What The Differnce Between Buka and Fast Food

I was having a little argument with a friend of mine about the difference buka joints and fast food. So i want end this argument with my friend with a detailed explanation. You might just be saving two friends from fighting. Thanks

Active Member Asked on February 28, 2018 in Food.
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Smiles. I can’t just stop laughing because just yesterday evening, I heard 2 neighbours arguing on this same topic.

Maybe it was Udcares and his friend. (laughs)

To my understanding, I think both are same thing, however, packaging creates a difference.

Buka is a local place where people eat. And fast food is a Not a Local but a civilised packaged place where people eat.

The question is just like asking for the different between Dodo and Plantain Chips. It’s packaging.

Expert Consultant Answered on February 28, 2018.
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