Price of Plastic Water Storage Tank in Nigeria

I want to help my friend who stays outside Nigeria to buy two big plastic water storage to fix in her new house. But don’t know the price to tell her, since it has been over seven years l bought mine.

Please can anyone help me out with the current price of plastic water tank storage in Nigeria. Thank you.

Active Member Asked on October 3, 2017 in Hardware.
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Giving specific capacities would have helped in giving you a direct answer. However, in the absence of this, i would just give you a rundown of the price implications for different capacities of plastic storage tanks (popularly known as Geepee tanks) they include the following;

A 500 litre Geepee tank goes for N14,000

A 750 litre for N16,000

1,000 litre for N19,500

1,200 litre for N22,500

2,500 litre for N42,000

2,500 litre for N53,000

4,000 litre for N67,000 and

a 5,000 litre Geepee tank for N96,000

I hope this was helpful. It will be more appreciated if you are specific when asking future questions


Active Member Answered on October 3, 2017.
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