What about Introducing an Online Store to Wealthresult?

Yeah, Folks, I am back. I have been very busy lately and now, cooking something great behind for this Business forum. I just wanna launch this Idea to the Admins, I read the story of Alibaba few days ago, and I realize, Nigeria is still under-utilizing the power of Ecommerce. There are whole lot that people are willing to buy online.

The Internet makes Things to be much more flexible and easy this days, as you can easily search out various stuffs as you wish. Get your credit card, make purchase and have your goods delivered to you.

What about Introducing an Online Store to Wealthresult?

Konga and Jumia are currently doing well, but looking at How WealthResult as been running lately, I just want to suggest, we could have something like Buy.wealthResult.com or Store.WealthResult.com, Where we sell Products and various people offer services. Having the domain of this new platforms attached to WealthResult will help the ranking greatly, and just Like Jiji.ng, we could sell even Cars or like OLX, we could sell used stuffs, food, Agric products and much more on the platform.

Nigerian web industry is being flocked up with too many News media and we almost don’t have reasonable Startups with the motive of creating a good platform to help better the user experience and make Life more easy with the power of Information and Technology!

I believe this Idea, could be great, but i also understand, quiet a lot of planning and strategic steps need to be put in place, for it to succeed!

What is your take people?

Let’s Hear from you!

Active Member Asked on September 15, 2017 in Business.
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That is a very good idea @Matex. Hmmm. Nothing is impossible actually… there is a more lot to online stores. Its an idea that could bring smiles on people’s face, Bring millions for Wealthresult. However, if not planned very well with a huge money available, it may shut down everything.

I reserve my comments for now.

It maybe seems hard, but its not impossible. Konga and Jumia started in 2012 and now they are far away.

Expert Consultant Answered on September 15, 2017.
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Yeah, That is true, it would require whole lot of strategic planning and decisions to keep it going, but there are various stuffs that can sold,


I am waiting to hear from Darlinton Omeh, what do you think about this??

Active Member Answered on September 16, 2017.
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I attempted it in 2015 but the developers I hired where unable to do something up to the standard I was looking for. So, I pulled out. Now the success of Jiji is trying to motivate me into going back to the project once again.

The pure eCommerce such as Jumia and Konga type is completely a no go area for me. It’s a multi billion dollars investment and I hate the idea of keeping inventory and supplying to customers. Classified website like vConnect or Marketplace similar to JIJI and OLX will be a great fit for WealthResult.com.

But we want to concentrate on this site first and give it the push it has been yearning for. As time goes on, we may try to build other platforms that are related to this business site. I am considering Marketplace where people can buy and sell and a Freelance platform where people can hire and fire. By this time next year we should be seriously into that.

Why these ideas may work for us is because we already have a successful platform that can give the new ones serious push. That’s exactly what’s working for Naij. Therefore, we want to dedicate one more year working to bring this site up then we’ll come for the other ideas.


Pro Consultant Answered on September 16, 2017.

I wasn’t dissapointed….. That is a good one and a good plan. We are always here to support you

on September 16, 2017.


Its beautiful that am getting to know you have done it before, i also don’t like, the idea of stocking up goods in firm like Konga and Jumia, the tendency of damage is high, customers preference, and issues like returning goods after purchase for whatsoever reasons are also there to affect, and now that the both of them have risen to be eCommerce Giant in Nigeria, it is not easy to beat the market, even apart from the fact that its a Billion Investment, there is massive staff recruitment, massive media and social media campaigns and adverts to promote and reach every available customers online.

I am fully in support of the OLX/JIJI Kind of thing, we can bring buyers to sellers and vice-versa, its reasonable, and a freelance platform like Fiverr is also a great idea, with the fast growth of the internet, there are demand for more and more soft work experts and professionals,

Naij Domain is 9 years old, now we have entertainment, news, mail, music, and co, its beautiful, if we can diversify such on Wealthresult, it would be very Good!


on September 16, 2017.
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