What is The Best and Easiest Way to Join Nollywood?

What is the best way to join the Nollywood industry? I have heard so many people say different things. I just want to know the best way so far.

Thanks in advance

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How to Join Nollywood is one of the most asked question by aspiring stars. You have a talent, you have a gift, and you have what it takes to be a famous Nollywood star. But the problem is how can you join this industry. Where can you get to offer what you have? How can you get to the screen to prove you have something in you, How to join Nollywood.

If you are reading this and you have a passion to join Nollywood, pay attention and make sure you read this to the end.

Many aspiring stars out there are asking how to join Nollywood and making serious effort to even pick acting as a career. Some have really a good zeal and passion that it takes to succeed but there has not been an easy way to belong. This has mandated me to make an attempt to find answers to the question how to join Nollywood. So pay attention and read on.

My Encounter.

I am really a movie person, I love Nollywood industry, I have talents, I love writing scripts and I have tons of ideas. I believe in myself and am sure of what have got. So I contacted a Nigeria film Producer Popularly Known as Aloma. I had a very tight story then and I think if I could get a producer, the idea could come back to reality. I decided to give it a Shot. I called him and he gave me an address. When I got to his place, I met him reharzing and training his students. That was really one of the best moment of my life. Coming close to someone I am admiring his movies. (Coughs)

We discussed a lot of things, but the one that matter is that he told me that getting a producer is not that very easy. He asked me if I want to sell the story or I want to own it. I told him I want to own it. He then said Nollywood industry is a world with rules and training. No matter what you know, you still have to join a group that will train you the way it is done.

How To Join Nollywood – The Idea

The idea is that, you can’t just come on a morning and expect to get on screen or on set just like that. If you think you have a talent, remember there are possible that many people out there will be better than you.

You think you can write very well, that’s good but you can’t be the only one. The idea of the celebrities having groups as they call it, is to train young upcoming to becoming a star.

Once you join their group, you will be used in movies, taking to location, you will meet many people, stars, aspiring stars, you will have experience. And as the time goes, you are learning and one day, your big shot will come and you will explode… I mean you will make a hit.

You can’t just come in just anyhow, you have to belong to a group as a student so that you can learn and grow through your boss.

I told him it’s fine that I will get back to him.

I went to another producer, he also asked me to join his group. I met Oyekanmi Adekola, the younger brother of Odunlade Adekola. He said almost the same thing.

I went to about 6 famous producers and all I was told was to find a group, join and then start working my way to the top. And then I understand.

How To Join Nollywood – My answer

The present answer to the question of how to join Nollywood is not far-fetched.

People will tell you it is very easy, just pay some money and that’s all. Let me tell you, nothing great come easily.

Presently the only answer I have got for that question of how to join Nollywood is to Join a Drama school or a celebrity group. We have several famous celebrities who now run a film school out there that you can join. Find anyone you can afford and fit in. You can realize your dream through their schools.

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Nice write up there, and thanks for the break down.

So you also have passion for Nollywood?

Return Member Answered on November 10, 2017.
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I am just a script writer

Expert Consultant Answered on November 10, 2017.
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How can I find a movie school to join

New Member Answered on December 9, 2017.
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