Price of Indian and Peruvian Human Hair in Nigeria

It seems that Peruvian and Indian hair is in high demand in Nigeria right now? Pls, can someone let me know the prices of these hairs in the market? The quest for we women to look good is always on the go. We like to wear trendy and good human hair.

I will like to know the latest prices of the original Indian and Peruvian human hair in Nigeria today and where I can get them at cheap prices. I am based in Lagos and would like to know locations in Lagos or anywhere. thank you

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These human  hairs vary according to the length and the bundles they come in. However, some do not come in bundles. Focusing on your first question on the prices of these human hairs, lets start with the Indian air; the Indian straight human hair presently goes for N52,000, the Indian virgin hair which has a length of 20 inches and consist of 3 bundles goes for N47,000. However, the cost of the Indian virgin hair varies with the length, as that which has a length of 18 inches, and 3 bundles is presently sold for N42,000.

For the Peruvian Hair, there are several types, with each varying according to quality or level of processing. Some of these include; the Peruvian short straight hair which goes for N15,500, the short lenght posh wave starting from N34,000 and the Peruvian unprocessed human hair which goes for N52,000. Others include the Peruvian virgin hair (kinky curl) that goes for N42,000 and the Peruvian minky curly virgin hair extension sold for N22,000.

On where to get these hair types from, you need not worry, as there are several options. First, if you are the type that likes shopping online, then you have no worries as you can click on this website There are a lot of collections you can choose from. However, if online shopping is not your thing, consider visiting any of the big shopping malls such as Ikeja City Mall or those on the Island. I am quite sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Indian and Peruvian Human Hair price goes from #6,000 to #48,000. Try Ikeja

Expert Consultant Answered on October 2, 2017.
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Your answers were very helpful. Thanks a lot for your contributions.

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