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      Diesel Supply Business in Nigeria

      We all know that oil and gas business is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria. People are making billions of naira annually and the money in the industry just seem endless! Supply of Diesel also known as AGO (Automated Gas Oil) is one of the most profitable business in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

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      I have been eying this business for quite sometimes now, that’s why I decided to dig deep around to find some facts that will enable me set up this business fast and easy anytime I’m ready. As usual, I am going to share the findings with you so that you too can tap from the wealth in this sector.

      Why Diesel Supply Is A Good Business

      You know the quality of power supply we currently get in this country? It is nothing to write home about! All the giant diesel generators that power most of our industries run on diesel. MTN alone is said to have over 6,000 diesel generators that power all their base stations across the country and they run on average of 20 hours daily.

      If each of those generators consumed 50littres for the 20 hours daily, that will be a total of 50 x 6000 = 300,000 Litres of diesel daily! In a month, MTN generators alone would have consumed 300,000 x 30 = 9,000,000 Litres of Diesel. What a waste!

      Now multiply the above figure by all the four GSM Network operators in Nigeria, all the twenty something banks and their branches, all the factories, all the agencies and organization, all the media houses, and all the homes that runs almost 24 hours on generators! Needless to tell you that billions of litres of Diesel are avoidably burnt everyday in Nigeria.

      In business and supply sense, the best product to deal on is the product that is in high demand. That makes diesel product one of the very product of choice when it comes to Nigerian oil and gas supply business.

      Another good thing about Diesel supply business is that it is less complicated and less expensive compared to that of PMS besause – Diesel is easier to store and transport due the fact that it is less flammable, unlike PMS that could catch fire from a distance and requires more elaborate storage system that cost fortune.

      One of the best part of the business is that you basically do not need to store the product, all you need to do is to market your customers and supply on demand, cash your money and smile to the bank! You can even do the business on a small scare without keeping an office. However, to operate on the standard we are talking about, you must get an office. Don’t get me wrong – Diesel business is a serious business and requires careful planning.

      If you get it right believe me, there is millions of naira waiting for you in this business – the issue of profit is like 120% guaranteed. Go ahead and invest provided you have the required capital.

      Profit Potential In Diesel Supply Business

      Just like every good business, there is money to be made in Diesel supply and profit is always there. We are going to base our calculation per litres per truck. You can get 33,000 litres of Diesel from major distributors and NNPC at N2.5 at the unit cost of N78 per litres.

      A truck of 33,000 liters of Diesel to retailers like Filling Stations supplied at unit cost of N88 will give you a profit margin of N10. In that case, you will be generating profit of 33,000 x N10 = N330,000 from each supply. That is the lowest profit you can make – profit for 33,000 litres are sometimes up to a million naira.

      When you multiply that to how many trucks you are able to supply in a month, you will find out you are in money. The secret to success in diesel supply business in marketing. Expand your horizon, talk to as many companies and individuals as you possibly can. The more you supply, the more profit you make.

      In all, a medium scale Diesel supplier that puts everything properly in place makes between 3-5 million naira monthly after expenses. Isn’t that great? 5million naira monthly is a good business by all standard, so go ahead and give it a go!

      The figure above gives you idea of what is obtainable! It is by no means the final figures, prices can change and some other factor may come into play. However, everything remains relatively within the estimated range.

      If you have additional information you think will add more meaning to this article, feel free to explain it in the comment section and lets expand the topic. We hope to make this article as comprehensive as possible to cover every necessary details we need in starting Diesel supply business in Nigeria.

      Requirements To Start Diesel Supply Business

      The requirements I’m talking about is the things you need to put in place to ensure a smooth starting of your business. Let us take it one after the other and see how it goes.

      1. Register your Business – You need to Register your business either as a Business Name or Private Limited Company. Registration is very important in your business.

      Some companies may not want to deal with non traceable individual. If you don’t have a registered company, you may loose out from their deals.

      When your company is registered and with a permanent office, people feel more relaxed to do business with you because they know a place they can fall back to should they need to contact you physically at anytime. That is very very important in business.

      Again, you have a place you refer people back to when negotiating a deal, something like – My company is Dandy Oil and Gas Ltd. Our office is at No. 123 Ahmadu Bello Way. Then people know you are serious in business. It cost about N50,000 to register a Private Limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

      2. Invest in Brand Equity
      – This is really not official requirement but very necessary if you hope to Stay Ahead of Competition in your business. Your name do not make much impression as your brand, it is the brand that people get attached to in any business. When you think of MTN what immediately flashed into your mind is the Yellow square logo – Isn’t it?

      In this part of the world, people tend to look down on branding while some do it very poorly. Branding is even more important than the business itself, good branding will go a long way to lift your business.

      Get professional Graphic artists and brand experts to work on your company’s brand. Let them design professional logo for you and other things like your company letter head, business cards and stationary. Open a corporate account with your registered company’s name, etc. These are very very important in any business too.

      The importance of these in your Diesel supply business is that when you present business proposal to your would be clients, every thing will look professional and that helps make very good first impression which is vital for winning contracts.

      3. Purchase your Truck –  You can always rent one from haulage companies. However, buying yours is more beneficial and cost effective at the long run. A good truck/ trailer head from Germany or anywhere from Europe cost about 9Million Naira. If you can’t get one, go for hire while you save money and buy later

      Source For Diesel Supply Product

      There are two major places to buy your product: From Major distributors like Mobil, Texaco, Oando, Total, Conoil, etc… They are major importers of the product and are always looking for distributors. In most cases, they always have the products available though at a higher prices.

      The second one is NNPC. They are like the ultimate in terms of prices but not for availability anyway. Approach these two major sources and negotiate your way.

      The ultimate when it comes to Diesel importation in Nigeria happened to be Zenon Oil. You can buy your product from Zenon.

      Latest Trend! The product is said to be very cheaper in Niger Republic. Some fuel importers import their diesel from the Soraz refinery in Niger at cheaper rate and sell to distributors within the North. If you have your own truck and logistics, you may give it a try, buying from them up North at cheaper rate especially if you are from the North. Else, you may just make do with the others (Zenon, NNPC and Major Distributors) for convenience and security.

      Once you have the product aspect covered, your major assignment is marketing. Reach out for potential buyers. Make advert on the daily newspapers and online.

      Now throw your questions and add what you know into the comment box and lets expand on this post. I wish you success in your journey to become a Supplier of Diesel oil product.

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      • ngr Cks August 27, 2013

        This article is awesome. I will make my inputs when I've concluded my research in the oil and gas business in Nigeria.

        • Darlinton Omeh August 27, 2013

          Cks, You are highly welcome and feel free to contribute the resources here when you're done. You can as well ask questions if you have any, we are here all the time.

          • Iyke December 11, 2017

            Are there documents/ permits one needs to get before commencing the business? aside registering of business name.

        • Anonymous March 19, 2014

          Tnks so much dear but I hv just one problem,am not educated.

        • Daniel May 12, 2014

          Waiting for your input its bee a while are you not done with your research?

      • Anonymous August 30, 2013

        I was thinking of changing my line of biz when diesel came to mind, I decided to check online and stumbled on your article which I found very educative. I read with interest, however you did not point out the possible shortcomings of the Diesel trade or is it all good news? I would like to know what to expect,can a woman go for it?

        • Darlinton Omeh August 30, 2013

          No business is all good news but we only concentrate on how to get it right here and the possible outcome when everything is done properly.

          I thought you ladies says "Anything a man can do, a woman can do better?" Or have ladies changed your minds on that? LOL… Sure and woman can go for it, there are some women already in it and they're doing pretty well.

          • Aregbesola September 6, 2017

            Thanks for this information, i have contracts of diesel from companies but I don’t have capital to sponsor it, please do you know any oil marketer in Lagos that can release do the supply for me and everybody will have their own share.

            • Julius September 21, 2017

              @Aregbesola, you can reach me on this line 08127778810. I have contacts that can meet your needs in large quantity of supply anywhere within the nation.

              • Sogo Ogunleke February 15, 2018

                Pls can you link me up with the contacts, we are distributor of AGO based in port Harcourt.
                You can reach me on 08055374909

            • sanni john November 15, 2019

              GOOD DAY AREGBESOLA,i am a distributor in Lagos,my name sanni john.call me for discussion on 08066103317
              waiting for business

        • Anonymous December 24, 2013

          I just came across your blog today and find it informative and it will go a long way in helping budding entrepreneurs especially in Nigeria. Keep I up

        • Emeka June 16, 2016

          My boss is a woman,so a woman can do it

      • Revd Michael C Amaegbu August 31, 2013

        What I see in you after reading your articles is a Nigerian idol that needs to lead this country to the promise land. Thanks a lot my brother. Revd Mike.

        • Darlinton Omeh August 31, 2013

          Rev. Michael, thanks very much for appreciating you really make my head swell but I'm just ordinary Nigeria o 😀 I'm neither in PDP nor APC!

      • Revd Michael C Amaegbu September 1, 2013

        Keep the good job up. One day Baba God will remember u before the big men at FCT.

      • Finnory September 15, 2013

        Genius Darlinton u r really resourceful. u dole out this multimillion info w/o redirecting us to an ebook. msan u r resource person indeed remain blessed.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 15, 2013

          Thank you so much and make sure you subscribe to the email update to be notified each time I publish any new business article

          • Francis Omoike May 28, 2016

            I need your Mobile contact sir I leave and work in state of kuwait and would like to bring this product into Nigeria please.


            Mr Francis Omoike

        • loladecoal January 28, 2015

          First of All, thanks for the dissemination of this invaluable info bro, I'll just like to enquire on what are the expenses involved cos one needs to make provision for that before you can really calculate your real profit at the end of the day

      • Anonymous September 17, 2013

        God will surely reward you. Thanks so much for these information.

      • Anonymous September 17, 2013

        i am in the oil and gas business. am always on the lookout for cheaper products. do you have a good contact for AGO. i need about 10,000 mt. i can come with vessel and load it from the depot.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 17, 2013

          None for now but just keep visiting, I will post it here whenever there is

        • Chidi December 30, 2013

          @Mr "Anonymous" i am into oil & gas business and i have contacts to Big players in the diesel sector who can handle 10,000MT and even more quantity.
          My name is Chidi.

          @Mr Darlinton Omeh, GREAT! work and such a kind heart, many would have referred us to pay thousands of Naira into a bank account to get "More Information". You are not selfish with knowledge, i wish you SUCCESS in your business endeavours especially as relates to Oil & Gas. If you want to be part of the prospective deal with Mr "Anonymous", you can also contact me to be part of it so you don't feel i am taking advantage of your blog. You can reach me via the e-Mail OR Mobile number above. I BELIEVE in Transparency, Honesty and willingly sharing proceeds with any bonafide party in a business transaction. PLEASE let us AVOID GREED! as this is the bane of MOST Nigerian businesses.

        • Henry King February 27, 2016

          i can get you a better price for ago, if you tell me how often you need it, contact me on my mobile:

      • Anonymous September 19, 2013

        gud piece. pls i need to contact u for bloggers advert for my biz. thanks

      • Adegboyega Adeyemi September 19, 2013

        what is for u to help me advertise my biz on facebook blogger or introduce me to pple who can do it for me

      • Leo Anselem September 21, 2013

        Really interesting, I have learnt so alot reading this post on diesel product marketing. I'm considering going into it and would appreciate more details soonest pls.

      • edwin david October 1, 2013

        Tnks a lot for dis relief. Pls do I ned taxforce permision or a filling station before I can lift product as a small scale distributor

      • Anonymous October 3, 2013

        Thanks a lot, i went out recently to depot of some independent marketers to find out the depot price of AGO. At Nipco they told before i register i must provide an evidence of a filling station…. So i want to know any requirement one may need

        • Darlinton Omeh October 3, 2013

          You need to check the other article for link to the document that contains the full requirements to getting license and approval.

          • williams princewill January 19, 2016

            i would like to add you to my facebook friends list so i would appreciate it if u cud send me facebook full names or full email addresse and ur phone number.

      • Anonymous October 8, 2013

        Hi darlington, could you please post the link to the document you talking about… the one that contains the requirements for getting license and approval. Thanks

      • Tola Obas October 15, 2013

        the overall concept of this site is good but in all business u outline I realise you didn't analysis the risk involve I know people don't want to hear about the risk aspect but as an Economist student I believe there is risk in everything we do even life itself is a risk. I know their are good and bad risk it all come down to individual on how you and I manage the risk. please I will appreciate it if you could break down the risk or let me say the challenges involve cheers

      • Anonymous October 23, 2013

        I really thank you for these wonderful,lucrative and mouth watering offer you introduce to us.These article has encourage me to further trail on this line of business but i will need your support in getting a guide copy proposal that i can use.thank you in anticipation.

      • Miriam Tivzenda November 4, 2013

        Great article as usual.Any person with a business mind knows or should know that any business venture involves some risks.Tola,has raised a good comment,and i wonder if it will be possible for tola to research on the risks and give us some info,this will be a good learning experience for all of us.Infact,Tola could be a regular contributor on your site ,with researching risks to each and every business you write about.Thanks once more for your selfless act.

        • Darlinton Omeh November 4, 2013

          This blog provides business ideas for prospective entrepreneurs. Once you picked any idea you wants to work on, it is your responsibility to do the market research which will form the bases for your business plan.

          Risks, Market Analyses, Segmentation, and Management should be in your business plan and not on the articles here. This website is for business ideas. Occasionally, we may write articles on: How to access risks, how to carryout market research etc.. It doesn't mean we have to include it in every article we write.

      • Oba Goophy November 11, 2013

        Very informative for starting a business, but one thing worries me , the interational price plus landing cost of diesel to Lagos is N105 to N112 , how did you get your pricing pls.

        • Darlinton Omeh November 11, 2013

          All price where valid from my check as at when the article was written, if you think there is change in prices, kindly furnish us with the details. You can do that through the comment

      • Oba Goophy November 11, 2013

        Thank for your reply, the platts price for 1 mt metric tonne of diesel today is 870 dollars landing cost and storage takes it to between the price mentioned above..at the terminal or tank farm in lagos it is sold for much more. pls furnish us where we can find the price you mentioned in the article above….Thanx

        • Henry King February 27, 2016


      • abubakar hassan November 11, 2013

        Mr. Darlinton, thanks for your contribution. I am a graduate and jobless. Sir I searched for capital from relatives but I could'nt find it because of scarcity of money in nigeria. Although I have N300,000. Sir pls as a prfessional what business do you think would be viable and profitable for me with this little capital?

        • Darlinton Omeh November 12, 2013

          Hassan, I have written about so many businesses on this website, I'd like you to go through them and choose the one that is suitable to your circumstances that your budget can carry. There is no way I will recommend any particular business since I don't know what you are good at and your location.

      • Wisdom Nneji November 29, 2013

        This is real helpful,God bless you.

      • JUDE JOSEPH OBINNA December 1, 2013

        God bless you my brother Darlington.

      • Olu December 8, 2013

        Hi, many thanks for your amazingly wonderful empowerment tool…INFORMATION.

        Could we have a private chat ASAP please? probably via an email? Could you provide me with your public email if you've got one?

        Will appreciate your response soon…thank you again


      • Anonymous December 10, 2013

        good day sir,
        I'm presently thinking of leaving my job to start this business.
        it suddenly occurred to me that if i had started 2 years a go, i would have either been rich in cash or experience by now.

        you have adequately dissected every area that is of concern in this business; sourcing of supply, sourcing for demand/marketing, transportation, company reg and branding.

        i just have a few questions.
        as at this moment, i know that filling stations sell for at least 150naira. How much is the product gotten from tank farms and how much do fuel stations usually buy it from suppliers?
        with this answer, i can extend the knowledge to company supplies.

        also, can u give me ideas on how to approach filling stations and companies without looking like a pest as well as suppliers like zenon. can i just approach them directly?

        also, how much do tanker truck owners transport per liter?

        thank you for your response and God bless

        • Darlinton Omeh December 10, 2013

          Approach companies like Zenon directly, they will be able to give you more details on some additional requirement. You don't have anything serious to do with filling stations your business is direct with the marketers.

          • Anonymous December 30, 2013

            If you do not have any serious business with filling stations, who are you supposed to sell or distribute the products procured to?

      • theophilus igweshi December 23, 2013

        Hello mr darlington, my name is michael and I'm a marketer and I supply good quality diesel at the rate of N148 per liter,please if you do have a contact a or anyone on this thread that may be interested just inbox me on my facebook account michael theophilus igweshi so we can talk, I appreciate ur good work and you will excel if you keep up with this…thanks.

        • Anonymous December 23, 2013

          I would love to know you maybe u can drop Facebook account or any contact because i want to go in the same businesses too

      • Anonymous December 23, 2013

        Thanks so much for this Lucrative information i have been looking for something like this since and i want to go into diesel supply business but i need a Good place i can learn how to start the business

        • Darlinton Omeh December 23, 2013

          You can contact someone who is already in the business to help put you through. Or you approach the oil marketers directly and inquire from them what you'd need to do

      • Anonymous December 26, 2013

        I have a strong passion and desire to go into oil and gas business in 2014 but i don't have the capital to start up the business and contacts of big oil dealers and companies.But i am gathering information and insights on how the business works.Please, i need assistance on how to go about it?

      • chiedu aninye January 7, 2014

        This is very informative. I have most of what it takes to start the diesel biz. I just got a 14,000ltr peddler truck a registered company but never had a physical office. How does that work for me?

      • Anonymous January 7, 2014

        This has been highly informative. I just got a 14,000ltr peddler truck, I already have a registered company but no physical office just a registered address. No client database for now but I hope to commence soon.

      • peter david January 10, 2014

        One word -Awesome! Thanks!

      • Anonymous February 9, 2014

        Can you send me sample proposal to Supply AGO to any company.

        Appreciating your work

        Thank you.

      • Anonymous February 12, 2014

        How can some one get their contacts, incase l need diesel today please?
        Thank you

      • Musa Iguda February 12, 2014

        Good day, i am from north and i am working with one of this Telecommunication servicing company in lagos and i really want to go for this business please i need more details on how to go about it.
        Thanks Musa.

        • Darlinton Omeh February 12, 2014

          Musa, If you ask any specific question, it would be easier for me to answer through I can't guarantee answers to all questions posted here due to time and tight.

      • Anonymous February 16, 2014

        i would like to meet someone who can sell AGO to my client at a very low price.my facebook account is olorogun mitchell omeri.apologies for the advertorial sir.lovely piece.

      • Maduka February 25, 2014

        @Olorugun Mitchell Omeri, i tried reaching you via your facebook page but couldnt get access to post on ur wall or send a message. I have AGO for sale you could reach me on facebook (maduka okere) or by email (madukaokere@gmail.com)

      • Ndubuisi February 25, 2014

        None of you talked about the minimum capital for this kind of business, I mean
        the least capital one should have if one is thinking of this kind of business
        please I need more information on this issue of MINIMUM START UP CAPITAL.

        • Dickson February 21, 2018

          Same thing i thought of ,pls kindly furnish me with any valuable information on this should u come across one …..thanks

      • Anonymous March 25, 2014

        Thanks D for this beautiful article

      • Anonymous March 25, 2014

        Nice piece guy keep it up

      • Anonymous April 1, 2014

        Good job Darlington, please keep it up. but please can someone go into the biz with as low as 300k?

      • Anonymous April 1, 2014

        Egotzin Investment Ltd was registered primary as a platform to supply diesel. At the time, we had 3tech corporate doing business with us. We supplied to AIRTEL to power their mast. We covered the Northern region of Nigeria. They were no "so much" security challenges then. Each time we received an LPO to Bauchi state, it was celebrated. Today, the business of diesel supply is very competitive as most of the officers who were supposed to be client now own pilot companies that supplies the products. Marketing has indeed become a challenge, but success in the business strictly depends on honesty as major distributors may give your small company product on trust. Always remember that in diesel business trust is a capital. When you grow, you will then be able to buy and supply diesel. For starters, do the marketing and be honest because they is always a buyer somewhere.

        • Darlinton Omeh April 2, 2014

          Thank you for the advice I hope people take it to heart

          • sims magazine April 22, 2014

            good piece and write up, am so happy God bless you, but i have a quick question, how much is the minimum amount start up capital, say to start up with two tanks. tho i would rent the tank

        • Uzochukwu October 9, 2017

          I want to venture into diesel supply but first as a broker. I’m a recent graduate. Just two questions.
          1. Starting as a broker, is registering a business with CAC a compulsory requirement before clients can give you orders to supply to them?
          2. What are the documents involved from the point when you get an order to when you eventually make the supply.

      • Anonymous April 21, 2014

        excellent article… very detailed. but i have a quick question, whats the minimum amount to start with, if i want to begin with a supply of two trucks. thank you

      • Anonymous April 25, 2014

        I love this article. Pls keep it up. I'm currently enjoying the benefits of this business. Pls for only end buyers i have available AGO by trucking and by vessel. What we need from you is either give us your bank endorsed LPO or BCL and products will get to you in convenience. Call me: 08030445364. Engr. David

      • pablo ebaco linos May 20, 2014

        Hello, Mr. Darlinton, to be a supplier apart ofertas registering oír business And the brand name, is there more requirement, like license, permit…. Because I think of producing me own biodiesel and sell it.
        As a producer of biodiesel what type of license Will I need, o document to do and where?
        Hope to get a reply.

        • Darlinton Omeh May 20, 2014

          We are working on another robust article that will address most of the raised questions on this, watch out in the next few weeks.

      • Anonymous June 10, 2014

        i am aware there are different specifications of AGO, please advise on which of them is best to purchase. thanks

      • Anonymous June 16, 2014

        Hi Mr Darlington I really appreciate such an awesome information because I have been in the united state for more than seven years now. And I have risen a capital like 8 million naira, and thinking what profitable business to go into. But with this great info: now I know what to do with my money. Once again thanks so much God bless you wonderfully.

      • Anonymous June 18, 2014

        You are doing a wonderful job Mr Darlington. I only want to add that the one of the major problem with the diesel supply business is adulteration. Companies quote unrealistic prices and end up supplying rubbish

      • Emeka Duru June 18, 2014

        You are doing a good work Darlington. I'll only like to add that one of the problems affecting the diesel supply business is adulteration. Many suppliers quote unrealistic prices and end up supplying adulterated products. So beware!

      • Smith Chibu June 22, 2014

        I started this Diesel biz with a friend, I invested 1.1m into d biz and my returns after two weeks was 70k. Does it mean I'm being short changed by my friend?

      • Smith Chibu June 22, 2014

        I started this Diesel biz with a friend, I invested 1.1m into d biz and my returns after two weeks was 70k. Does it mean I'm being short changed by my friend?

      • Smith Chibu June 22, 2014

        Hi Darl, I invested N1,130,000 in this Diesel biz with a friend and after two weeks my profit was 70k. Does it mean I'm being short changed by my friend with respect to the profit marging you posted above?

        • Darlinton Omeh June 22, 2014

          Not really. So many factors can influence the level of profit taking such as the quantity supplied, number of customers, product sourcing. N140,000 per month as pure profit from N1.1M investment is not that bad for a start.

      • Anonymous June 27, 2014

        I found this piece quite informative. I would like to go into the business. I have a partner who is willing to fund the business (at 70:30 ratio of profit- the larger being his), I have an office space but yet to register the business (That is not an issue though).
        I'm considering starting by partnering with someone who has a database of clients initially so i can learn the ropes…I also need to know if its wise to buy a truck straight away or learn the terrain first please advise..

      • Anonymous August 13, 2014

        Hi Mr Darlington, this is really an eye-opener especially for some of our folks in the diaspora that are anxiously looking for business opportunities in the today Nigeria. God bless you my brother!

      • Anonymous August 21, 2014

        Thanks so much mr omeh.

      • Anonymous September 11, 2014

        Thanks 4 your information. I am just employed to a company that is into oil and gas. I wish to benefit from this business. Give me more clue on how to get customers I will supply to.

      • tracy October 2, 2014

        Thanks alot… i find your article very enlightening, with usefull points please i need to know can i manage this busi…gud to know a lady xan venture in this business tho am young but can i possibly handle the biz from outside Nigeria i mean place someone on my behalf…thanks am Waiting for a reply

        • Chike June 30, 2016

          Of course but it has to Someone you trust, I mean really trust

      • Anonymous October 8, 2014

        This is service to Humanity.Keep it up

      • Samuel Kenny December 4, 2014

        God bless u Darlington. U are awesome and God is the only person that can pay u back. Pls with as low as 1.5m, can i kick start this bus? Either by partnering a honest person or start on my own on a small scale. I have the zeal for this business and an aim to succeed in succession in it. The marketing strategies to be applied will judge and also being honest. So wit God by my size, the sky will be my starting point bur pls can i start wit 1.5m???

        • Tobechi October 3, 2017

          And please I have more than half a Million Naira, I need some one to partner with me. I am in my final year. School in Owerri. But leave in Lagos. Any God fearing and business minded person with a good capital like me can contact me. Thanks.

      • Anonymous January 22, 2015

        How do I get buyers

      • Anonymous January 25, 2015

        good write up

      • farouk fuad kudaisi February 13, 2015

        Thank you for the write up..I have a small Petroleum and refinery company my self with our main office in Kent England We deal only in Diesel for now ..We refine used engine oil etc in to fine diesel ,we also get a couple of good waste products which we sell on..I have been in Nigeria and now have some new refining equipments on the way to Nigeria in Abuja and Kano then lagos later to start refining our products.
        Any comments and suggestions will be very much

      • Anonymous February 13, 2015

        You need to update your review, especially on price, zenon oil do no longer exist in practise, it could be present fortis.
        I appreciate your good to point write up, all it requires to succeed in this business is audacity. To make it more low start up friendly, one can start from well defined brokerage terms and conditions from some willing major dealers.

      • Anonymous May 19, 2015

        This information is awesome! Thanks so much but my question is – could you please try to shed more lighton the type of registration one need to do before you can buy directly from the two major sources you mentioned in your article. Your quick response will be appreciated.

      • Anonymous May 24, 2015

        thahks for this info i will try my hand on it keep up the good work

      • Anonymous November 27, 2015

        Thanks for this write-up, it's very insightful.

      • Abdulrasheed Yahaya December 16, 2015

        Great site! Great work! Pks Mr. Darlington, what's the latest update on this diesel business at the moment. Can one still venture into it? Aside from diesel supplies what other viable business can I go into in the downstream sector of oil and gas?

      • Francis Wills January 29, 2016

        I have a company in Nigeria registered as KWS+FK Global Investments, we are into trade finance and consultancy, I also have a company in Dubai called Great Investment and Trading FZE.

        I am looking for relaible buyers of AGO (diesel NMPC Specifications 10k-30k mt)to syndicate our business between Dubai and Nigeria including Ghana if you have the link.
        Pleae be informed that only READY WILLING AND ABLE clients who have a good bank as their back-bone should contact.

        We deal with a simple BANK-TO-BANK PROCEDURE where we give you PROOF OF PRODUCT confirmation from our bank to your bank and your bank opens an LC or DLC after confirmation, then supply begins (be it for spot or continuous contract)


      • onuoha Victoria January 30, 2016

        You didnt tell us how much one should habe before thinking of starting the buz to a resonable level

      • Hon ade omo ade February 7, 2016

        Good day sir, you’ve just succeed in triggering the zeal for being successful in me. Once again this article just gave me another opportunity. Though i have an eye for the sector before now but never believe i could be a step closer to achieving it any time soon, but with this in a very nearest future i see my self posting to share the testimony of raising to the peak as a successful entrepreneur. from what i just decode from the write up, the major and important part is marketing your brand..thnks God bless

      • Waltop oil limited February 7, 2016

        Good blog good article, I have a registered company and always have deals to supply large amount of litres though I do little supply but the constrain is these company are not ready to pay early or on delivery most pay after 1month which I don’t have enough fund to secure such deals I will like to know if u can introduce any company DAT can give facility for such deals

        • Mikey February 19, 2019

          This is a good question. Most companies will not pay till after a month

      • Mr Ronald Rajnesh Gounder February 8, 2016


        We are direct providers of fresh cut bg, sblc, mtn, bonds and cds which we have specifically for lease. we do not have any broker chain in this offer or get involved in chauffeur driven offers. you are at liberty to engage our leased instruments into trade programs as well as in other project(s) such as aviation, agriculture, petroleum, telecommunication, construction of dams, bridges and any other project(s) etc you can use these bank instruments for private placement platforms, commercial loan, business loans, credit lines and much more.

      • IGBOEKWEZE ANSELEM March 26, 2016

        Good Day Mr. Darlington Omeh, Thank you for the information, honestly speaking, am into the business, but with little supply, I have lots of customers to supply Diesel mostly in my Location here in Imo State, Please can you help me link me up to someone who can partner with me, so that i can meet the demand of my client that needed daily supply. Atleast 1000 liters every day at the rate N87, or they can give me their account to be paying everyday if they supply more than 1000 liters.
        sir please i will be hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you sir, God bless you.

        • charles david April 18, 2016

          thank you very much sir, for giving hope to the hopeless. I just went into the business, for Mr igboekweze Anselm he can contact me. I have a direct source of supply, and can supply large quantity. thanks.

        • Anuli May 13, 2018

          @Mr Igboekweze Anselem, I also make supplies in Imo state and I can deliver in very large quantity . I am ready to partner with you. Contact me on ‭09082963254‬. Thank you

      • Daniel March 31, 2016

        Am an aluminium welder,i weld aluminium with three methods,i can provide you a perfect welding on any of your aluminium tankers that leaks or any parts of your engine.You can contact me.

      • makas April 1, 2016

        Please sir I have a truck that can be hired and used for supply in Nigeria. please for more details.

      • sanya April 6, 2016

        Hello Darlinton,

        God indeed will bless you real good for these revelation in oil and gas business. I indeed have a registered company and want to go into diesel supply now. please can you help with contact info of Zenon as well as the price analysis of the business relating to per truck deals so that one can be much more guided in quoting prices while relating with the end users particularly if they already have clients that supplies them and one is just entering the business. I will also appreciate meeting with you in your office for further enquiries and guidance because I have some amounts of millions to invest in this business.

      • egbudike daniel April 21, 2016

        Pls I really need to start this oil and gas business,am doing my nysc program at this period.I have a reasonable capital to venture into it but I need someone like you to put me thru,am here in lagos state.pls help put me thru.thanks

      • Ekwo Kingsley April 29, 2016

        Thanks my brother for this information. I am in Angola but tryingto relocate to nig and this is my desired business, When I come bk I will to me u person for information. Remain blessed

      • Ekwo Kingsley April 29, 2016

        I like to meet u in person for more informations

      • Keyomah tega May 14, 2016

        Good write up. I wish to see u. thanks

      • kayode June 7, 2016

        How do one approach a filling station for getting the product in one has lot of client to deliver the product and still make reasonable business.

      • Emmanuel Penawou June 8, 2016

        I’ve red some of your articles and i must say it’s really informative. I like how you break it down, anyone can understand and it’s inspiring. The idea of diesel supply just came to me through a friend and i might be making my first delivery soon but not really the formal way. I would like to do it formally, so like how much should i budget for a start?

      • Shegetine June 12, 2016

        What an AWESOME right-up, i appreciate that so much. I have NNPC allocation to lift LPFO/Black oil and SRG/Iysene from the refinery but i really hope you can help me with a good proposal to supply to factories, i have talked to a few but they demand for proposal. I will appreciate your quick response. God bless you.

      • Akosile Timothy July 21, 2016

        Am a diesel marketer in Ogun state of Nigeria who which to change to a better company that can offer better deals for me.

      • OgunniyiOluwafemi August 23, 2016

        Nice write up. We encourage people to do the business but there are certain things you didnt talk about. i.e, shortages of product, running cost, debtor maintenance and so on to mention but few. I am a filling station dealer who has some stations under which i am controlling. I also do supplies for Bluechip companies and also do depot sales.

      • Eddyson November 19, 2016

        How much do you think is needed in general to invest on Diesel Supply business?

      • Emma December 21, 2016

        Good day, contact me for diesel (AGO) supply for tank farms only at affordable price.

      • Olukemi February 14, 2017

        Thanks for the write-up.
        Please, i have a registered company already, a business venture. Can i use it to run the Diesel business.

        Also, how can i get client to pay before delivering to them.
        GOD BLESS YOU!

      • Saviour Emmanuel Ekiko February 16, 2017

        you can SUPPLY FUEL ONLINE with the FUEL POINT Mobile App

        Fuel Point allows suppliers connect to thousands of buyers (e.g individuals,banks, hotels and filling stations) nationwide, all you have to do is download “Fuel Point (Supplier)” from the “Apple App Store” or “Google Playstore”, when a customer orders from you, you will receive a supply request notification .

      • FXintegrity September 14, 2017

        Nice job.

        Just thinking of this AGO retailing business, anyone with the info on how to purchase a customized truck with a meter?

      • Duru Tobechi October 3, 2017

        Nice article. But please what could be the minimum capital for this business. Thanks.

      • ujoh11 November 8, 2017

        If you are interested in selling crude oil to overseas and you need crude oil foreign buyers, there are so many companies that will enable you to access millions of crude oil buyers mobile contacts and build thousands targeted crude oil buyers on individual bases from the country of your choice through the power of bulksms. This company is where many business dealer target large amount of potential customers lists for their business. This company is reliable.

      • Amaka December 3, 2017

        I need someone to partner with am with 500k

      • Mustapha yakubu January 1, 2018

        I’m Mustapha Yakubu from kano. I need someone who knows much about diesel marketing. B’cause i had a friend that lives in Dubai, and he want me to find him some buyers or major marketer. Here is my number for more imformation 08132841609

      • Ayodeji January 15, 2018

        pls can 1.5M good to start the business?

      • Man January 23, 2018

        Nice article but you left out getting a DPR permit for Petroleum Products haulage

      • Kelvin Isaac February 5, 2018

        Why does one needs LPO for fuel supplies. What does LPO stands for and what are the implications of going into Oil business with out it?

      • Anuli May 13, 2018

        Thank you so much, I find this very informative. I Supply diesel mostly in the eastern part of Nigeria and It’s really not easy finding an end buyer. If you are looking to purchase diesel please contact me on ‭09082963254‬.

      • Divine May 13, 2018

        Very educative and crucial. I saw a lot of comment from people who are already into diesel business, please, try drop your email address or any form of contact for people who want to venture in to this business.
        Mr D, this article really made my day.

      • Donald junior domenas June 1, 2018

        My name is donald junior domenas I live here in Abuja and I’m into supply of empty iron drums contact me immediately if you need empty iron drums and at very good price thanks #08031923996

      • Ehis Osimen Godwin June 20, 2018

        Am a marketer, i have companies that needs large quantity of diesel,three wks, payment, here in Lagos, but i don’t have capital. I need an assistant from a company that can handle the suply put his company invoice,after suplying , and give me my commission on each suply,immediately the company picks up his cheque.

      • Austin July 19, 2018

        Good day Mr Darlington,
        I find your article quite helpful.
        However, there is just a concern for me about the storage of the AGO.
        For example: You get buyers that request on small quantities ranging from 1000Ltr from each customer upward at different times say over the week.
        How do you think one can manage the storage. Since one does not have access to a truck.
        It will be a lot easier when you get a request or contract for a full load constantly. In that way , you not worried about the storage of the product

      • Mr slim September 13, 2018

        thumbs up Mr D.. after all, we Nigerians ain’t lazy.. we are still the best in the world, despite everything .thanks D, I really appreciate your article, it’s more like a blessing to me and many others. it has opened my heart to another opportunity in the oil and gas business,i have always wanted to go into it, but I lacked the information. Thanks D, I’m currently in SA, hoping to return home soon and start it… hopefully, I pray to meet u in person one day…. Thumbs up…..

      • miller November 20, 2018

        how much capital do i need in order to start as a young graduate

      • Chinedu January 9, 2019

        My question is what does it take to import Diesel and Kerosene into Nigeria from Europe. I plan visiting Europe to look for business partners.

        Thank you.

      • Folashadé Adeniyi February 17, 2019

        How much capital would you need to Invest in this over all? And say you decided to rent your truck until you can save up to buy one, approximately how much does it cost to rent it every month? Please reply back Asap. Thank u sir.

      • Mikey February 19, 2019

        This is a good question. Most companies will not pay till after a month

      • JAMES March 16, 2019

        your article is very informative but honestly at some point i strongly disagree with you about all this good news on diesel supply,there is no business without pros and cons, so can you kindly discuss that too other than this very good news,thank!

      • alex April 26, 2019

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      • Moses December 17, 2019

        Thank you very much for educating us on the various oil and gas businesses in Nigeria. Please i am planning to setup an oil and gas business here in Nigeria with a particular interest in supply of KEROSENE AND DIESEL from the various sources to the retailers. Please how capital do i need as a starter bearing in mind that i want to start small and grow bigger by God’s Grace? Again, can i use a BUSINESS NAME to operate it or must i use a REGISTER A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY before i can such business?
        Please reply. Thanks.

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