How Much Can i Use To Start Up a Foodstuffs Business

Good day everyone here,  I am very interested in starting a wholesale/retail foodstuffs business in Lagos. Please I want to know if 500k will be enough for me to start. And which market can I get things at a cheaper rate. And also, is it possible for someone to make up to 30k as profit in a month?. Thanks, as I await your reply.

New Member Asked on February 3, 2018 in Food.
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For a start 500k is not enough to start foodstuff business but it will try if you improvise with your suppliers, first develop a good relationship with your suppliers so he/she can give you credit facility,  your suppliers could even give you goods  up to 500k  on credit, so technically you can start foodstuffs business with 500k if well MANAGED .  They are different market for different foodstuffs locate the one closer to you.

30k or even more is possible every month provided its well manged.

Active Member Answered on February 6, 2018.
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