Where to start after apprenticiship

I ll complete my Fashion apprenticeship by next year February.  But am confused on Where I can  base to start .please I need  idea? 

New Member Asked on March 27, 2017 in Fashion.
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For me wherever you want to base and start yours is fine so far you can be able to get shop in a busy place where lot of  people can see you your work very. You don’t even need to go looking for customers. A very good fashion designer can make it irrespective of wherever he or she maybe. I know a very good fashion designer who doesn’t even have a shop and still have lots of customers.

Active Member Answered on April 15, 2017.
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If you don’t have much capital, do not rush to get a shop once you are done with apprenticeship. Start from home, with Friends, neighbors, relatives etc…Get them to really  showcase and advertise your works to get you a wider client base.   When you have built some reputation or clientbase for yourself, you can go get a shop. These already existing clients  will  pay the rent and bills the first few months in the new environment until you have proven yourself to new people and they start patronizing you. There are so many shops around, so they may not start coming immediately.  Good Luck to you.

New Member Answered on May 18, 2017.
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