Public Speaking: How To Express Yourself with Authority

As a public speaker, your major occupation is to communicate with others. This you must do on regular basis, either in one to one setting, small group or a large group, private or public setting.

Your product to sell is public speaking and you have to be good in selling it. How do you convince your client with your products? How do you communicate your idea to the concerned persons you’re speaking with? Your communication skill is what will help you excel in public speaking business.

My greatest fear in life used to be the fear of standing and speaking in front of an audience.  Even though I found joy in public speaking, the fear of audiences remained my greatest constraint until I was able to conquer it.

The 5 Tips That Helps Me Express Myself With Authority In Public Speaking

Whether you are speaking as a professional public speaker or speaker as a marketer to sell your products, these seven tips will help you develop impeccable public speaking ability as it has helped me.

1.Look Directly To Your Audience – This is called eyes contact and its very important if you hope to develop confidence in public speaking. It doesn’t matter the size of the audience or whether you are speaking to just one person, you must maintain a health level of eyes contact with the person(s) you are speaking with.

This will help create bond between you and your audiences. Good eyes contact create a relaxed feelings of confidence for both parties.

2. Speak Loud Enough –  To be heard clearly, you must speak loudly enough, putting into consideration the size of your audience. Banish space fillers such as “you know”, “That is”, “hmm”, etc.

3. Dress For The Occasion – Don’t overdress. Dress to suit your physique. If you want to appear casual, it’s acceptable to have one hand in a pocket, but both hands in the pocket will make you look less confidence.

4. Make Meaningful Gestures – Gestures do not always add to your meaning or to the meaning of your speeches. So, be careful when you use them. If you have your hand in the air all the time, people will regard you as too emotional.

Note: You should never lean back in your chair when speaking to an elderly person or someone superior to you. On the other hand, someone with less status will feel better relaxed if you do sit back and relax a bit.

Researchers observed that you cross your leg toward somebody you like and far from somebody you dislike when you sit in a circle or in a row with others. Look at this observation when next you cross your leg.

5. Read Good Books On Public Speaking – I strongly recommend a book titled “How to Speak in Public” by Eugene Ehrlich and Gene R. Hawes.

Every information you find in the book is practical. Invest in yourself.

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There are more to public speaking than mounting the podium. Constantly improving in your experiences and knowledge of public speaking will help you banish fears and become a pro.

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Authority is a tricky one, and the one that we always worry will be misinterpreted. For the avoidance of all doubt, ‘authority’ is not battering your audience into submission, a heavy-handed know-it-all attitude, or the prompt removal of dissenters.

Authority is about conveying two things in your speech or presentation:

1. Be in charge of the material
2. Be in charge of the room

Expert Consultant Answered on November 4, 2017.
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