Difference Between Creche and Nursery School?

Please can you give me a clear distinction between a creche and Nursery School.

New Member Asked on September 21, 2017 in Business.
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lolzz… this is a very tricky question for a graduate like me ooo. am feeling like this is Pulse TV and they want to embarrass me. Anyway, let me try.

Nursery: is a place where children between the ages of three to five are taught fundamentals of school education, making use of methods such as play-based learning.

Crèche: is the term for a place where children are looked after in the absence of their parents/guardians, who cannot stay with them due to work commitments.

Thats it.

Expert Consultant Answered on September 21, 2017.
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Crèche are often times for small babies, just to keep off from home and disturbing their parents. No effective learning can take place at this level/age, but the children begin to get use to an outside home lifestyle.

Active Member Answered on September 21, 2017.
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we call Creche “jekile osimi” (Let the house rest) in yoruba… Creche exist for babies. Do you wanna start one?

Expert Consultant Answered on September 22, 2017.
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Creche are for babies who’s parent are always busy. Nursery school is for older babies who’s parent intentions is for the child to learn basic things.

Active Member Answered on September 25, 2017.
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