Which Source of Water is Better for Agriculture in Nigeria

Which Source of Water is Better for Agriculture in Nigeria

Water, as simple as it is could ruin most people’s dream of making it big in Agriculture. Without talking much, I will highlight various sources of water you can depend on for your Agricultural business. Agriculture, I hope you know I doesn’t limit to crop farming, fishery, animal husbandry, poultry. The success of any one of it you are venturing into depends on your accessibility to potable water. This is where selection of land comes in. You can’t possibly want to venture into fishery and select a site around Ojodu, Arepo, Isheri north in Ogun state. Water from this areas, be it borehole or well are highly contaminated and you might have to budget some million naira for reverse osmosis. Without talking much, here are some possibly source of water you could rely on for your Agric business.

  1. Rainfall– Depending on what you intend to do, this source could be readily available for you at no cost. The set back depending on this source is that your business will have to be seasonal and you might be limited in your operation and diversification.
  2. Stream/River-This source too could be readily available to you at no extra cost depending on your farm location. But be ready to save some money for mud pump/surface pump. This source too could be seasonal thereby dictating your production. In this era of global warming, you should know its availability can’t be predictable.
  3. Well– This source is very economical, it’s advisable in a plan where funding needs to be constraint. It is not easily affected by season depending on local settings though this is unpredictable in a situation where we have global warming.  It is sometimes affected by the environment thereby making it easily contaminated. Serious water analysis needs to be done to ensure its ok for use.
  4. Borehole– Though expensive, the benefits of having a borehole or more on your farm is immeasurable. You won’t have to worry about quality depending on area though. Your farm workers will have potable water available anytime, thereby aiding there output. Your operation will not have to depend on season.  You definitely know the rest.

My advice for farmer is to always try to have at least a borehole on their farm. You can learn more about drilling a borehole     Here. Contact me for any question/advise you have on borehole drilling. 08037010771 Cheers

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This is a very resourceful article. Am sure someone really needed this. Having a Borehole as an alternative is very good.

Expert Consultant Answered on October 28, 2017.
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