How To Start Poultry Farm In Nigeria With Cooperative

Majority of young people in Nigeria desire to start or own a farm, but they don’t have financial power to achieve their goal so they back out.

How they can we encourage our young people to farm if it’s left for the elite?

They are many Agric Cooperative that have decided to help young and vibrant Nigerians achieve their desire.

Return Member Asked on July 6, 2017 in Agriculture.
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It’s a government cooperative poultry farm at Agric Ojo.
There are lots of farmers here practicing poultry farming, some have the intention of owning a big farm somewhere of their choice but they came here to get the experience practically and in the process they are in business making money.
Am a member of the cooperative, the members that owns ready made spaces for poultry let, lease and even sell out spaces to none members who is interested in poultry farming.

One you can get to mile 2 from anywhere in Lagos you’re close to the farm.
At mile 2 board a bus going to Agric bus stop, at Agric take a bike to Aiyedoto Poultry Farm Estate.

You can send me a mail or call:

Return Member Answered on July 10, 2017.
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Hello Emma, you didn’t explain this your offer in detail. Pls, kindly give full detail about how it works and complete direction how to get there from Ikeja or any part of Lagos. I’m sure some people would want to come and see the place.

Thank you

Pro Consultant Answered on July 9, 2017.
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