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How to apply for Cyprus student Visa from Nigeria or Cyprus student visa requirement in Nigeria. Or maybe you want to know about Cyprus visa fee in Nigeria and Cyprus visa requirements for Nigerian citizens. These questions or more might be the reason you are here. Whichever reason you are here. In as much as it is related to how to apply for Cyprus student Visa from Nigeria. You will get your answer at the end of this article.

Also I will be talking about Cyprus visa application form Nigeria. Cyprus student visa age limit and Cyprus study visa processing time. Also with Cyprus embassy in Nigeria and everything you need to know about Cyprus student Visa. This is just the article that will show you and explain everything you need to know about how to apply for Cyprus Student Visa from Nigeria.

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Cyprus Overview

How To Apply For Cyprus Student Visa From Nigeria

Aerial Photo Of Limassol In Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Lying just south of Turkey and it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe among other Mediterranean countries. The higher education system in Cyprus is shaped by the European Higher Education Area as outlined by the Bologna Process. Higher Education in Cyprus consists of the public and private institutions of Higher Education at University and non-University level. Different factors make Cyprus the perfect destination for Nigerian students who decide to study there.

Although Turkish and Greek are the official languages of the island, English is also widely spoken as Cyprus was a former British colony. English is the language of instruction in many universities in Cyprus. Also, since Cyprus is situated at the crossroad of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the cultural diversity is high which makes it possible to meet new people from all over the world.


How To Apply For Cyprus Student Visa From Nigeria

You might want to travel to the Republic of Cyprus for different reasons. whether it is for a short stay as a tourist or a businessperson. Or even with a purpose of employment and residence. You could also stop in Cyprus as a transit passenger or to study. Whatever is your purpose of going to Cyprus, you will need a Visa. The reason you want to go to Cyprus will determine the type of visa you will apply for . In this case, Cyprus student visa is what i will be talking about.

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Cyprus Student Visa

You have decided to study in Cyprus. The types of Visa you will apply for is the Cyprus student Visa. This type of Visa will allow you to study at Universities and Colleges in Cyprus.

The Cyprus student Visa is granted under the precondition that the student will return to his/her country of legal permanent residence upon completion of his/her studies. It is issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Department in Cyprus.

Cyprus Student Visa Required Documents

Honest and complete documents are very important when processing your student visa. Most applications are rejected because of documents issues. You should be honest and present all documents according to instructions.

To apply for your Cyprus student visa from Nigeria, these are the necessary documents required.

1. A properly completed and signed Cyprus visa application form. Click here to download

2. Four recent passport photographs with white background and full face capture.

3. An international passport valid for at least 1 year after your intended stay in the country. It must have at least a blank page. You can also submit previous passports with visas and stamps; this can help assess your travel history.

Undergraduate And Postgraduate

4. Undergraduate programmes.
Original Senior/High school leaving certificates with grades reports. Add two sets of attested copies of the original school documents.

Postgraduate programmes.
Original Bachelor/Master’s degree with grades reports and two sets of attested copies of the original certificates.

5. Financial sufficient Proof
You will have to show an original proof of financial income and sufficient funds. Which will be through a bank sponsorship letter or statement with a minimum equivalent of €7000.

If On Scholarship

You will present the Scholarship certificate grants and financial documentation/guarantees from your sponsor. This is required to cover all living, study, accommodation, healthcare, entertainment and return travel costs for the school year.

6. Original police character certification indicating that you have no prior criminal history and a model citizen.

7. Original medical certificates. (HIV, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis C, Syphilis & Tuberculosis).

8. Tuition fees payment receipt from your institution or university in Cyprus.

9. Original bank (money transfer) receipt of the tuition fees payment to the University. Which will state The University’s name and account number, and the applicants full name on the receipt.

10. Final admission offer letter from your institute or university in Cyprus detailing the following;

a.The applicant’s full name.
b. The name of the institution.
c. What course/programme.
d. The duration of the course/programme.
e. Details of tuition fees.

You should also be aware that the consular officer might ask for other documentation  during visa application and interview. If you documents are complete and honest your chance is high.

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Cyprus Student Visa Application Procedure

You will submit the Cyprus student visa application at the Cyprus embassy in Abuja. I will give the address below. Applications submitted will be assessed by the Cyprus Embassy in Abuja for forwarding to the Civil Archive and Migration Department for final visa approval consideration.

The visa procedure takes about one month that’s why it is necessary to file an application at least 2-3 months before the expected date of enrolment.

Cyprus Student Visa Application Fee

The approved standard visa application fee for the Cyprus student visa is €60. You will do the Biometric data collection for the visa application at the embassy in Abuja.

On Arrival in Cyprus

Students must report to the educational institution on the first working day. Because after their arrival they have to register and proceed with the remaining formalities needed for the issue of a temporary residence permit.

International students should register with the District Police Alien Branch within seven days as from the day of arrival in Cyprus. They are also to proceed for medical examinations on the first working day after their arrival. They then submit the relevant medical certificates to the District Police Alien Branch within one week from the date of arrival.

Cyprus Embassy Addresses Nigeria

Embassy of Cyprus,
Abuja Capital Motors,
Leventis Close,
Central Business District,

High Commission of Cyprus,
AG Leventis Nigeria,
Iddo House,

Normally, foreign students from non EU countries are not allowed to work during their study in Cyprus. Exceptions are made by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus. Which is for certain courses for which they will issue a working permits to enable practical training during the summer vacations.

If you have any question about how to apply for Cyprus Student Visa from Nigeria or my previous articles, you can ask below.

Thank you so much for reading.

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