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    Headaches are pains experienced around the head region; it can be mild, moderate or severe and it can affect one’s ability to carry on their normal activities. This is usually a sign that your body is missing something.

    It can be caused by stress, dehydration, hunger, shallow breathing, nutritional deficiency, food allergy, accumulation of toxins, low blood sugar, fatigue, eye strain, alcohol, side effects of medications, poor posture, and underlying health conditions.

    Painkillers are usually taken to quiet the symptoms of headaches but they are harmful and they give negative side effects. Regular use of prescription and non-prescription painkillers have been linked to infertility, heart disease, kidney problems, leaky gut, and other health complications.

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    There are many effective natural remedies for headaches; the first step to stopping headache is by identifying the root cause and addressing it. Are you thirsty? Dehydrated? Have you been having sleepless nights? Are you eating well? And many more questions to ask.

    When you get the main cause of a headache and address it; you will get instant relief. We will be looking at effective natural remedies that can be used in place of dangerous painkillers to relieve headaches. There are effective, safe to use and give no side effects.

    Effective Home Remedies for Headaches

    1. Water

    Dehydration can cause headaches; dehydration can be caused by not drinking enough water; losing more water either through sweats or frequent urination, alcohol, sugary drinks and too much coffee.

    Headaches caused by dehydration is known as “a water-deprivation headache” and it is the most common type of a headache; this type of a headache affects concentration, the ability to think and it causes irritability.

    When you have headaches; drink lots of water, it will relieve the pains and symptoms. This is a very easy and effective remedy for a headache.

    Drink lots of clean water, like 8 cups of water daily; but you need to take more during hot weather or after exercise or a hard physical labor. Fruit juices; smoothies and herbal teas can keep you hydrated and keep a headache at bay.

    1. Ginger

    Ginger relieves pains, cramps, and headaches; it has a soothing and calming effect on the body. It stops inflammation, reduces the intensity of pains, shortens the duration of pain and increases the levels of energy in the body. It also treats dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other discomforts.

    Ginger can block prostaglandins; these molecules trigger inflammation and are responsible for a headache.

    Take ginger tea regularly till you gain relief; you can also mix ginger juice and lemon juice, it is very effective and has fast action. You can chew on fresh ginger roots or inhale ginger essential oil.

    1. Cloves

    Cloves are used to relieve tension headaches; it cools the body and has a very powerful pain-relieving property. It has a mild sedative property; it relieves stress and helps one to relax well.

    Use clove essential oil for aromatherapy and you will be relieved, you can mix this essential oil with carrier oil and use the mixture to massage your forehead and temples; if you don’t have the essential oil, you can put few cloves in a handkerchief or hold them in your hands and inhale them regularly to give you relief from the pain.

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    1. Green tea

    Green tea has been used for centuries to treat sicknesses and relieve symptoms like headaches; green tea has powerful compounds that make it a natural pain reliever and due to this property, it can relieve headaches.

    After ginger tea; it is the best tea for headaches, it is even effective for migraines but not as effective as chamomile tea that can relieve a migraine due to its sedative and tension-relieving properties.

    If you are experiencing headaches with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and dizziness; take peppermint tea.

    1. Apple cider vinegar

    This is a natural remedy for a lot of health problems; it relieves pains, cramps, allergies, and headaches. Its rich nutrient content can supply the body with magnesium which can help relieve the pain.

    Add 2 tablespoons of organic and unfiltered ACV to a glass of warm water; stir it well and take. Repeat this thrice daily till you get relief. You can increase the dose to suit your need.

    1. Cayenne pepper

    Cayenne pepper is a good and effective remedy for pains and inflammation; it reduces the intensity and duration of pain and its active ingredient capsaicin inhibits substance P.

    Substance P is one of the main elements that help our body feel pain; so capsaicin depletes its amount. It can be taken internally and applied topically.

    To relieve a headache; add ½ teaspoon of capsaicin to a glass of warm water and drink it.

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    1. Breathe deeply

    A little amount of oxygen can cause headaches; sometimes when we experience headaches, our body is just trying to tell us that we are low on oxygen.

    A natural and effective way to relieve a headache is to breathe deeply; consciously take full and deep breaths, it should start from your diaphragm and fill your whole lungs.

    This will help you increase the levels of oxygen in your body thereby reversing headache; it will also help relieve stress, relax your mind and body.

    1. Butterbur

    This herb belonging to the daisy family has long been used by traditional healers to treat migraines; it is rich in phytochemicals that have anti-inflammatory effects and it as a natural beta blocker, which improves blood flow to the brain.

    This helps in controlling blood pressure and spasmodic capillary action that re behind migraines; the root is more effective and takes the capsules according to prescriptions.

    1. Compresses

    Hot and cold compresses can relieve a headache; they loosen up tight muscles that occurs in tension headaches. You can choose one or use both one after the other.

    Apply the compress to your head and back of your head. If you want to do a compress; pour into a bowl, either hot or cold water. Dip a clean cloth in it; squeeze it lightly and apply it to the affected part.

    1. Caffeine

    Headaches enlarge the blood vessels and this intensify pains; caffeine has the ability to constrict blood vessels, it restores them to their normal size, restrict the flow of blood and reduce the intensity of the pain.

    Try and take a cup of coffee or a caffeinated beverage can help relieve the pain to a minimal level; please beware that coffee or caffeinated drinks trigger headaches in some people but not all. So know what works for you.


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