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    Do you exactly how Linda Ikeji made it to the top? From a humble beginning with the title of “a failed model” as most of her haters always like to call address her, Linda Ikeji has grown to something phenomenal over the years, becoming one of the richest self-made female entrepreneur in the country.

    How did she come about such massive success within few year? Some will say its luck, that she happened to be at the right place at the right time. Others will attribute it to God’s blessing, that God just chose her out of the multitude to favor with blessings. Some even think its through some mischievous means such as high class prostitution (runs) as some have alluded in the past.

    The truth is that Linda is not the only lucky person who was blogging in Nigeria in 2006. She is not the only person loved by God neither is she the only female with genital parts. Therefore, something else must be responsible for her success. What is it?

    Her personality!

    Linda has this sincere attitude that so many people finds very easy to identify with. At the early stage of her blogging career, before she became a big girl, Linda used to go into the deepest aspect of her personal life, telling people (total strangers) something as personal as her sexual life in a sincere, down to earth manner! Something many people (especially girls) would chose to hide even with the very last drop of their blood.

    This attitude alone brought so many followers her way which in turn propelled her blog to the great height. So, its not just about the kind of gossips she share nor about her blog design as many copy cats would want to believe. No, it’s about her personality!

    That doesn’t mean you’d start making a ‘silk purse’ the moment you starts sharing the deepest part of your personal life on your blog, its the combination of factors that has to do with personality, timing, and motivation. Linda has been able to combine that effectively to her advantage.

    Accurate Timing!

    Linda Ikeji came into blogging in 2006 when entertainment was starting to boom in Nigeria. As that time, there were no serious online entertainment news platform to serve the increasing number of internet user in Nigeria – only Bella Naija and few others.

    Coming in at that point in time means she was in the market at the right time. As the entertainment industry began to grow, it was only natural that Linda and other early blogger had to grow along with the industry.


    She has been consistent over the years, not letting off even during the most difficult times in her life. It is one thing to setup a blog, and it is another thing to keep it updated days and nights, all year long. Linda was able to do that long enough with the right kind of motivation.

    Proper Motivation!

    If the number one reason why you are going into blogging is because you want to make money, you are likely to give up before you get there. Something else has to be the motivation. Linda Ikeji made it to the top not because she wanted money, it is because she has the right kind of motivation.

    In Linda’s case, she was motivated by the desire to build a community, having a platform where people could read something interesting and make comments. That motivation further to anything else is what catapulted her to become the success story we all are identifying with today.

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    • George July 1, 2018


    • ignatius August 1, 2018

      Linda had been a source of inspiration to young aspiring bloggers. Before the glory comes the story! It is not actually the nascent industry at her time because several others including african americans have begun blogging before her. I believe she has that creative and appealing touch in her writing and consistency in what she loves to do all added to her success. Nigerians are really talented and we would get there

    • chibuzor onah November 29, 2018

      linda took a first step and never give her dream in lie. i ‘ll learn that

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