How can I Become a Famous Actor in Nollywood?

I have passion for acting. And i will love to join Nollywood to become a famous actor. I am still in school studying Law at Benson Idahosa University for now .And i know I will not practice Law.but i want to start planning ahead.

Please any ideas, tips or things i must know.

I have checked through this great website and the way you guys answer questions amaze me. so am damn so sure am in the right place to find an answer.


New Member Asked on April 19, 2018 in Movie.
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I am not not going to lie to you, joining Nollywood is not as hard as people thinks. In as much as you have talents and gifts, you will sure shine.

This question has been answered below. Just read and let me know if you need anything else

Expert Consultant Answered on April 21, 2018.
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