Shampoo Recipe for Commercial Production

Please can anybody help with shampoo recipe and all the chemicals involve exclusive harmful chemicals formula measurement of chemicals by the quantity and anything you know about shampoo making thank you.

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Very nice one you want to try it out yourself. I am just going to give the recipe below after I say this:

Shampoos tend to be acidic because if the pH gets too high (alkaline) the sulfur bridges in the hair keratin can break, damaging your hair. This recipe for making your own gentle shampoo is chemically a liquid soap, except vegetable-based (many soaps use animal fat) and with alcohol and glycerine added during the process.

It’s something you could do by yourself. Different people have different methods of mixing theirs. However, they all use the same recipe.

here are the recipes I used for the one I did fee years ago as a practical in School.

* 2 lb 10 oz olive oil

* 1 lb 7 oz of solid-type vegetable shortening

* 1 lb coconut oil

* 10-1/4 oz lye (sodium hydroxide)

* 2 pints water

* 1-1/2 oz glycerine (glycerol)

* 1/2 oz alcohol (I’d use vodka or other food-quality
ethanol and call it close enough. Do not use methanol.)

* 1-1/2 oz castor oil

* essential oils (optional), such as peppermint, rosemary, lavender, for fragrance and therapeutic properties. This beautifies it

You could try those out and let’s see the result. If you need any other thing, let me know below.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 6, 2017.
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Very accurate. It cost me few Dollars to actually know all these. I should have come here first.

Return Member Answered on November 8, 2017.
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