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      Tutu Materials

      Tutu are skirts that you often see around a ballerina. They can be as fancy as a ballerina  with a stiff  material making them stand up firmly or they can be soft and flowing as an addition to any of your outfits. Tutu dress are interesting dance costume. It can be incredibly elaborate, or sweetly simple. The tutu is usually called classical or romantic.

      A classical tutu is the familiar short, pancake like, many layered tulle skirt that is sewn extending straight out from the hips. Sometimes a wire hoop is inserted into the layers to make them fan out even more. While the romantic tutu is more like a gown or dress. Four or five layers are sewn from the hip and allowed to fall from the hip and falls naturally in a skirt shape.

      A tutu can come in any form, including bubble, ruffled or straight.  A tutu dress is inexpensive to make and they are fun and easy to make, especially when you know the right material to use.

      Here are Tutu materials you can use

      Crocheted Elastic Band

      This is the band or belt that hold the tutu. They are also known as the crocheted headbands, and can fit the waist.


      It’s a fabric used to make bridal, scarves, tutus, skirts and other pieces of clothing as well as decor. It can be made from several types of materials including silk, nylon and cotton. It resembles netting and it’s often starched to give it a stiffer feel. A tulle skirt can have fabric on top and  tulle underneath or vice versa.

      The tulle will be underneath to give the fabric over it a  bit of a lift. The tulle is often ruffled to help create extra boost. The fluffiness of the fabric can be fun with and can add a unique touch to many outfits. It also comes in different colors.

      Tape Measure

      This is usually use to take appropriate  measurement of length from the armpit to the knee. Also, to measure the chest and back.

      Hot Glue Gun

      It is use to glue the elastic and make a loop on the elastic band. The glue can be dispense in thin strips, and once expelled from the gun, glue generally takes only a few minutes to dry and harden.

      A Scissors

      It is use to cut the tulle and ribbon. In order to get a better result for your tutu.

      Satin Ribbon

      They come in different colors to beautify your tutu. It is attached to the length and width of the tulle with a  sewing machine or a lighter at the end of the tulle.

      Sewing  Pins

      The sewing pins are used to mark measurement made on the edge of the tulle from an inch to another.

      Tutus are inexpensive and easy to make, it does not require plenty of time. It is important to get  appropriate materials which is stated above for a quality tutu, materials could either be purchased from local stores or online.

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      • Nancy October 1, 2014

        So DIVINE! That color is perfect on you. It would certainly be justifiable to go out and purchase more dress in this glorious shade.Really impressed! Your tutorial is very detailed. thanks for sharing. looking forward to more!

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