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      What’s The Quick Way To Learn Active Directory, Exchange?

      Hi all forum members, I just got a job offer with little better salary than what I was before. In my current job and as it was explained in Interview, hell busy call center in which I am currently working. My role is tech support, but now 78% and above customer are business customers.

      They told me that I would have to quickly learn just general Troubleshooting skills for Business E-mail, Active Directory, BlackBerry email activation, Troubleshooting etc. Such and things as, creating new users in AD, creating emails, Troubleshooting exchange, e-mails etc.

      I have over 5-6 years working experience with tech support, but home base PC users, general TS, wireless networking, hardware software stuff like this. I never dealt with MS Exchange, Active Directory or Citric  etc. I need your help, please provide me some resources where I can just general hand on Active Directory, Exchange , e-mail stuff etc.

      I’m trying Google and all resources want to me start from scratch, I downloaded books 700+ pages, I don’t think I will able to read all. I have already installed windows server 2012 on my PC, need some basic trick on above topic, any help please? Thanks so much in advance.

      1 Answers
      Expert Consultant

      I would say the fastest way is to really work with it. So if it’s possible for you, install a VM with server 2008 or something and install exchange on it and just look through it, create some mailboxes and stuff, just do some labs with it so you can get the feel of it!

      There is a whole bunch of tutorials here : https://blog.netwrix.com/2017/04/20/tutorial-learn-the-basics-of-active-directory/

      and Youtube videos will also help.

      Answered by Adebisi Opeyemi on November 3, 2017..