How To Write a Successful Project

Please how can one write a successful project in school. I would be grateful if anyone would provide me with guidelines. thanks

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“This is rubbish! you are not a Polytechnic student, this is Obafemi Awolowo University for God’s sake. Take this thing away from me. I need something better” Those were the words of my project supervisor when i went to submit my abstract for my final year project. It was a tough time, but i got my B
Scoring an ‘A’ grade in your Final Year Project will leave your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) strengthened. You could move from 2 class lower to 2 Class Upper by simply having an excellent project grade, just as you can fall down from First Class or Second Class Upper to a lower grade it you botch it up. It then means that your project is a very serious business.

Here are important tips:

– Choose your project topic(s)/field very early and by yourself –
The most important step towards successfully executing a final year project is getting a good topic/study field. Do not allow anyone choose a topic for you. Choose a topic you have a good understanding of.

– Ensure that your topic is a field you’re interested in
It is not important that you choose your topic yourself. You also need to make it in a field you like. An engineering student that is interested in robots would not do a project on something else.

– Read several similar projects before you begin
The more you know about the topic you intend to research, the better. Before you start, know all that has been done. This will give you possible references, guides and unexplored aspects of the study and save you awkward questions when you face your supervisor.

– Start your content analysis/research even before approval
Before you submit topic for approval, ensure that you have done basic content analysis.

– Use internet resources
Many students live in the library looking for books to base their content analysis on. Unfortunately, because most universities’ libraries have only antiquated books and supervisors demand current books as references, students are faced with a challenge

-Carefully choose your population, location and research methodology
When you are selecting a population location for your research, try to ensure that you chose a group and location that will not give you a headache.

Good Luck. What department are you and what topics are you considering? I will be so happy to hear back from you

Expert Consultant Answered on March 23, 2018.
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