this helps?

New Member Answered on September 13, 2017.
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