I Want To Be An Actor, How Can I Join The Film Industry

Pls, how can i join does that are doing film. And i want to be an actor

New Member Asked on August 14, 2016 in Computer.
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Becoming an actor or actress is the dream of millions of youth out there, including some older ones too. But the problem is the talent. It is too easy to be carried away by what we watch on TVs, the glamours and supposedly good life exhibited by some popular actors and actresses. We get carried away by these, so much that we tend to forget that talent and hard word is involved.

Most times you get indulged in self deceit, believing you are talented in this when in reality you are not. So how such are you that you are truly talented and can actually act very well?

Have you acted in any drama before, either in school, in church, etc? What was your performance, did people applaud your effort so much that they would want to see you on TV?

No matter how difficult it seems to get into the film industry, talent still trump them all and can not be hidden. If you are talented, someone somewhere must have spotted you, either in school or in churches.

But if you still think you are good in acting and want to go all out to become a star, there are many ways to go about it.

  1. Look for any proper audition where talents are being hunted and attend. If you are good, you may be spotted and picked from there. Pls do not look for auditions online because online is filled with fraudsters. Attend only auditions that are advertised on TV’s or through credible information sources.
  2. Search for film location and try to reach out to producers and other actors and actresses there. You may start by just helping out with chores in the location and as you get acquainted with the producers, they may just notice your talent.
  3. Go go celebrity hangouts where you may likely meet with one or two established actresses and producers who may decide to help your cause.

I do not know any talent agency for now and therefore could not recommend any. I believe there may be a credible talent agency out there. However, do not patronize those charlatans claiming to be talent agents on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are just scam artists.

Pro Consultant Answered on August 15, 2016.
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I just want to be and actress

New Member Answered on August 17, 2016.
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