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      Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business

      The oil that is derived from palm kernel are used for cosmetic product making and other vital industrial purposes. Palm kernel oil extraction business is one of the hidden lucrative and profitable business that many people are yet to know much about or anything at at all. Unless you are told of how lucrative this business is by an insider, you will never believe it makes any money let alone making millions. But I can tell you for certainty and for free that palm oil extraction business is a mega millions business.

      Do you know that you can make N200,000 and above daily even as a medium scale producer? Are you aware that palm kernel oil product is one of the few products you can sell right at the point of production, without necessarily needing to take it to the market?

      It can be run in a small, medium and large scale, depending on your financial capacity . You may be wondering but where can one get palm kernel in large quantity? It is produced in hundreds of thousands tones in the Eastern part of Nigeria annually. All you need to do is to go set up your palm kernel oil extraction business around the east or you transport the product to your desired location and mill.

      It is however most profitable when you set it up where you can get Palm Kernel Nuts PKN in large quantity due to transportation costs and other logistics. Ondo and Edo state are also good at the production of palm kernel too, so you may decide to source it there if you are within the West.

      The Analysis Of Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business

      PKN – Palm Kernel Nut. The is the nut you get when a palm kernel’s hard shell is broken. That’s the nut where the oil we are talking about is extracted from.

      PKO – Palm Kernel Oil
      . This is the actual oil that is being extracted from palm kernel nuts, the actual product or one of the main product we are talking about here.

      PKC – Palm Kernel Cake. This another product that is being derived from the palm kernel extraction process and it makes up good percentage of the palm kernel produce.

      According to a reliable statistic, it is believed that in every 25 metric tons of good palm kernel nut one is expected to get 10 metric tons of Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) and another 13.5 metric tons of Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) as pure products. Below is how they are sold:

      Palm Kernel Cake sales for N100,000 per tonne. The Palm Kernel Oil itself is sold for N120,000 Naira per tonne. While the Sludge goes for N100,000 Naira per tonne.

      The cost of palm kernel is 80,000 Naira per tonne. You will require about ten tones to be able to extract five tone of the oils I’ve mentions. Ten tone will then cost N800,000. This will comfortably produce five tonnes of oil that will sells for N600,000.

      Remember that it will also produce about four tonnes of cake sells for N400,000 while a ton of sludge sells for N100,000. Giving you a total N1,100,000.

      When you subtract the cost of the raw material (palm kernel) which is  N800,000. You will be left with N300,000 Naira as gross profit on ten tons of palm kernel processed per day.

      SEE ALSO: Production Process of Palm Kernel oil

      In a week, you will be making a whooping sum of N300,000 X 6 = ₦1,800,000

      Take time and digest this, by tomorrow I will bring you the detail procedure of setting up the production.

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      • chidozie August 28, 2013

        Where can one sell these product? And also I will like to knw if the product is a seasonal product.

        • Darlinton Omeh August 28, 2013

          Palm Kernel oil is a product in high demand, you can market it right at the point of production. It is not a seasonal product, it sells all year round.

      • Anonymous September 1, 2013

        The palm kernel nut is not that easy to source I think or can you surgest where one can get it in raw for production.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 1, 2013

          Palm Kernel is very easy to source. It can be found in large quantity all over the places in Ondo, Edo,Delta, Ebonyi, Abia, Imo, Enugu, and some Parts of Anambra

      • Ovie Umusu September 10, 2013

        hello, what about the machine used in extracting the oil and how much do u think someone will need to start the business?

        • Darlinton Omeh September 10, 2013

          Details on these will be in the next article on palm kernel. Keep on the watch

        • Similoluwa Ogunlade September 11, 2013

          In reality this business is not this juicy. The king here is the palm kernel producer. He jacks up the price based on laws of demand and supply, this way reducing the margin the processor that mills get from the sale of PKO and the other by products at the end of the day. I left Lagos yesterday to Okitipupa, (still there now) to realize this.

          • Darlinton Omeh February 5, 2016

            You are going to the wrong market to source for palm kernel. Okitipupa palm farmers are expert in the business. They understand the value and will not sell to you cheap. Move in dipper to the east or elsewhere

        • Similoluwa Ogunlade September 11, 2013

          So may be it will be better to more people into oil palm farming cos even at the moment, the processors far outnumber the kernel producers

      • Darlinton Omeh September 11, 2013

        I think you are in a wrong place. Okitipupa oil palm belongs to producers who understands the profit in palm produce including palm kernel. Therefore, they wouldn't want to sell cheap.

        The best place to source for palm kernel is within the rural producers who produce and sell in part times. Go there during the market days, buy everything in the local market and transport down to your base. Some of such place are in various markets in Delta, Ebonyi, Ondo, etc…

      • Anonymous October 29, 2013

        Thanks for this information, Please can you set up a forum where two, three or more people can partner together, Or do you know people you are into this business but lack capital so that one can contact them to partner with them. Do you know why this this question is that someone of us are looking for plan B because we have work we are still doing now but this is for substitution since we cannot leave our job now.

        • Anonymous January 6, 2015

          Am intending to set up a groundnut oil processing factory in a place call Jebba in Niger State.Cost of medium scale factory is about $42,000.I have fenced the land started putting up the factoryand office buildings.Reason for chossing Jebba?Steady power supply 24hrs,we can talk to partner.

          • AdepoyigiAdeyinka June 8, 2017

            I have palm kernel oil extraction machine, we will love to work with you. 08112525029.. call for further discussions

        • Ayoka Chimereze May 5, 2016


          If you are interested in going into partnership with someone that is already in the Palm Kernel Business, feel free to contact me.

          It’s a dying family business that I am try to bring back. I am from Umuahia in Abia. You can reach me on

          • Onukwue May 2, 2017

            If you are whom I think you are, we can talk. Your father was a produce buyer in the 70s and 80s at mission hill. Send me your number and I will call back. I will be in Nigeria on 13th of this month.

          • Joshua chibueze December 14, 2017

            Hello i am also from umuahia i will be intrested to partner with you, I have purchase a plot of land and still thinking for the right way to follow

          • Joshua chibueze December 14, 2017

            Hello i am also from umuahia will you please allowe me to know more of this business and also partner with you

          • Ogbodo kene December 20, 2019

            contact please? I am interested and in Enugu.- Ogbodo kene

        • Li June 17, 2020

          Kindly contact me and let’s talk. I am into Palm Oil branding and packaging. 08172221083. Thanks

      • Ubong Essien November 5, 2013

        I find this quite interesting. Here in Akwa Ibom, one can source for this by going to the local markets but the issue here is it's really in high demand.
        Mr. Darlinton, what i will like you to tell us is how to go about setting this processing unit. It's indeed a nice business for one to go into.

      • vincent okoli November 11, 2013

        what and what do i need to put inplace of this business.

      • vincent okoli November 11, 2013

        i want to do this business but i dont know how to start it.

        • Darlinton Omeh November 11, 2013

          You need to get an apprenticeship from an existing palm kernel oil extraction company. After that, you will be good to go. Article on that will be published in the coming weeks

        • Anonymous January 30, 2015

          hello Darlinton. do u have an idea the cost of machine and the comapny that buy vegetable oil from small scale industries..thank u

      • Adeshile A November 11, 2013

        Hi,were can i get buyer for palm kernel

        • murtash yusuf January 16, 2015

          Do you have? I want 10 tons every weeks if you can bring it down to our company in kano.

          • Seun February 5, 2016

            Dear Murtash
            If you can give me a way to contact you, I might be able to help you. Seun

          • nimi January 10, 2019

            I can sell you uncracked palm kernel at low price.
            here is my contact..08132103720

        • Anonymous January 30, 2015

          were exactly are u and how many tone can u supply

      • Anonymous February 27, 2014

        Darlington – I have read your blog on Palm Kernel and l think the return on investment (ROI) it is too good to be true, it is. Please do not ask me to do an apprenticeship. Please can advise when you plan to do a seminar on the palm kennel that l can attend..

        • Darlinton Omeh February 5, 2016

          Really? Then runaway and leave it to others who think is not too good to be true

          • Chris July 9, 2016

            Darlinton, how do i reach you. I think we really need to discuss about this so i can get more insight on how this works.

            • Taiwos April 13, 2017

              @ darlinton…. I have also started my structure in one of those villages in Ondo close to my raw materials but i need a valid person to construct the machine for me cos that has been my challenge since 2016.
              I will really appreciate your contact so that i can get it started this year.

              • AdepoyigiAdeyinka June 8, 2017

                i have a new machine for sale, contact me for further discussions

          • Mr. Darlinton, thanks for ur good work here. But am still standing here to ask the price of the palm kernel oil machine. The equipment and procedures involved.

      • Anonymous April 12, 2014

        Am rather late but not miss out. Thanks so much Mr Dalinton for your thoughtful blog and article, i can't wait for the upcoming article mentioned above because am so much interested in PKO and PKC business.

      • itiade adewuyi April 12, 2014

        Dont be fooled its not as easy as it is been described…else a lot of people will be in the business already

        • Anonymous June 3, 2014

          That's what those in the business want you to keep believing. Its not easy! and yet they are still in the business and even expanding dia operations. This should send you a message.

      • Anonymous April 12, 2014

        Dont be fooled, its not as easy as it is been described else a lot of people will be in the business and making money already

      • fafcy May 6, 2014

        'You need to go for apprenticeship form an existing palm kernel oil extraction company. After that, you will be good to go. Article on that will be published in the coming weeks' following your quote as above< please when or how can one kick off or invest in this. Really i have been seasrching on how to start this oil business. thanks

      • bene March 12, 2015

        Please if you need pko contact me.am based in delta state

      • murtash yusuf May 3, 2015

        Hey guys,

        There is different model of oil extraction machines we are having now in our company based in 46 unity road kano, kano state.
        There is 6yl-100 model that extract between 4-5 tons per 24 hours., 6yl-130 model extract 8-11 ton per 24 hours, 6yl-150 model extract 9-13 tons per 24 hours.

        Who ever interested please don't hesitate to contact me at 46 unity road kano, kano state.

      • Oladipo Soile June 28, 2015

        Pls contact me for the possibility of doing business together, i can supply you the palm kernet nuts or better still the Palm kernel oil(PKO)

      • Oladipo Soile July 15, 2015

        hi, 50 litres is 9850. pls get in touch for more details.

      • cmcconcept November 29, 2015

        Grt contributions from you all,
        admin please i need to contact you.

      • Shedrack O. A. December 3, 2015

        i really want to learn about this business, pls anyone needs an apprentice HOLA

      • Limitless February 17, 2016

        This is great idea, I like it. What is the cost of the machine and other things entangled to it. Its easy to say u will make bla bla bla but.it not always true. That was how I spent hell on a view centre and made meager.

        • Darlinton Omeh February 17, 2016

          Yes you are right, and it is also easy to destroy a potentially profitable business with poor management and blame it on the business. If people are already making money with a business you failed on, then something may be wrong with your management skill, or what do you think?

          • Larry Jacobs March 10, 2016

            Mr.Omeh, this is a good job you are into here. I implore you to keep it. Nevertheless much as you want to ginger people to take their destinies in their hands, please be more realistic in your analysis. Update your entries to reflect current material cost etc. that will earn your site and opinion credibility. Reading your entry above, you first said 10tons of pko will come out of 25tons of pkn. in your analysis, you said 10tons of pko from 20tonspkn. which one do we believe. this will leave an interested investor, yes?

      • Steve March 15, 2016

        The problem with Nigerians is that they always want to engage in businesses where they will hardly lift a finger and yet make millions. Business does not work like that. Dangote started business 38 years ago. Entrepreneurship is a journey with plenty of lessons to be learned along the way. Whenever I get into a business, I take the first few rounds as my learning process and do not expect to make money. I have a garment manufacturing business which took me 6 years to master before I started seeing the money. Anyone who is not patient is better off working as a civil servant. People say PKO business is not juicy, yet some people have built fortunes out of it. You can never know the secrets of a business by being an outsider. Get involved. Start on a small scale and use 1 year to learn the biz. Count any losses as part of the education. Eventually you will become a master and you will make it.

        • Darlinton Omeh March 16, 2016

          Thats words of wisdom. Thank you Steve

          • Oby January 7, 2018

            Darlington, please I need your contact or email. Thanks.

        • Oby January 7, 2018

          Well said Steve, am inspired. Thanks.

        • Mertz June 30, 2018

          i really appreciate your comment and contribution to this journey of entrepreneurship and you have said it all Mr Steven a lot of people are looking for where to get rich quick and this has been a major challenges for Africa entrepreneurs because we always think short term not long term and it has destroyed our development as individual and nation… we really need understudy great nations and great entrepreneur who have walk in this journey and emulate them i believe we will strive not just merely survive and also growth of GDP of country and create wealth.

      • Olusegun April 21, 2016

        I want u to send me ur contact bcos i want to discuss wt u about PKO & PKC business. Thanks

      • Akinyemi samuel sola April 29, 2016

        I have intrest on pam kanel busenes

      • Brian May 13, 2016

        Nicely downe wealthresult.com. I am into the business of palm kernel supply and know most of what is needed for palm kernel processing. Now i am planning on getting into RGB Palm as its done in Malaysia and indoniesia.

        I currently run a blog that covers details on Palm Kernel supply and Palm Oil supply business in Nigeria, the-ahamefulas.com/difference-between-nigerias-palm-oil-and-malaysias-palm-oil please do check it out.

      • Victor Osei Boateng May 27, 2016

        I am from Ghana and I am into production of palm kernel oil and I want buyers .
        You can contact me on

      • Sandra May 31, 2016

        I’m interested,I already have a land for d POk production at imo state.I need to know d cost of setting up d factory and d necessary things to be put in place..pls mail me with my e_mail

      • Ayo June 1, 2016

        Hi All,

        I have started this business in small scale, i realized 1.8Tons PKO from 5Tons of PKN. Please any experience person should advise what could be the cause

        • usen July 1, 2016

          Hi Ayo, can we have a little discussion @usenoe twitter pls.


      • mba June 2, 2016

        I desire to go into this business but no enough capital. I can supply any quantity to who ever is interested. I’m from the South-South. contact me at

      • zims June 5, 2016

        Pls what is d present price of palm kernel seed.

      • Chris July 9, 2016

        I think alot of persons have demanded for contacts means to anyone who knows these things indept, please i think it would be nice to help provide a means of contact, so we can talk and ask questions better.

      • Ben July 21, 2016

        I need about 120 tons per week and will be glad to get from any source

      • princetoks August 8, 2016

        Hello Ayo, I have been in this business for over 2 decade, our company S.trois O Ventures well known by the big players in the industry. You are having less output because of the filtration material you are using, you need original filter cloths that have technical data, most importantly in the TD is the MICRON of the cloth. If you use bad cloth, you will get 4.2% oil but with polished filter cloth you will get 9.2% output. It is a bit expensive because it is imported. I sell filter cloth, filter bags, filter leaves and oil mill spare parts. Part of our customers are Sudit oil,golden oil, Polema industry,Envoy Oil, Ar-Rachid; to mention few. We can also buy khun heng machines on your behalf. Food for all.

        • Aquilla September 12, 2016

          Please I am really interested in the PKO processing business and I am ready to be am apprentice to gain more knowledge. Please inbox me

        • Christopher June 28, 2020

          I will like to talk with you one on one. Please can I have your contact?

      • horlarttunji September 2, 2016

        Mr Darlington I just sent u a message pls reply accordingly. Thanks

      • Taiwos April 13, 2017

        I need a contact of those who fabricate machines for palm kernel extraction.
        Is there a watsapp group for those in this room cos that will really help me.

        • AdepoyigiAdeyinka June 8, 2017

          hello guys, i understand that some people want to buy the extraction machine, here is it. 50 horse power Palm Kernel Extraction Machine for extracting oil and shaft. Machine can process 4 to 5 tonnes in a day. Interested buyer can contact me

      • chukwudi nweke July 30, 2017

        I guess am late but this is a business I would like to do,pls can you help me locate any place I can do my apprenticeship around aba abia state, pls am in need of it

        • Oby January 7, 2018

          I too need a place to do my apprenticeship within Aba. Pls Darlington or anybody that can help should contact me.

      • Ugwuanyi onyekachi August 9, 2017

        Darlington ,pls I’m in enugu ….how can I contact u…I need more explanations on how to set up the plants,,,,sourcing the raw material won’t be a problem

      • Shittu AbdulHakeem September 6, 2017

        how much is does the machine cost and where do they sell it

      • kay September 23, 2017

        Where on earth will u sell your PKC @ N100/kg. Pls revisit your sweet coded analysis and stop deceiving people out there.

      • Fortune September 28, 2017

        For Now, Am Into Supplies Of PKN. I Need Genuine Buyers Of PKN. Or Partnership With Whoever Is Business. 07069761265

      • Onwude Cosmas November 12, 2017

        Mr. Darlinton, this is a great job you are doing. Keep it up.

        I’m prepared to go into this business but i’m still conducting my research and feasibility studies. In fact, that’s how I came across your blog. It’s been very revealing and encouraging. It answered a lot of questions I have been asking without having any answers for some time now. However, the machinery you mentioned as requirement for a star-up looks simplistic to me. A guy I have been consulting mentioned things like pumps, electric motor, electrical work, welding equipment, spare parts/weigh bridge, laboratory for determining oil content of kernels, hopper and betting of machines. From this, it looks like you left out so many things.

        Please I need to get in contact with you for further exploring of opportunities for collaboration on this.

        Nevertheless, I advice that you be more careful in the figures you use so as not to give the impression of levity. This is because in your profitability analysis above, you wrote that 5 tonnes of PKO and 4 tonnes of PKC would come from 10 tonnes of PKN; but going by your earlier statement that 25 tonnes of PKN will produce 10 tonnes of PKO and 13.5 tonnes of PKC, the reverse should be the case.

        Great work. Keep it up!

      • Jonaking Mega Enterprises November 24, 2017

        Pls, where can I get these machines for the palm kernel oil processing. I seriously need them now

      • Godwin December 20, 2017

        I have local mill were I produced kanel I need buyers if there is any pls contact me with 09034188191.

      • Ejike January 11, 2018

        pls, can i get your contact, mr Darlinton?

      • Johnson January 18, 2018

        Please Okitipupa is my home town, I have about 5 acre of land I want to use for palm tree farming, please how can I get the processing machine, and how much will it cost?

      • Ade March 16, 2018

        Hi, I need PKO if you can supply. please can I get your contact?

      • Ade March 16, 2018

        I’m in need of anyone who can supply hundreds of tons of PKO, thanks.

        • moji April 8, 2018

          let me have your contact pls, so we can talk better
          mine is 08099667293

        • oluwabiyi peace June 14, 2018

          Pko available for supply in large quantity. Payment on delivery . Lpo can also be raised and we’ll work with it. Thanks


      • Chima Egwuonwu March 16, 2018

        I have learnt a lot in this forum but there are still a lot I have to know

      • Jibrin A. Baban-Iya May 5, 2018

        Pleas give me more details on how many litres are there in a ton of palm kernel oil.
        Thank you for your urgent reply.

      • Mr Jonas Chuma December 31, 2018

        Bros , Good morning .
        You are doing a good job .
        Thanks for your information .
        Pls , I would like to discuss with you concern the palm oil and Carmel processing business .
        Pls , I need your email address .

      • Osifo Dennis January 3, 2019

        Hello Mr Darlington, I am making search of how to set up PKO production and I stumbled on your blog.so please can I have your contact so we can discuss further.
        Thank you.

      • Benedict Williams March 9, 2019

        Pleas give me more details on how many litres are there in a ton of palm kernel oil.Thank you for your reply.

      • Dotun May 14, 2019

        Hello house
        Why is current buying price of palm kernel nuts from field and selling price to company close in recent time such that there is no profit margin at the moment?
        Is there possibility things could get better anytime soon?
        How best to survive it at the moment, please?

        Thanks for your anticipated response

      • ISRAEL July 11, 2019

        on this buisness, i knw everything about the buisness.i just need an investor.am currently into it, here is my number 09030317299 KWARA STATE…. AM AVAILABE TO YOU ALL.

      • Festus October 14, 2019

        1 ton of PKO is equal to 1125 litres of the product

      • ade OLOGBENLA November 21, 2019

        Thanks. It’s fantastic. Your number pls.

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