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    A healthy habit that improves the performance of the body, detoxifies the body and prevents lots of health problems is drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning.

    It cleanses the colon, the bowels and removes wastes and toxins from the body; it regularizes bowel movement, increases appetite, and it’s a great remedy for headaches. It boosts immunity, it helps one lose weight and it increases the levels of energy in the body.

    The human body is made up of 70 to 75% water; a little drop in this can cause mild to severe health problems depending on the level of dehydration. It is expected for one to take at least eight glasses of water every day; I think it should be more than this considering the fact that we lose a lot of water by breathing alone.

    8 glasses of water is a good place to start but it can be increased, and it is important to drink more water in hot weathers or if you live in a hot region, you should also take more anytime you engage in a hard physical exercise, manual labour or hard work out to replace the fluids lost by sweating.

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    In this post, we will be looking at the health benefits of taking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach; this simple practice has lots of amazing health benefits, and we will be taking a look at the top ten.

    Ten Health Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

    1. It Brightens Complexion

    If you are looking for an effective and natural way to improve your complexion and have a glowing skin; try taking a glass of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

    It clears skin blemishes and dark spots caused by an accumulation of toxins in the body; it also ensures regular movement of bowels, this, in turn, helps the complexion becomes bright because waste products and toxins are eliminated frequently.

    Toxins accumulated in the body makes the complexion dull; it also increases skin blemishes and increases breakouts, this is because the skin is an organ of elimination and it is also known as the “third Kidney”. Taking lots of water daily and drinking water first thing upon waking will remove these wastes and toxins through another channel and clear the skin.

    It also speeds up healing of any skin problem; prevents further breakouts and keeps the body clean and detoxified.

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    1. It Boosts the Immune System

    It is reported that the Japanese drink at least four glasses of water when they wake in the morning; they wait for 30 minutes before taking anything else, this keeps them healthy and active and they have the highest longevity on earth.

    Water is needed for overall health and optimum functions of the body; water is used in making many hormones and chemical messengers, the blood, and other body fluids are made up of water. Water also carries out other important functions in the body. Taking water on an empty stomach every day will fortify your immune system and boosts its functions.

    1. It Boosts Energy

    Toxins can make one weak and sluggish; it even slows down the functions of many organs in the body but this practice as earlier said help in detoxification and this, in turn, will increase the levels of energy.

    It relieves sleepiness and sluggishness, and it revives one instantly. It makes one feel active; it stimulates the growth of red blood cells and this leads to increased levels of oxygen and energy in the body.

    1. It Prevents and Fights Headaches

    Headaches and frequent migraine attacks have been linked to dehydration; studies have confirmed dehydration to be the root cause of headaches, so taking water first thing in the morning is a good way to prevent this from happening.

    Drink water also at frequent intervals during the day to keep headaches and migraines at bay, but drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomach keeps headaches and migraines at bay. It also prevents periodontal problems and boosts oral health.

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    1. It Speeds Up Metabolism

    This act gives a metabolism a boost and helps it start on a good note; it raises the metabolic rate by 25%, it aids faster digestion of foods, it maintains a healthy weight and reduces weight gain and the risk of obesity.

    1. It Detoxifies the Body

    This is supposed to be the first point because the main mechanism behind all its action is detoxification. This is a powerful way to detoxify your body and improve the quality of your health.

    It helps to push toxins into the kidneys to be excreted via urine; the more water you drink, the more trips you will make to the bathroom and the more toxins will be expelled.

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    1. It Boosts the Digestive System

    This helps in cleaning the colon and boosting the health of the digestive system; it eliminates accumulated sludge which in turn, will help foods and nutrients to be absorbed faster.

    It also regulates the activities of the digestive system; it relieves bloating and aid regular bowel movement.

    A healthy colon leads to a healthy body; most diseases begin in the colon, even death.

    1. It Aids Regular Bowel Movement

    Those having digestive problems and constipation will find this helpful because it solves a plethora of digestive problems and aids regular bowel movement.

    1. It Increases Food Intake

    This act helps one feel hungry in the morning; it ensures one have breakfast on time and prevents the unhealthy habit of skipping breakfast.

    This boosts appetite and helps one eat well.

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    1. It Aids Weight Loss

    Drinking lots of water when you are on a weight loss diet helps you lose weight fast; it burns calories at a fast rate, it increases the rate of metabolism and boosts proper digestion.

    It also boosts detoxification which leads to faster weight loss.

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