Roles of Classified Ads for Business Growth in Nigeria

In today’s era, there are several web-site where one can post their ads for free or can promote their businesses by posting the relevant ads. And these sites are providing several facilities to the users such as that the mode of advertising, buying/selling, promoting, marketing etc. has been modified forever.

In order to benefit from classified ad posting, it’s necessary to make sure that the directories have a good page rank.

Each classified ads site has its own tips for accepting and rejecting classified ad postings. Before you submit your ads to a classified ads site, it’s good to read the rules mentioned there.

To understands classified ads and it offer render you have to contact them for questioning about their offers which maybe different other classified we are having in Nigeria.

Benefit of using online classified ads is that they allow you to promote your business to the greatest number of people, all of who are your potential buyers. They even give you a chance to make your business known internationally, something that could cost you’re a treasure if you were to do it via radio or TV. This service is also important because it allows you to put as many classified ads as possible, and in turn this means that you will be able to put your message across to your target consumers more clearly. However, there are some online classified sites that do not allow double postings of the same ad and other rules and regulations which must be followed.

Classified Ads are helpful:

  • For small business organizations who cannot afford themselves to promote within the organic listings.
  • For beginners who require business from every possible resources.
  • Those who need to sell their products and services immediately.
  • Companies that need to bid for consumer needs as a lot of customers searching for specialized services place ads here as well.

Despite all the modern competition, classified ads remain an incredibly cost effective, targeted, fast, and an easy way for businesses to reach consumers.   They can also easily be targeted to reach almost any specific demographic. This makes them an ideal component for any sized campaign.

As we have many free classified ads in Nigeria with different offers, you will simply like to choose one based on what you want to achieve.

I have come across so many of them which I can’t mention all here with excellence offers, services and nice design layout but one of the capture my mind when I notice the payment method the use which none of the others are using in Nigeria.

Ohoola Classified Ads is new in the industry with similar service and offer others offer but having a good layout make it attractive and simple to use and that is why I’m talking about them now. With Ohoola classified ads you can easily post free ads without user registration or can login with facebook or google account without entering user details.

They also have premium services for those need their ads to be featured on top of listing and use Paystack, Bank transfer including Crypto-currency as payment method.

Coming to cryptocurrency which is the new trend in making online transaction Ohoola has adapt that technology which make them different from others in the same industry. For those who deal in crypto currency can use the service too and is more secure.

Another thing I like about them, every ads posting are randomly selected and post to social media (facebook, Instagram, pinterest and twitter) where millions of users will see your ads online and that gives an opportunity to have instant serious buyers unlike others in the same industry.

New Member Asked on November 14, 2017 in Marketing.
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This a very nice write up. However, there are many sites out there that would make someone wish he had never tried classified ads.

I think I like this one, it sounds promising and I will like to make my own research.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 14, 2017.
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Very insightful post. Thanks for sharing this.

New Member Answered on April 9, 2018.
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