Price of 50kg Bag of Sweet “Olóyin” Beans in Nigeria Today

How much is a 50kg bag of beans currently sold in the Nigerian market today? I am talking about the Sweet Oloyin beans that is very popular in Yoruba land. You can also give me the price of other brands of beans in the market too.

Return Member Asked on October 4, 2017 in Agriculture.
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Oloyin beans has gained popularity with Nigerians especially in the south west due to its easy to cook nature. It does not take all the time for it to cook, and the taste? so delicious. A 50 kg bag of oloyin beans fall within the range of N17,000 to N20,000.

For other beans types such as the white beans which consists of the big ones as well as the tiny ones, the prices range from N17500, to N21,000. For other types of brown beans, the prices start from N19,000 to N22,000.

Active Member Answered on October 5, 2017.
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