How do I start a cleanning service?


How do I start a cleaning service and where can I buy the equipment

New Member Asked on May 31, 2017 in Management.
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Hi @Chommybaby

Any one can do cleaning but not every one has the passion to clean 24/7 .

1. You need to do a proper research on your target market for cleaning business. So u can get  a large database of clients.

Either rendering your service to Corporate Bodies(Bank , Hotel , Offices , Private Individuals Homes, Students, Bachelors,  Workers) etc

2. You need to know what area of cleaning in specializing (Dry Cleaning,  Hospital , Steel Cleaner, Window, Carpet , Interlocking \ patio/  driveway etc) on .

3. For longevity , it’s best to get Domestic machine for cleaning business to avoid breakdown . As @Chinwe recommended Idumota for Equipment

4. Research on pricing , and its best to see the job lot before giving a customer  a Quote.  Depends on your area of specialization

5. Getting honest  &  Reliable workers is very key for this business as they will be going into clients houses or  offices. Depends on the service

The Client Expect the Job done 100%,  No Issue of theft or Damage to property, Polite workers

6.   Health and Safety  is important in the nature of  this business to Workers and Client  e.g the kind of chemical  used in cleaning , allergies .

7.  branding  and

8 Social media platform

9. Capital ,forecast on your expenses, Accounting

10 Tools  , uniform, mobility

kindly add more Ideas ladies and Gent in the Forum.



Return Member Answered on June 10, 2017.
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Its not that hard as you think, first of all get a name for the business and register it. You will get the equipment in Idumota market in Lagos or any other market. You will need to gather people that will work for you in advance because its good to get set before launching your business. You never know when you might be called up for a job.

Active Member Answered on June 9, 2017.
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Thanks for the shared ideas.

You can also make enquiries from one or two persons who are involve in the service for their models

New Member Answered on June 25, 2017.
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