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Making smart choices is something that can happen at a consistent level. There are certain things that need to be done in order for this to be possible and that is what we have been looking at. The first part of this article broke down the dynamics of making choices and how we come about doing the things we do. I strongly recommend that you go through the entire article from the Part I.

Our Journey To The Point

We took a timeout to look at the issue of time lapse as it affects what we called self-realization i.e. the point between a not-so-smart choice and when the realization hits us that we had just made one. We looked at it from the viewpoint that this self-realization is a good thing and that is what we need to work on. We then went on to look at the how self-realization connects with the issue of making smart choices.

This is what I considered to be a critical point in understanding the direction of these articles and would recommend that you go through tips on self-improvement and making smart choices. Building on the first part, we will be looking at some tips that will help deal with the issue raised with respect to being prone to dumb choices and how to mitigate them.

The Disconnect Between Event And Action

There is almost always a disconnect between the event and your action when a dumb decision is taking place. It is this disconnect that you must bridge. This is what the consciousness of being prone to take dumb decision does to you.

Delay And Break The Process

You might decide that delaying anything that requires you take an immediate decision may just do the trick of making you make the smart decision. Asking for time to sleep on it depending on how urgent the decision is could make it work for you. The idea of delaying the decision-making can give you room to gather yourself. You are already aware that you are not good at making smart choices; just asking for a drink could be the break you need to break that habit of opening your mouth and saying the wrong thing. It could give you the time to know what you have to do.

Delaying the process even for a moment can break the chain reaction effect of you just doing something that is not so smart. The funny thing here is we do this a lot in other areas so it will not take much effort to apply it in the choices we make. Someone goes for a walk to take in “fresh air” because he or she just knows that they would explode if they remain in the situation they walked away from. Another decides to listen to music or go do something that will take their concentration for that moment and they are able to deal with that situation they walked away from in a way that leaves them proud.

The same rule can be applied to making smart choices.

The Consciousness Of Each Action

People hardly subconsciously make smart decisions. If they act without thinking, it is not attributed to being smart but they would be more willing to admit that they were fortunate to have made the right decision. This does not mean that people who have trained themselves in following the process of making the right choices do not come to a point where it looks like they do it without thinking. There are people who do amazing things and make it look natural.

It is however important to note that dumb decisions are usually attributed to subconscious actions. This does not mean that people can think a thing thoroughly and still come up with dumb decisions but by now you would know the reality in the gist of what we are talking about here.

This underscores why being conscious of every action is important. If you give yourself time to look at a possible course of action, there is a likelihood that you will take an action that is based on an informed opinion. You might even have to delay the action until you get that informed opinion.

This consciousness becomes all the more potent when you have the realization that you are prone to making dumb decisions. This will make you to become more aware and focused with respect to what is happening around you. You want to pay attention because you know that paying attention will prevent you from missing out on anything that might help you to make smart choices over the matter at hand.

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