Price of Poultry Farm Equipment in Nigeria and List

Poultry farming is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Eggs, chickens and turkey are always on the high demand in the market. Many people want to venture into this business but don’t know how to go about it.

They will like to know current price of Poultry equipment in Nigeria. Your answers will be of great help to many aspiring poultry farmers.

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Wow! Chinwe, I must say you are a very inquisitive person, which is quite commendable! Starting a poultry business entails a lot of things being put into place as there are risks which if not managed well can derail the business. In starting a poultry business, some of the basic equipment that must be put in place include the drinkers, the feeders and the housing type. For every type of poultry house built, one thing is required GOOD VENTILATION! This cannot be overemphasized as a lot of poultry diseases and mortality stem from the inadequate supply of this basic requirement.

There is the battery system of housing for the poultry. This is usually the most organized as the birds take up less space and is most used in large scale commercial poultry farming. If you are interested in this system, then you will have to incur significant expenses to purchase the cages. This is after having provided a large building where these will be kept. For the deep litter system, the cost implications are quite low as the birds are housed or let to roam freely within the building.

To start a poultry farm, consider buying these equipment (some of these are specific to the type of poultry farm to be established);

Drinkers (depending on the number of birds)

Feeders (also depending on the number of birds)

An incubator (for hatcheries)


Shavings of wood (commonly called saw dust) preferably the shavings and not the saw dust, as this could lead to the birds developing respiratory diseases.

Crates and

Drugs (vaccines and vitamins).

Depending on number of birds being kept, the costs incurred could range from N 100,000 to over N10,000,000.


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Yes I am very inquisitive especially when it comes to cost of setting up businesses or prices of things in Nigeria. is like my second Google search. Is a place I can ask any business questions and get reliable and informative answers. Thanks Feng that was very helpful!

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You’re most welcome!

on October 2, 2017.
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To start a Poultry farm you should have these things before starting
1. Day old chicks – N150- N180 or point of lay birds N1400- 1800 ( depending when you are buying them).
2. Battery Cage – this is where you keep the birds when they are about to lay and its comes with a drinker, feeding tower, and so many more, it’s makes work easy for farmers to pick eggs or detect when the birds are sick.
3. Manuring machine
In case you don’t know there are two types of Poultry farming, 1. Cage system or 2. Free range system or check

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Chinwe, there are lots of factors to consider;


Yes, it is true that chicken business are very profitable in Nigeria, but not all the

chicken farmer enjoy the same profit.

Besides, the food, the place, and chicken breed, your management matter much more than other factors.

Also Ventilation system. manure management?

Lots of things to consider.  You will start to print Naira, when your management is good.


New Member Answered on November 29, 2017.
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