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    Hippocrates, the father of medicine prescribed garlic for his patients and he used it to treat a lot of medical conditions. This common kitchen spice is highly medicinal and bestows tremendous health benefits.

    It is rich in sulfur compounds; this is believed to be responsible for the taste and scent of garlic and also for its medicinal properties. It is ranked second to turmeric as a powerful medicine and super food. The active compound in garlic is Allicin; this is a powerful medicinal compound that makes this herb powerful.

    There are more than 5,100 review articles that prove the therapeutic abilities of garlic to treat a wide range of diseases. It is highly advisable to regularly consume garlic so that you can benefit from its immense therapeutic properties.

    It reduces the risk of the biggest killer diseases worldwide and even the National Cancer Institute recommends garlic to cancer patients and recognizes it as one of the potent herbs with medicinal properties.

    Important Health Benefits of Garlic

    Below are ten amazing health benefits of garlic.

    1. It Prevents and Treats Cancer

    Garlic, onions and their active bioactive sulfur compounds are effective in fighting each stage of cancer and they can affect the many biological processes involved in the formation of cancer. Regular consumption of garlic reduces the risk of cancer; garlic can effectively prevent and slow the progression of breast, colon, stomach, pancreas and esophagus cancers.

    It is effective against cancer because of its antibacterial properties, its ability to block the formation of carcinogens, it halts the activation of carcinogens, and it repairs DNA, reduces cell proliferation and induces cell death.

    It also has organosulphur compounds like DATS, DADA, SAMC, and ajoene; these compounds arrest cancer cells and induce apoptosis to cancer cells.

    1. It Boosts Brain Health

    Garlic is rich in antioxidants which protect the brain and fortify the protective mechanism of the body against oxidative damage that can affect the brain negatively and lead to cognitive decline.

    Garlic can prevent Alzheimer’s disease which makes a person unable to think clearly, have difficulties in performing an everyday task and can even make them forget who they are and their close friends and relatives.

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    It prevents and treats Alzheimer’s disease by removing the deposits of beta-amyloid in the central nervous system; these plaques help in the production of reactive oxygen species which causes oxidative damage and oxidative stress, this can lead to Alzheimer’s and other brain problems.

    1. It Treats High Blood Pressure

    Garlic is effective in controlling high blood pressure; it is even effective than some hypertension medications. It is rich in polysulfides which help to dilate blood vessels and thereby reduce high blood pressure. Hypertension also known as high blood pressure should be taken seriously because if left untreated, it can lead to serious health complications like stroke and heart attack.

    1. It Treats Hair Loss

    Garlic is used to effectively treat hair loss, Alopecia in both males and females; it is an effective natural treatment for baldness. Alopecia is an autoimmune skin disease that leads to hair loss on the scalp, face and other areas of the body.

    Researchers have discovered that applying garlic gel on the scalp helps this condition and it prevents hair loss. Though there is no cure yet for this condition; there are treatment options available and garlic is one of the effective home remedies.

    1. It Prevents Heart Disease

    This is the greatest biggest killer disease of mankind; garlic helps in preventing this disease and other cardiovascular and metabolic diseases like thrombosis, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis.

    Garlic prevents heart disease and other chronic diseases by preventing the formation and buildup of plaques in the arteries; it also slows the progression of atherosclerosis and it reverses the early stages of heart disease in people with the condition.

    1. It Treats Asthma

    This herb relieves the symptoms of asthma in patients; it reduces the frequencies and severity of asthmatic attacks. It clears the lungs and respiratory airways and it also boosts the immune system.

    1. Increases Libido

    Garlic is rich in aphrodisiac properties; it is an effective rejuvenator for sex. Garlic also boosts sexual urge or cravings and this helps a long way in boosting fertility and reproduction.

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    It also gives stamina and endurance during sexual intercourse and that is why those who overindulge in sexual activities are advised to consume garlic regularly. They can take it in their diet or in supplement form. It increases energy and previous nervous fatigue.

    1. It Treats Intestinal Problems

    This wonderful herb is effective against intestinal problems and disorders. It can treat colitis, diarrhea, dysentery, and even dispel intestinal worms. Destroys harmful bacteria in the intestine due to its powerful antibacterial properties.

    It also boosts the health of the intestines and aids proper digestion and absorption of food.

    1. It Fights Diabetes

    Garlic helps to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood and this will go a long way in preventing and treating diabetes. It also reduces or stops the health complications of diabetes. It also reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in the body which can increase the risk of diabetes.

    This powerful herb also prevents the progression of diabetes complications like nephropathy and atherosclerosis. It brings down high levels of triglycerides. Increases the levels of good cholesterol in patients with type II diabetes.

    1. It Fights Infections

    Garlic is loaded with antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties; its active compound Allicin can kill countless microbes that are responsible for infections both common and rare. It is used in preventing and treating colds and other infections.

    How to Use Garlic

    Generally, this is used mostly as a spice; so you can add it to meals. There is also garlic powder or capsules that you can buy, it can be taken internally and also added to meals.

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    Fresh garlic cloves can be crushed and added to a glass of milk and taken at least once daily; another way to do it is to cut fresh garlic cloves into tiny pieces and let it air dry for two minutes. Then swallow these pieces with a glass of water or any juice of your choice.

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