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Good day!

Our products are Rolf, Sintel, Sintol and Ekoil. We produces high performance lubricants with respect to modern standards of APL and ACEA classifications.

I would also like to take an opportunity and introduce our company Log One Energy. Our company partner with factory-manufactures in Russian Federation. We are involved in petroleum products supplying business and many more. We have huge experience with the biggest petroleum companies.
We provide high quality lubricating oils, greases and break fluids manufactured by leader refineries in Russian Federation. Our oil catalogue contains engine oils, base oils, lubricants, gear oils, industrial oils, coolants, break fluids, antifreezes, universal greases, auto chemicals, arami, filters, and accessories.

Lubricant is a lucrative business and it is a must use for every vehicle owner, our product have a high quality standard for all vehicle owner, we produces different specifications like ow 5, ow 40, 5w 20, 5w 30, 10w 40, 20w 50, SAE 40, SAE 50, SAE 60, ATF II, ATF III, ATF III SYN, ATF T-IV E.T.C

Please feel free to ask any questions relating to our offer that might be unclear.

Best regards,
Ojo Olawale,
Senior Supervisor.

New Member Asked on March 4, 2017 in Marketing.
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You need to provide details about your products and the aspect of the business you want partnership with. People make these mistakes of asking questions here without providing enough information. There is nowhere you’d get reasonable answers to your questions if they are generic in nature.

Tell people what your product is all about, tell them what you have done so far, tell them why you need an investment/partnership. Explain to them what benefits they stands to get by partnering/investing with you

Pro Consultant Answered on March 7, 2017.
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Good quality product

New Member Answered on March 4, 2017.
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