How To Start Buying And Selling Maize

How does one start a maize business of buying and selling to farms and farmers in general and those in need of maize? How does one make the chicken feed as well? Thank you.

Return Member Asked on March 16, 2018 in Agriculture.
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This is a very lucrative business idea, and am going to give you a simple guide that might help you start your buying and selling of maize.

The Basic line is that:

You buy the Maize during the harvesting period when supply is high and prices are low, make’s arrangements in the market to store them or transport them a choice area of storage, then sell’s during the dry season or shortly before the planting period when supply is low, demand is high and prices have shot up.

Here are the basic steps for carryout the business are:

  1. Making inquiries on what to trade in. Since you already have an idea which is Maize, let’s go to the next step.
    2. Making inquiries to ensure appropriate timing on when to buy and sell.
    3. Making available sufficient capital because the sellers don’t sell on credit. It is cash and carry.
    4. Traveling to the town where the market is located. And if it’s close to you, thats a bonus.
    5. Visiting the Market Chief for, familiarity, security arrangements and further inquiries. Market now have association. You wouldn’t want to come and embarrass yourself.
    6. Making arrangements for storing the goods either in the market or transporting it to a storage area of choice.
    7. Scouting for quality and cheap produce to buy.
    8. Making payments.
    9. Transportation to storage area.
    10. Waiting while monitoring market prices and trends.
    11. Time to time visit to check and ensure safety conditions of the produce.
    12. Selling the produce when prices have gone up or when market trends don’t look favorable.

It’s as easy and plain as that. Do you have any other question, you can ask below.

Expert Consultant Answered on March 17, 2018.
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