Who can give a detail no how to train a puppy ?

just wondering if anyone has an idea on how to train a puppy (basic) security wise also will be welcomed.

New Member Asked on July 2, 2017 in Agriculture.
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OK. i found out something on Dog Market Nigeria related to what i asked here, so i thought it wise to share with y’all, this is an excerpt of the result:

Steps for House training a Puppy

 Experts recommend confining the puppy to a defined space, whether that means in a crate, in a room, or on a leash. As your puppy learns that he needs to go outside to do his business, you can gradually give him more freedom to roam about the house.

When you start to house train, follow these steps:

1) Keep the puppy on a regular feeding schedule and take away his food between meals.

2) Take puppy out to eliminate first thing in the morning and then once every 30 minutes to an hour. Also, always take him outside after meals or when he wakes from a nap. Make sure he goes out last thing at night and before he’s left alone.

3) Take puppy to the same spot each time to do his business. His scent will prompt him to go.

4) Stay with it outside, at least until it’s house trained.

When your puppy eliminates outside, praise him or give him a treat. A walk around the neighborhood is a nice reward.

New Member Answered on July 2, 2017.
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