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    Becoming rich begins with a decision – the decision to become rich. Following that decision are appropriate actions that lead to riches. You will not become rich by accident. You will become rich if you make the right decisions which put you in position to make wealth. And funny enough you make thousands of decisions that affect your ability to make wealth, daily.

    I tried to look into the lives of some of the world over celebrated multi-billionaires and found out that they had in common the kind of decisions they made. Some of their decisions were seen as foolish by people who today celebrate their achievements. Here are seven powerful decisions you need to make in order to attract money.

    1. Change Your Mindset About Money

    If you still think money is evil, you will never be rich. This is an assurance. There are many wrong impressions and theories people hold about money and this is one reason why they are not able to rise up to wealth. A few of such wrong impressions are:

    –    Money is the root of all evil
    –    No one makes so much money genuinely
    –    Money is made to be spent
    –    More money, more problems
    –    More money, more happiness
    –    Money is selective on people
    –    Money is dirty

    See my post titled ‘How Not To See Money If You Want T Be Richer’ as I dwell deeply on these and more.

    The truth is that you cannot attract something you don’t believe in. You attract wealth by your actions and your actions are influenced by your thoughts, which are built around your belief system. And so to attract money, you need to first make the decision to change your mind set about it. For most people in this category, it will entail a lot because they may have held to these beliefs for many years. But if just one thing is worth doing, it is this, because making wealth begins from here.

    2. Go The Extra Mile

    I read a lot and it bothers me when people say very rich people don’t work too much, they just think smart. While I agree with them on the latter, I think they got their definition of hard work, wrong.

    Rich people work hard, both mentally and physically. If reading, making business connections, studying new markets, dealing with poor habits, creating investments, staying awake when others are fast asleep and waking up as early as 5 am each day to think and plan are part of being hard working, wealthy people are the hardest workers.

    Rich people work very hard to earn what they get. They just don’t toil or labor much. They work with their brains – that’s the difference. They think smart and work hard and so get results. But, the most important thing to me is that whatever they do, they try to always be outstanding. If they are in an office, they strive for the top. If they are in business, they work hard to be the best. They hate average and mediocre life, with passion.

    Most of us are too lazy to ever become rich someday. We sleep long hours, socialize for more than half of our day, get comfortable with going through weeks, months and years without achieving anything, complain about the government, and do everything else but work hard and think smart. This is the second decision you must make and it goes with a lot of self-discipline.

    3.    Attach High Value To Time

    Time is a very precious commodity given to everyone in equal quantity. While some people make maximum use of their 24 hours, some others waste theirs on the things that add no value to their lives, yet wonder why they are not as rich others. Proper time management is a serious problem to poor people. Don’t forget that being busy the whole day is not synonymous to making proper use of your 24 hours. You could be busy doing irrelevant things.

    Time is a commodity that when wasted can never be regained. Time goes with every passing second and you must make the most value out of it by ranking it above money. You will always use time to make money but will never use money to buy time.

    If you will attract wealth, start today by deciding to have full control over your time; schedule and spend it wisely and be accountable to yourself of every time you spend. Cut down as much as possible, on all free time and time for leisure. Eliminate time wasters and distractions. Don’t give your time away too easily. Let people know just how much you value your time. This decision also goes with a lot of discipline and could even earn you enemies. But never mind. Rich people never lack friends.

    4. Plant Money To Attract Money

    Before money enters the hands of most people, they have had a million plans of how to spend it. That is why most people are poor. Today, you don’t need to board a plane to go where you can spend money. Opportunities to spend the least in your hands abound all around you.

    Taking the decision to plant money is so important in attracting money. It is not a very easy decision because the harvest is hardly immediate. This is called investing. Investing is not a thing for the now. It is a thing that brings future reward. You may have to forsake delicious meals, the comfort of luxury cars, a luxurious house or a vacation, just so that you can get these things and much more in the future. Investing is for the future-minded.

    One of my personal goals for the next 3 years is to build and invest in as many viable business opportunities as possible. This is a very rewarding goal and can be yours too. Make the decision to invest today. Acquire or invest in assets such as stocks, bonds, businesses, real estate, etc. and guarantee a rich future. But, invest wisely.

    5. Acquire Enough Knowledge

    Knowledge is strength. When you don’t know you have no excuse to give for your ignorance. While men could understand with you that you did not get the opportunity to go to business school or get some form of education, life will not. You will have to live broke all your life.

    While Bill Gates may be a Havard Business School dropout, he is very knowledgeable in what he does. So you realize that it is not much about formal knowledge. In fact, some professors are one of the most broke persons in the world.

    You need to read widely and stay current about everything that has to do with what you do and hope to become. You will become rich if you are the best in what you do. And to be the best, you must know all that anyone can, about what you do.

    Spend the little money you have to acquire books, attend seminars, get trained, all to build in you, a wealth of knowledge on your field. Also acquire enough knowledge on how to build wealth in general. All these will put you in position to attract money. This too needs money and discipline. But it is crucial.

    6. Become Debt-Free

    Debt is a habit that you must kill, if you are serious about attracting money. Many people think that having debts is a must for everyone. It is not true. Debt to a huge extent is a form of bondage. When you live in debts, your mind’s ability to focus and think about making wealth is reduced because you are constantly bothered about paying your debts. But you can live free of debt if you choose to.

    Some people think that having debts to pay gives an incentive to working hard to make money. I strongly disagree. If you have ever worked before, you will bear with me that each time you had to go to the bank to receive your salary and remembered that half of the money was going to some other person, you became more reluctant. It is the same thing with making money. When you have cleared all your debts, you are more motivated to think and make money.

    Kill the habit of getting into debts. Do everything you can, to live within your means. Don’t earn money to pay someone else. Clear all your debts as soon as possible.

     7. Think & Talk Rich Daily

    We all gravitate towards our thoughts and words than any other place. Our thoughts easily become our words and actions and our daily actions chart the course of our lives. Why is thinking and talking rich daily, a tough decision? Because we are more prone to think and talk things from the stand point of what we are at the moment than what we want to be. But what we are has nothing to contribute to where we are going. What determines where we are going are the things we are doing now, which are a result of what we are thinking and saying now.

    Take control of your thoughts daily. Think about how wealthy you want to be in a few years to come. Visualize yourself in wealth. Relate with the best things of this life, in your thoughts. Read a lot about wealth and riches. Feed your mind with things that are meant for the rich and acquaint yourself with the ways of the rich. Build a rich mentality.

    When your thoughts and words are filled with things that surround wealth, you realize that you become more determined to do the things that attract wealth and you hate anything that makes you poor, including being lazy. Riches follow. But, don’t pursue wealth. Pursue the lifestyle that attracts wealth.

    If you are yet to make the above seven decisions, I encourage you to make them today. I will love to read your comments below.

    By Kadzem Claude

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    • Igwe Divine Bumazek April 20, 2014

      Food for thought.

    • Mom May 6, 2014

      I am a mom and I have a 5 years old daughter, so I can understand that for any mother how difficult it is to look after her children and going out for job. That is the reason I prefer to work from home that allows me to look after my child and make me independent as I can earn from home and stay updated with today world. If you are also in same situation I have a suggestion for you from here you can learn how to make money or get good earning from home based job, I am confident it will be of Great Value to you and yours. Respectfully, Enjoy:

    • kaycito kc May 11, 2014

      This is the kind of advice that i really need in my life and i'm happy that i found it on this page. Thanks a lot.

      • Darlinton Omeh May 26, 2014

        Helloo KC, I am glad you have learned from this my piece. Please keep coming back for there is much more for you to learn here, all for free.

    • Anonymous June 15, 2014

      God will continually bless you for this great piece

    • AKINPELU TAIWO February 22, 2016


    • Ese April 10, 2016

      I really need to get rich

    • Segun May 6, 2016

      Very interesting, keep it up.

    • Oluwaseyanukayode March 16, 2018

      Thank you sir ilike your teaching may God elivate you

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