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Internet Research enables one to gather as much needed data in order to be abreast of information, reaching out to different timelines cutting across vast cultures and background. Research is important in order to have access to knowledge and information. Internet research is done using the world wide web.

On the world wide web, there are unlimited and accumulated information which has been stored from different internet users. It is however, important to know how to make research on the internet efficiently, you only need to use the following tips below.

1. Make Good Use Of Search Engines

The browser that you make use of can aid you in doing your research by typing your search keywords directly to your browser which in turn redirect you to popular search engines. choose a good search engine firstly. And how do you recognize a good search engine? Of course, it must be well loaded with info and quality search results. You should also ensure that you have used a search engine that can be well trusted for adequate information.

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Google is the number one search engine in the world for good reasons. Google have indexed trillions of web pages and information journals. Bing and Baidu (for people living in China) are also good.

2. Ensure Usage Of The Exact Word

Make sure that you use the exact word that you are searching for, this will ensure search result optimization. If you intend to search for apple iPhone (for instance), type ‘apple iPhone” and not just “apple”. If you type in “apple” alone, the search engine will bring back loads of contents on apple alone which may confuse you.

3. Employ The Usage Of Quotes

In order to adequately narrow down your research, you need to employ the use of quotation marks especially if you are searching for a topic. An example is the search for strategic planning in an organization, since strategic planning is the key word here, you can search thus; “strategic planning” in an organization. This will make your topic search optimized and you can be sure of a thorough research materials.

4. Write Plain Topics

It is quite important that you write out plain topics, this is because the search engine does not discriminate the casing of your topic. An example is that you don’t make use of upper case when searching, it doesn’t matter what case you use, it’s all the same to Google. But it’s better to use plain text, this will ensure faster typing and search.

 5. Ensure That You Research Is Updated

In academics, it is usually preferable that your research is dated 10 years back and anything higher than that makes the research outdated. It is essential that you make use of research elements that are dated at least 10 years backwards, you can also ensure that you get the latest information by subscribing to day to day information sites, for instance, if your research is based on business, you can initiate the use of websites like for research on small business start up.

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If you make research on how to start a pig farming in Nigeria and you are  basing your research on a content that was written 12 -15 years ago, policies could have changed as well as the value of money, this will render your research useless.

6. Ensure That Your Research Is Authentic

You should ensure that the research you make is authentic, this can be done by confirming the references of the researched internet page. A good website should hyper-link you to the sources of information that they have used, you should also ensure that the source used is not only genuine but current, so that your research won’t be obsolete.

7. Cite The Internet Sources That You Have Used

You have to ensure that you cite the internet resources that you have used, this will ensure that you reference your work adequately and that your reader won’t be misled. It will also ensure that your work is authenticated, you have to ensure that the citations are complete, as this will will ensure adequate navigation by the inquirer.

8. Hyperlink Adequately

You have to ensure that you copy the right link that will navigate the reader to the right webpage. Ensure that the URL of the exact page that you have made your research on is copied and pasted on the word highlighted to be hyperlinked.

9. Make Adequate Review Of Your Work

It is essential that a review is done on your researched work, this is necessary as it will help you to cross-check for mistakes. The URL of a website could have been broken, also the navigation URL might end up being wrong. It is essential you ensure that the adequate keyword was also typed when you were making your research, a wrongly spell search word could also imply wrong search result and inefficient research.

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Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. If you are out to make that research, why not try do it efficiently? just follow these tips above, and you might be on your way to being an efficient internet researcher!!!

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