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      Linda Ikeji

      Linda Ikeji is one of the most popular female celebrity, not only in Nigeria, but in Africa. Her rise to fame and wealth through a profession that was least known and respected in Nigeria is like a puzzle to many. So difficult to comprehend that some has resorted to attributing her success to some dubious means rather than through hard work. But the truth is that she made it through blogging, 100%.

      To think that a couple of years ago, Linda Ikeji was just a lady with a dream and few coins In her pocket like most people around. Yet she dared to press forward. A couple even admitted that they used to laughed at her behind her back of course when they’d see her journeying to the cafe to go and blog. Now, just about 6 years down the line and those that laughed at her are nobody and Linda is a name that some of the biggest brands are proud to be associated with.

      She is a self made billionaire who made her money pure and clean without any form of corruption nor immorality as it is common with ladies nowadays.

      How do we know – you may ask? Well, you will soon find out but firstly, let’s get to know the girl, Linda Ikeji, and where she is coming from.

      The A-Z About Linda Ikeji

      The information in this article represents everything you need to know about Linda Ikeji. If you think there is additional information about her that is missing, let us know through the comment.

      Who is Linda Ikeji?

      Linda is a celebrity blogger from Nigeria who is considered to be one of the most successful internet entrepreneur in Nigeria. She was born on September 17, 1980 and started blogging in 2006 after trying her hands in so many other trades without success. According to her, blogging paid off, and today, she is living the life of her dream.

      A graduate of English Language from University of Lagos, Nigeria, Linda is a role model to many youths in Africa who aspires to be just like her. She recently started a mentoring program (I’ll rather be self made) for Nigeria girls. This program is aimed to assist the Nigerian girls to more resourceful and productive.

      Her Success Story

      Contrary to some people’s opinion, Linda’s success did not happen by chance neither was it gifted to her. It was a product of hard work and pure persistence. She started blogging at a time when internet access was least pronounced in Nigeria. She had told the story time and again of how she used to borrow money to buy airtime to blog in the cyber cafe.

      As a poor girl coming from a humble background, it takes high level of hard work and persistence to have continued doing what she did is such circumstances. Eventually, it paid off, and that very blog is today valued at $10million.

      The Linda Ikeji Blog

      The blog has grown over the years to become the centerpiece of entertainment and celebrity gossips in Nigeria. It attracts readers (mostly Nigerian females) from all over the world, making it the most active blog in Nigeria in terms of community and discussions. It is currently ranked 28 on Alexa in Nigeria and 4,000 worldwide as at time this article is being put together.

      One thing that excites many watchers about the blog is the near zero overhead cost she incurs running such a massive business entity. But to some, it is her greatest undoing, considering her inability to innovate beyond Blogspot! Finally she was able to migrate away from blog spot but still ended up with a badly put together website/script. Lack of innovation and poor advises has been the greatest problem for her blog.

      Houses and Mansion

      Some years back, she provided two houses to her parents. One in Lagos (a five bedroom duplex) that costs about N100 million, acquired in an estate somewhere in Surelere, Lagos. The other was built in the village (Nkwerre) and completed within six months with stone coated roof – a seven bedroom masterpiece that cost about N75 million.

      After she announced the purchase of her Range Rover Sport car last year, she made it public that in a matter of weeks, the deal on her own personal house would be completed. And she did keep to her words by acquiring a N600 million mansion in one of the choicest location in Banana Island, Lagos.

      Linda Ikeji Cars

      The first car she acquired was a Honda accord around 2001. Then followed by a Toyota Camry, 2009 model which is still a dream car to many. She fell in love with the car the first day she set her eyes on it and saved for four months to acquire one in 2011.

      Linda stepped it up in 2013 and bought Infinity FX35 worth N8 million. In September 2014, she added another SUV, a Range Rover Sport Supercharged worth N24 million. That car caused serious riot on the internet, especially to those who did not know her true worth. It was a complete mystery to those who did not know that the money used in purchasing that car was earned in less than a month. In 2016, she added another Range Rover valued at around $150,000 USD.

      Linda Ikeji Net Worth

      Little did those who get mad over Linda’s acquisition of N24 million Range Rover know that she actually worth N3.2billion as at that time. This is not a speculation, it’s not fallacy, Linda Ikeji is officially the first Billionaire Blogger in Nigeria.

      So, next time you see Linda, take a closer look at her and know that you are actually looking at a billionaire, not your average girl.

      The Giveaways (Suspended)

      Doing what I have never seen anyone do on the internet, not even Google nor Facebook, Linda has instituted regular giveaway program where her blog readers are rewarded for being loyal to the Linda Ikeji brand. She does that every last Monday of the month and named it LIB Giveaway Mondays

      If you are lucky, you could be one of the winner this month ending. All it takes is for you to be regular on her blog and be a certain number of person to comment on a particular giveaway post. The prizes ranges from N20,000 – N200,000 each to multiple winners.

      On Instagram

      Her page used to be my favorite page on Instagram. If you really wants to get cool visual details about some private things that goes on in her life, get to her Instagram page. She sure have enough fashion to showcase on that page.

      If you are on Instagram and wants to get close with her right now, or you just want to have a peep – go connect with Linda Ikeji on Instagram

      On Twitter

      Currently one of the most followed female celebrity in Nigeria on Twitter with more than 1,000,000 followers. I wonder why Twitter is yet to verify @LindaIkeji considering that the Twitter accounts of far less popular figures are being verified?

      If you’d like to get those juicy updates on gossips that made LindaIkejiBlog.com what it is, get in here to follow her on Twitter @LindaIkeji.

      On Facebook

      Linda is not a Facebooker, she is really not very active on Facebook and that has given the fraudsters the opportunity to thrive. They hide under her name to create fake Facebook account they use in wrecking havoc in the lives of unsuspecting victims.

      Linda Ikeji with Nkem Ifejika of BBC, London
      Linda Ikeji with BBC’s Nkem Ifejika | Photo credit: BBC

      When certain Pastor Chris accused Linda of threatening to blackmail him if he did not part with some cash to her, I immediately knew that was the handiwork of Fraudsters hiding under fake Facebook accounts they created in the name of Linda. The last time Linda made post on Facebook was in May 2012 if I’m not wrong?

      Linda Ikeji Wikipedia – Linda currently has no Wiki page of which I think she deserve to have one. Maybe we can take up the challenge of creating a robust wiki page for our dear Linda. The importance of having a Wikipage for a popular celebrity like her can not be over emphasized.

      It helps in many ways and lack of it could relegate you to the background in the eyes of many. Let’s see what to do about this in the coming months.

      Update: A Wikipedia page now exist for Linda Ikeji.


      Linda was born into a Catholic family of seven children, six girls and one boy, of which she is the second child. Talk about a child who cares a lot about her family, then you are talking about Linda. Except for the elder sister who is married and living in the USA, Linda had acquired cars for all the members of the family including the youngest brother.

      If this is how every female child is, parents would prefer to have female children rather than male. Linda is a blessing to her family. After Linda, the next in command in the family in terms of popularity is Laura Ikeji who also worth over a million dollars. A lovable fashion icon currently married to Ogbona Kanu, the younger brother to Nwankwo Kanu.

      Linda Ikeji Pictures

      Linda is quite photogenic and I like her pictures which is one of the reasons I visit her Instagram page often. As an ex model, she knows one or two things about posing for camera, though her critic always have one or two negative things to say about her photos.

      But one thing I don’t think most people are comfortable about in her photos (me inclusive) is that Linda always snap her pictures on the same spot/background. That has rendered most of her shots quite monotonous and somewhat uninteresting to many. Get in here to view some of her pictures on Instagram.

      Linda Ikeji Fashion

      Expensive fashion is Linda’s thing and she spends handsomely on varieties of fashion accessories. Last time she went to Dubai for shopping, she reportedly spent about N20 million for fashion and accessories, money that can buy future for some people.

      She has a diamond encrusted Rolex wrist watches that cost about $25,000 (about N9million) and a Fendi, plus countless other very expensive fashion accessories.

      Love Life

      It was reported that she dated CoolFM presenter, Dan Foster some years back. That was the last we ever heard of Linda and a man, maybe she is good at keeping it secret because Linda is just too beautiful to be left alone by men.

      Last time she was planked on live Radio, she did revealed that she has some number of men on the line that she is considering. Whether she had settled for one is not yet known but we’ll certainly update this article whenever we have the information.

      Update: Linda Ikeji is engaged and about to marry her ex-boyfriend who recently got reconnected with her after he returned from the USA.


      There is no better awards than the one you have in the bank. I’m sure you’d agree with me? Linda certainly have those awards aplenty. Further to this, she has won some awards with her blog for her role in promoting new media in Nigeria.


      Linda is relatively free of serious scandals apart from accusations here and there from people who thinks her gossips is destroying their lives, careers, and marriages.

      Last year, she was accused of double standard when she failed to report the crisis in the marriage of Tiwa Savage who is known to be her friend.

      Linda Ikeji in the News

      She has been profiled on BBC Africa – last year she was invited to London for an interview with BBC reporter, Nkem Ifejika.

      Linda’s Interview with BBC where she talked about how she started

      Her reports on the rape in Abia State also made BBC News

      She was featured in Forbes magazine in an article titled: Beauty, Brains And The Business Of Blogging

      Her Future Plans

      I know about two of her future plans, probably the ones closest to her heart. To start a TV program, maybe a talk show, and to get married, get banged and have kids. Other plans are secondary as far as I know.

      Linda Ikeji Contacts

      For some ethical reasons, I’m not able to share her personal contact details such as her personal phone number, personal email address and her house address. Sorry. Her number one contact is her blog – LindaIkejis.com

      If you have any resources to add to this article, let us know about it through the comment and don’t forget to share this with your friends on Twitter and Facebook –  use the buttons below!

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      • Kasie Ishola January 18, 2015

        This celebrity and blogger is one of the best blogger African has ever produce, wonderful and lovely female Gem, he has affected us in so many area, new and information, keep it up my sister, we love love so much

      • Ohagwu Sergius January 18, 2015


      • Okeke Evans C. January 18, 2015

        Indeed u r a star to dis generation…. keep up d good work.. nd d sky wl only b ur startin point.

      • Rex January 18, 2015

        What is the web address or name of linda ikeji blog.

      • Rex January 18, 2015

        What is the web address or name of linda ikeji blog. Please send it to my e-mail

      • Ope Adediran January 18, 2015

        Nice expose. Goodluck to Linda, though it must be said that she didn't really start blogging to become rich,it was just her hobby and fortunately for her it turned to gold in her hands. She was one of the early adopters of blogging in Nigeria and it has paid off for her. How i wish i also had that kind of foresight at that time. Anyway, that's her luck. Nowadays, bloggers don plenty pass news for obodo Naija.

        If Linda was indeed born in 1980, she should be 35 years old and not 32 , kindly look into that editing error.

      • Darlinton Omeh January 18, 2015

        That picture was taken in 2013 during her 32nd birthday celebration. It is actually correct by my own calculation unless I'm missing something. Remember she wouldn't be 35 till 17th September, that's why 32 is correct

      • ndaman joshua January 18, 2015

        She has truely inspired many to be great. And I know that this is just the starting point for her because she will rise to be among the greatest blogger in the whole world. She really has made Nigerua proud.

      • ndaman joshua January 18, 2015

        Linda ikeji is truely someone the youth of Nigeria have looked up to this past few years. She has shown that blogging can be a source of employment to the youths of Nigeria. Instead of staying at home doing nothing, our youth can start with something useful such as blogging. And I thank God many. Nigerians are used to the internet, this had made blogging easy. I also have blog where I. Post educational news and meaningful things from time to time. And I hope Nigerians will stop waiting for Government but will start. Doing something meaningful. I know that this is just the starting point for linda ikeji. She would be greater than this in life. Amen. And I aslo hope to do better than her. Amen

      • Louis Offor January 18, 2015

        My comments are not visible. Why?

      • Louis Offor January 18, 2015

        One thing i know is that "Blogging" is fun but let’s be sincere it’s a lot of stressful work even though it’s a very stationary profession. You have to go several places online to get information, from getting content to getting traffic and building a brand for yourself and so on, you have to put in a lot of your time or money and in most cases both just to get to the top.
        You need to have a firm and specific goal, know your market, and create uniqueness in the blogs. And this is what the delectable "Linda Ikeji"has done. From the little i have learnt about her. She is easily referred to as the pioneer of blogging in Nigeria though there were some other gurus before her, she has been able to set a standard for blogging in Nigeria and a lot of bloggers today thrive to be like her. Nice one there I must say @lindaikeji http://www.Lindaikeji.blogspot.com. Her success in blogging is evident in the exhibition of her fleet of cars. I remember last year just days before google pulled down her blog on October 8. She was said to have a boost of over 505k followers on her twitter account and this is despite the claims that her twitter account is yet to be verified, at that i just think this awesome lady blogger is the Nigerian blogger with the most followers on twitter. I don't know of anyone else with such massive followership.

        Well…I don't know how this message could be relayed to her, but I would like her to know that i'm willing to blog for her for free if she would be willing to mentor me on her success. From this brief exposé on her that I have read with my mouth gaping wide open the whole time, I have just fallen in love with her.
        Well on a lighter note, if she ever gets to see this and she would also consider having beautiful model-like kids like herself and a beautiful marriage, then she is lucky because a cute dude like me is still available. *winks* and *smiles*

      • Darlinton Omeh January 18, 2015

        LOL… Louis, we'll help you relay the marriage proposal to her, but don't forget that as a beautiful lady, so many other men are eying her too. Therefore, prepare yourself for a stiff competition from other bachelors like you.

      • Amaechi Ekeh January 18, 2015

        In all, one thing I can say is that hard works really pays. Good enough that many of us know all it takes to blog, if not; at least to work hard like Linda, but as it is, not many of us are ready even to give it a trial despite the fact that online has the biggest playing fields ever. Well, if most are scared of what it takes to stand up, climb up, or fly up as it were, let them make do with "ever looking up" and wishing and talking about those already up there!



      • Change January 18, 2015

        Impressive. Hard work pays.

      • Louis Offor January 19, 2015

        Will you help me put the message to her? Really? Haha…no problem on the stiff challenge from the others at all. If its going to be mental and as long as it doesn't get physical or otherwise, then i'm willing to give it my best shot. *smiles*

      • onelove January 20, 2015

        This is just the reward of hard work and consistency, if u think of money before bloging then u are on ya own oooo

      • Ope Adediran January 23, 2015

        Yeah, i just saw that. Thanks. But she should be 33 in 2013 now, not 32

      • Anonymous February 1, 2015

        How sure are you that she is making it through blogging? All the travel she used to travel do you know where she normally go or who she go with? Do not be deceived, all that glitters is not gold o

      • AE Prince June 2, 2015

        I started following Linda when she had 38k followers on Twitter. Just can't believe how fast the brand has grown. A rare gem indeed.

      • Akachukwu Eric December 2, 2015

        Wow!! Linda ikeja is just awsomely awesome…she's wonderfuly and beautifully packeged from heaven.

      • Christopher December 21, 2015
      • MUKEBEZI BLOG April 15, 2016

        This is very wonderful.iam from Tanzania but i like this lady so much.you can visit shareinfogrouptanzania.blogspot.com

      • Great write up on Linda Ikeji. Although I know how popular and rich of a blogger she is, I have never taken the time to read on her detailed Biography. I guess you can say she is an inspirtation to all in terms of working hard and being consistent in your passion. Btw great site you have here. thehotjem.com

      • Orikinla Osinachi April 30, 2018

        Good. But many things were wrong in your report.
        Linda Ikeji bought her first car at 21 and that was in 2001.
        Her mansion cost N500m and not N600m.
        She is not a billionaire.
        Her blog is worth more than US$5m.
        A modest estimate is US$15m.
        She got her big break in 2012 from Nokia and the Nokia app for her blog boosted her traffic.
        She had a Yoruba boyfriend named Tolu based in the US.
        Her first blog was created for her by a close friend.

        to me
        Mar 6, 2007Details
        hey chima.how r u?pls i want to know if its possible to reply comments.if so pls kindly tell me
        how to go about it.ok?waiting.linda

        On Fri Feb 16 16:39 , ‘Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi’ sent:

        >I have been calling your cell phone for hours and the reply is you are not available.
        Her personal email and phone number are not classified.
        They are available if you need them.

      • Destined boy December 15, 2018

        Very hardworking woman

      • maxwell January 25, 2019

        life is the worth of your strength when you focus and chase what is chasing you before it brings you down she made life in the cover of strength and patience, don`t even think of resting even at the top or married blessings to you

      • Elochiblog February 18, 2019

        this is indeed a very nice article you got here, truly i must say that Linda is a nice blogger and an encouragement to the upcomming bloggers

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