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      Soap Making Business in Nigeria

      Have you been dreaming about starting you own soap making business but aren’t sure where to start? Yes Soap making is a BIG business  here in Nigeria. Soap is a daily need commodity for everyone. There is no place you can’t find soap, be it in our homes, offices, hospitals etc.

      Soap making business is a lucrative business to invest in, Be it laundry soap, or toilet soap. All are huge are huge necessity. Your production can start from small to large scale. We have local soap producer who have been into this business for long and they are doing greatly well financially through the business.

      Do you know you can make a monthly net of over N500,000 in soap making business in Nigeria if you do it well? The key issues in this business has to do with one’s ability to produce quality soaps as good as or even better than what we have in the market. Once you are able to establish yourself as a quality soap maker, you are on your way to becoming a successful soap manufacturer and a respected soap brand owner. So, the secret to success in soap making business is the quality.

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      A prospective or aspiring entrepreneur can begin this business with N100,000, excluding the cost of renting an operational location or shop. After acquiring the soap making skills from an existing operation, you can also go ahead to buy some basic equipment. You can start in your house, do it in your kitchen, depending on where you go get a space.

      What You Will  Need For Soap Making

      A local welder could help you to do a mould, get a cheap cutting machine for your stamp through which your name can be engrave on your soap. You have started making good money. pay attention to this article as we explore some of the rudiments in soap making business.

      Capital: With as little as N50,000 you can start your own soap making business from home. If you are unsure about how much money you will need upfront, discussing with other entrepreneur will be necessary, it could be money from your purse, friends or loan from the bank etc.

      Equipment: These are some of the list of the equipment needed in soap making — A Mould, Cutting Machine and a Trimming Machine.

      In addition, a Metallic Stamp is required for labeling if you wish to build your brand, a Safety Hand Glove, Stainless Steel or Plastic Spoons, Paper Towel, Stick Blender, Measuring Cup, Plastic Spoons, Iye, Oils, Organic Ingredients, Scents, Colours and other chemicals.

      Major Steps

      Choose your recipe

      Assemble your ingredients

      Prepare your mould by lining inside with parchment paper

      Start the measuring

      Make sure all ingredient is weighed this includes your liquid ingredients

      Measure out your Iye. Make sure you have your hand-gloves and your eyes goggles on to protect you from injury.

      Pour the Iye into a water or other liquid.

      While the Iye solution is cooling, weigh out the oil and butter

      Before mixing, make sure your iye and oil are in the same temperature.

      Using a stick blender, mix the Iye and the oil together. While mixing, keep on checking the temperature.

      Pour the mixture into the prepared mould smoothing the top with a wooden spoon.

      Cover with the mould top.

      Then leave for about 24 to 36 hours

      Unmold your soap –  and you have the finished product ready for the market. Isn’t that simple?

      Where And How To Sell Your Soap

      There are several sales channels for selling your soaps in Nigeria. If you are just starting, you can start with your family and friends by giving them for free and soliciting them to tell others with word of mouth. Ask them different questions about your products, making inquiries about the products help you make changes and them move to the market proper.

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      These are some few questions you are expected to ask them:- Find out if the soap lasts long enough? If the fragrance is nice? What they like about the product and what they don’t like? Answers to these questions will help you improve the product before going into the market proper.

      Make the color very attractive and nice, have a good marketing skills, sell it online another good place to sell your product is hotels, schools and churches etc.

      Naming Your Company

      Your name should reflect your line of products, it should be catchy you can also make it  memorable, its your brand you are going to live with in day in and day out, you are going to say it day in and day out, on the telephone, and within the neighborhood. So make sure you really love whatever name you are going to give your product.

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      Following the steps above I believe will help you in achieving your dreams of becoming a successful soap maker. I will love to hear from you about your successes, challenges, advice and questions. Have a wonderful career ahead!

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      • Pharm Fred Agbo. January 24, 2016

        This is a life line . I am grateful.

      • Endy Nnamdi January 28, 2016

        I’m so interested in doing this, please anyone I can share ideas with as I’m so eager to learn and start up.

      • B J February 23, 2016

        I am very interested in soap making. Who will I contact?

      • ola February 28, 2016

        I have interest in doing this ,where can somebody learn it

        • mahawa March 18, 2016

          Good afternoon, i stumbled upon this article whilst doing some research. we run a soapmaking company, in the uk. we are interested inn getting into the nigerian market, we would be able to teach individuals how to make their own soaps and the skills needed to start your own soapmaking business. We are also offering franchising opportunities. If you would like more information please contact us.

          many thanks

          • Ijeoma March 30, 2016

            Let us discuss further

          • Abbey April 2, 2016

            Hi Mahawa I will like to get your contact to have a further discussion on this topic.
            Hope to read from you soon

            • charity August 15, 2018

              Hi mahawa please i want to start this soap production. but I will love to have your contact so that I will acquire more training please

          • David April 4, 2016

            Hi Mahawa, I am very much interested and I will like to discuss further with you.
            Hope to read from you soon

          • Omotayo April 6, 2016

            Interested Please

          • Magnus April 6, 2016

            I am into small scale soap making in Port Harcourt. I will like to contact you on we can work together.

            • Bayo July 13, 2016

              Please can I have your contact @ Magnus want to learn soap making am also in portharcout. Thanks

            • Bertwell Nyeduko July 16, 2016

              Magnus, I leave in PHC too, please lets colaborate

            • mina November 20, 2017

              Helo plz can I have your contact, am about to start small scale production, plz can u educate me on it. Tanks

            • Gloria January 23, 2018

              At magnus, please may I have your contact. I’m in PH and so zealous about the soap business though I am new to it.

          • Chike April 16, 2016

            can i have your contact Mahawa

          • onyinye April 16, 2016

            Hi mahawa Good afternoon i am interested how do u may you thanks

          • stanley O. C April 21, 2016

            Dear Mahawa
            Please how to get your contact in Nigeria pls
            whatsapp me on

            and also where can someone get a Mould and a cutting machine and a Metallic stamp in Nigeria, Lagos to be precised?

          • Ejiro May 20, 2016

            Hi Mahawa l am interested in the soap making business. Would not mind getting useful tips?

          • Samuel okpeh June 11, 2016

            Hello. Ï read your réponse and ï an intérested in partnering as ï an about to stars this soap production in Nigeria. Thanks

          • flemmy June 14, 2016

            Hello Mahama , How are you i am Interested in learning how to make it .

          • Bertwell Nyeduko July 16, 2016

            Good day Mahawa, i am very interested in your proposal, please your contact so we can discuss further

          • christofireltd January 23, 2017

            Hi Mahawa,

            Nice to know that you run a soapmaking company, in the uk. interested in getting into the nigerian market, you would be able to teach individuals how to make their own soaps and the skills needed to start your own soapmaking business. also offering franchising opportunities.

            I’m in the UK at the moment will be going back to Nigeria next month also interested in all your offers so tell me more about the franchising, what’s your product brand and company name?


            • Adetola June 13, 2020

              Please I reside in Lagos. I desire business that will not make me really on nepa.is there petrol or diesel operated machine. And is it possible for a beginner to have his soap design and label like like all these big name toilet soap and still beat the competitive price.thank youadetola

          • Gideonite March 22, 2017

            So how do we contact you since your number is not here. Are u now in Nigeria, pls let us know so that we can relate

          • clembos May 8, 2017

            Hello Mahama, am Interested in learning how making soap.

          • Ezeh John July 19, 2017

            please I Am interested in this soap making, how do i get your contact,. please whatsapp me.

            best regards

          • Jonah August 16, 2017

            Please I need to be convinced. Thanks

          • Ekenechukwu Okoli September 17, 2017

            Am interested in the soap making business how do I get ur contact

          • florence ochulol October 27, 2017

            Good Day
            Im very much interested.

            please this my watup number 08033839349

          • Igirigi Francis December 14, 2017

            I am interested

          • Mbaneme Kingsley December 10, 2018

            Please contact me

          • Oluwakemi January 12, 2019

            I would love to learn more to

          • safiyya ibrahim October 23, 2019

            Where should i contact you? Pls

          • Bam November 21, 2019

            Would Love to get your contact

          • AHANOTU Emmanuel June 23, 2020

            Mahawa this my number I can’t get yours please I need you

      • Samuel Allen Zenke March 18, 2016

        I want to inquire about prices for Soap Cutter and Soap Molds respectively. I am a resident of Makurdi City, Benue State, Nigeria.

      • David April 4, 2016

        Hi Mahawa, I am very much interested and I will like to discuss further with you. Hope to read from you soon

      • ekinze April 18, 2016

        pls I need or number plz

      • Ethel isaac April 20, 2016

        Hi mahawa, im really interested how do i contact you?

      • EMMA April 23, 2016


      • Tarzan. May 11, 2016

        I am very much interested in starting my own soap business, pls contact me or send me your mobile number on or email me as soon as possible, thank you.

      • Ejiro May 20, 2016

        Hi l am interested in getting useful tips on soap making business

      • Austin Chuks Amadi May 26, 2016

        Hi Malawa, I am very interested to start up a soap making business but don’t know how to start and what it takes to start. Please I need your help urgently.

      • Temitope Alabi May 28, 2016

        What a great tips and insight on soap making business

      • David Agboola May 31, 2016

        David Agbooola
        I love something like this to start,but my fear is the NAFDAC Palava.What to do without them stopping the product to enter the market for a small entrepreneur like us. It will cost alot of money to get a bigger place in order for the NAFDAC to inspect and approve the NAFDAC NO.Please what do you say about this.

      • imodu funmilayo June 16, 2016

        pls am interested in soap making can you pls contact me

      • Pls can we have the details of Malawa.

      • akahieikechukwu September 27, 2016

        Good day,
        I trust you have a lovely week ahead.

        Please, I am interested in liquid and bar soap making. Can I have your phone number so that I will contact you or you can contact me through this phone number, I believe you offer one on one training or do you have any seminar training coming up? I will love to be there.

        Thanks & Best Regards

      • ucfine March 9, 2017

        Please i want to start a small scale soap production, I need someone to teach me
        contact me on 07031157931
        I stay in Port Harcourt

      • Flux April 7, 2017

        Please am interested in the soap making production do add me up to your what’s app group plsssss,
        What are the equipments required to set up an plastic production company? .

      • patience July 24, 2017

        Pls i need help in starting a bar soap company, i am totally new to it. I need someone to help from the scratch. If need be, i can come to u to learn 08052205480

      • Usman Mahmud Sokofa July 25, 2017

        MY Name Is Sokofa Usman. Realy I Just Like Local Soap Nd I Am Intrested In Makeing It So Hw Can I Do To Len It

      • Jonah August 16, 2017

        Good day. The information here is lovely, especially that from Mahawa. My question is, how real is it, no contact, no brand name, no reply yet, no, no, no, no…. Even on the training. I will like to be convinced. Thanks

      • Odunmbaku Idowu September 21, 2017

        Please i need a comprehensive teaching on soap making. I will appreciate if i can get any contact person for learning.

      • Joe O October 16, 2017

        How can one meet you on one on one for the training. I am ready to pay for it.

      • Charity October 20, 2017

        Hello sir,
        Please I need your help on how to get the raw materials for bar soap, may be from Lagos or somewhere cheaper please I need your help and advice.

      • Alafia November 8, 2017

        @mahawa and Emmanuel pls I need you contact I want to start the business now
        here is my contact 08024066550

      • Alao Anu November 22, 2017

        start your own soap making with just 10,000 naira, I stay in Ogun state, but I believe internet make everything easy now, if you can pay into an unknown acc.. all in the name of network marketing, do online course, then why we just try smtn new, take ur soap course online. contact me on whattapps only if interested 07034484757

      • Igirigi Francis December 14, 2017

        Add me on what’s app 08138608971 wit 3000 u can get all u need about soap production, room freshers nd perfumes

      • Gloria January 23, 2018

        Please @Magnus may I have your contact. I am looking forward to hearing from you so that I can learn the procedures from you. I am in PH. Thanks

      • Chinwe April 7, 2018

        Pls can u teach me how to make toilet soap

      • Eze April 18, 2018

        My name is Eze. I live in Isolo, Lagos. I am interested in bar soap making. How can I join your training sections. My number is 08032762653

      • Amema Solomon April 28, 2018

        Is interesting, i wish to be train in soap makin

      • Amema Solomon April 28, 2018

        I am interested in soap making, i wish to be train in program, and acquire the machines needed for the production

      • Hanson Hanson May 1, 2018

        Please i want to start a small scale soap production business.I need someone to train me on that.here is my contact 08126847796. I reside in Akwa ibom state.

      • Ada May 17, 2018

        I need to train in soap making.

      • olalekan Kazeem May 30, 2018

        i am interested in this soap business.i based in Lagos, still need more information

      • Samuel June 16, 2018

        I need soap making training.

      • Prince Abiodun Ogunjimi August 24, 2018

        It is very exciting and encouraging to get access to this information about soap making business. Please let me have your contact for further details on standard formula for the process.

      • Amaka vivian August 31, 2018

        hi please I will like to know where I can get all the soap making ingredients In abuja … I seriously need to start up. so anyone with information should reach out to me please I will really appreciate

      • GAB December 4, 2018

        hi i find your article interesting am interested in soap making i will appreciate if some one will be of assistance. thanks

      • Jane January 4, 2019

        please I’m producing already at home but I want to make it a business, how do handle NAFDAC

        • Ben November 13, 2019

          Jane..thats the major challenge once nafdac approve you my go give thanks giving you will make for sure..no limitations .

      • Grace January 7, 2019

        Helo, I’m really interested in the soap making.

      • lordmark omoregie August 3, 2019

        I am interested I soap making how and were can I Len it

      • Nenge Titus Terna November 22, 2019

        Im so interested i want to join

      • Zino June 12, 2020

        I make soaps in lagos, for bathing washing and body lightning. Contact me on training, equipments and raw materials. 20k 07069498572

      • OLA June 20, 2020


      • Zino July 28, 2020

        Contact me for training, mold, stamps, cutting and trimming machine. 07069425367, 07069498572. i am a soap maker in lagos.

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