How to Own an Online Dropshipping Store

WHAT IS DROPSHIPPING : Dropshipping is an exciting and convenient way to enter global retailing  ( e.g Alidropship, Amazon, eBay etc. ) and make lots of money ( depending on how venturesome and entrepreneurial you are ). This retail method is simple: 


  1. You open an online store ( there are free options , sites that offer you free templates)
  2. You don’t own the inventory that you advertise on your site , you just enlist dropship suppliers, which in most case are manufacturers.
  3. this dropship suppliers handle the order you redirect from your site after the customer has placed an order and made payments.

          Note: this is a grossly sketchy explanation, you can contact me for details ( email address in profile )

How to Own an Online Dropshipping Store

, I also included an infographic to aid your comprehension of this exciting retail model . God bless You!            

New Member Asked on February 11, 2018 in E-Commerce.
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I love the infographic. Nice one bro.

This is a fast rising method that people are making thousands from these days.

Expert Consultant Answered on February 27, 2018.
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I did a little research about drop shipping all is not that as free as portray here. These are some of the things i observed while making my research.

  1.  You continue to pay the company hosting your store online after the first free 1 month. ( Irrespective on whether you make sales or not)
  2.  You are given the task to source for the cheapest always
  3. What if there’s any complain from the buyer, how do you respond.
  4.  The manufactures would likely favor big guns like alibaba, ebay and amazon

These are some of my observation, i might be wrong, i would like to be proven otherwise.

Active Member Answered on February 27, 2018.
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