Cost of a Driver and Car Rental for a Week in Lagos

How much will be a reasonable fee to pay for a driver and a car (average decent car, nothing flashy) to drive me around in Lagos. Maybe to make it easy, a breakdown of the cost to rent the car, and the going rate for the driver. Thank you

New Member Asked on April 19, 2018 in Transport.
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Good day bro, for a Toyota corolla 2003- 2006 models per day is BTW 10k, 12.5k &15k respectively. Same goes for Toyota Camry of the same year models.
For Toyota Camry 07 -10 models (aka) ‘muscle’
Starting from 18-25k per day. I base my analysis on your comment of “nothing flashy”. And Toyota models are the most used for transport biz in Lagos. Luckily if you need any of those mentioned or something differently luxurious or a bit higher like Benz, SUV like Highlander, Gwagon, clk, Glk, RR, etc. You can contact for all your needs. They will treat you well. If anyone want to start Uber or Taxify biz in Lagos. Do refer to that contact for eazy registration and guidance. Follow @aquilaz_ng on IG hope this helps. Shalom

New Member Answered on April 22, 2018.
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Ye that is a nice idea.

Also i have warning about rent

Do what you want, buy where you want cars. But  don’t rent from this company They cheat and fool customers lamps.

All the best!

New Member Answered on October 4, 2018.
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