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    Success they say, is not an outcome but a journey. Success in this case, will mean excelling in any business you are doing as an entrepreneur. You need certain Entrepreneurial Traits to keep you going along the journey of success as an entrepreneur so that you can grow your business to greater heights and achieve your dreams.

    As an Entrepreneur, the following are very important traits that you must have in order to be successful. This traits are peculiar to you and it is necessary that you possess them, if you want to succeed.


    The first important trait an entrepreneur must possess is vision. You need to have a clear vision of where your are going in your business. Set goals (Long and short term goals). When you have a vision and you set goals to reach your target, don’t just keep it to yourself, make sure that everyone around you, working with you, have a picture of where you are going with your business.


    It is not just enough to have a vision as an entrepreneur, you also need to be creative. This will show in your business plans and strategies, your goals and how you intend to reach them. Even when you have successful breaks, it is creativity that will keep you going in terms of existing business ideas and products or services.


    This can be further broken down into two:

    Passion: When it comes to routines such as, doing the same thing or selling the same products everyday, it is passion that will keep you going. You can not succeed in a business that you are not enthusiastic about. In order to keep the fire of your passion for the business burning, you need to set your mind to the target and not whatever is happening at hand, whether positive or negative.

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    Persistence: You need to have the mind of not giving up come what may, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. We all know that good things don’t come easy, especially in the business world. Don’t just be determined to succeed in your mind. Be persistent. If you don’t get the desired result, keep at it, critically examining all the steps you are taking and correcting every of your mistakes and before you know it, you will get a positive result.


    Another important attribute that an entrepreneur should have is confidence. Confident people always inspire confidence in others. You have to believe in yourself and in whatever business you are doing. Hold your head up high and speak confidently. Because you need to show your investors, employees and even clients that you are confident. Since people naturally respond to confidence. Learn to project a positive self image.


    You need to have the mind of seeing the better side of things. The benefit of this is that, even when things go wrong, you will be able to locate the opportunities that may come in disguise. Unlike when you are blinded by grief and a feeling of disappointment, that things can never get better (pessimism), you will not be able to make good use of opportunities that are sometimes embedded in failure.


    One of the important traits of an entrepreneur is the ability to delegate. Successful businessmen don’t do all the work themselves, they assign tasks to other qualified people, they carry them along.


    Some people say success comes by working smart. But the last time I checked, most of the celebrated entrepreneurs of today will tell you that they attained their current status as a result of hard work. In the words of the richest man in Africa and the 24th richest person in the world, Aliko Dangote, success can only be achieved through hard work:

    “I enjoy myself a lot but i derive more joy in working. I believe in hard work and one of my business success secrets is hard work. It’s hard to see a youth that will go to bed 2am and wake up by 5am. I don’t rest until I achieve something.”                                            

    While it is true that all work and no play may makes Jack a dull boy, remember that such work can also make him a rich man.


    Successful entrepreneurs have the ability to adapt to the ever changing business environment. This has a lot to do with market research. It is when you know all you need to know about your target market, that you can make a product or give the service that better suits them. This may differ from your original business strategy, but would have boosted the outcome of your business by just being flexible.

    Risk Taking

    In order to be successful in your enterprise, you have to be a risk taker. Take that step, despite the uncertainties surrounding it. This does not mean that you should not take your time to study a business terrain and market before going into it, or deliberately making bad business decisions, but even in the eye of uncertainties, take the step after you have done all your homework. In business, you either win or you lose. You don’t have to win all the time and even when you lose, it teaches you not to make the same mistake again.

    Knowledge Seeking

    You need to be open to new ideas to be a successful entrepreneur. This is also one of the important traits an entrepreneur must possess. If you don’t want to learn new things, you will remain where you are and certainly will not grow in business. You need to follow the trend.

    Nowadays, the internet has revolutionized the world such that, businesses are now going online to expand their market. Civilization has made most business practices obsolete. You must adapt to these changes and apply them in the growth of your business.


    You also need to be committed if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. When you have done all of the things mentioned above, you still need to be committed to you work. At all levels of businesses, you need commitment to keep on climbing the ladder. Complacence will only keep you where you are and may end up destroying the progress you have made so far.

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