How Does it feels to be a Nollywood celebrity?

Going into Nollywood is really a big thing for me. Although i have been on small productions and am plani9ning on going all out on my own project.

There two things involved. Its either i fail and then try again later or i become a celebrity. So i want to know how it feels like to be a Nollywood Celebrity.

Return Member Asked on November 25, 2017 in Movie.
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This question will best be answered by a Nollywood celebrity.

I once came across a Post by Kunle Afolayan which will give us an insight about how it feels to be a Nollywood celebrity.

8 things to know as a celebrity in Nigeria is a List posted on Facebook by the award winning Nollywood Figurine, October 1st and The CEO producer Kunle Afolayan. He want to share his own insight and what his going through an also prepare you as an aspiring Nollywood stars or as an aspiring celebrity in every aspects of Life. Being a celebrity is not as easy as we are seeing it, let’s read 8 things to know as a celebrity in Nigeria by the Nollywood producer himself.
8 Things To Know As A Celebrity In Nigeria by Kunle Afolayan

1. “You must be a mobile atm at all times. Very applicable to the following (Police, customs and immigration officers) at check points, airports and borders as well as area boys”
After all, those are the people watching and buying your films or songs or whatever you are doing that makes you a celebrity.

2. “You must never have personal problems only solve people’s problems. Including buying breakfast for strange figures ‘ boys must chop’”
This is a must, even if you are not a celebrity, you will sure face this situation in Nigeria. Being a celebrity is a foundation for the boy’s right

3. “You must never have moods. It’s forbidden you are not human remember? *SUSPICIOUS**Brrrr*”
Lol… really funny, that’s just the fact……You don’t have moods…anything can come in anytime.

4. “You must never have an opinion. its not permitted. Else you incur the people’s wrath”
Because you are a celebrity, any opinion you make about anything will hit the headline the next day. And people will be angry because they will think your opinion is accepted because you are a celebrity.

5. “You must be ready to receive insults on social media platforms especially from annoying anonymous persons. And also be ready to be impersonated on Facebook with as many pages. Miscreants ripping innocent people off in your name.”
No comment about that one.

6. “You must never have a life”
Even if you do have one, you have to protect it. Bloggers are always watching.

7. “You must be ready to overlook and endure everything even if it’s to your detriment. After all you are a’ Celeb”
That’s a very fact, you must be ready to ignore some things.

8. “Be ready to pay your fans for seeing your movies or listening to your music. You are everyone’s fan! Ever been told ‘you are my biggest fans oo I dey watch your film oo make you settle. hmmnn if I’m your fan I wonder what you are to me?”

Well just follow these eight simple guidelines and you can never go wrong. Remember that’s the Price for fame.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 26, 2017.
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