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    Exporting yam from Nigeria is capable of fetching you untold amount of dollars on regular basis. One fact about Nigerians is that they are travelers but even as that, another thing that had remained true with them is their choices of food which their home foods takes precedence in.

    The rate at which Nigerians oversea hustle for their home foods is indeed something to be beheld. They are ever ready to pay you dollars to have it brought to them. You can as well export yams to them and make money.

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    Make Profit Exporting Yam To UK

    We all know that yam business at home is already a big investment. The Northerners have been making millions of naira from the business. Another eye opener is the huge amount of dollars that people making from exporting yams to Europe and America.

    There is no two ways about it, yam business is getting hotter than ever in the UK as 2kg of yam goes for 3.5pounds. You know what one pound is to naira at the present rate. The point here is that, any capital you invested in yam export business will come back in multiples.

    The flour is open for big scale exporters of yams to America and UK. But, you need to be capable in terms of capital as yam exports is not for small players.

    Cost Of Starting Yam Export Business

    Some say that you can start this with N100,000 but that is not true. There are conditions to be met. You must get proper certifications which will enable you to have access to big contracts abroad. You must ensure that your yams meet the international standard for being taken abroad.

    Here at WealthResult.com, we try as much as we can to present our readers with what is obtainable in the current market and not what is sweet to the ears.

    Embargo on yam export to some countries in the Western world was in place till June 2016 due to some sharp business practices of some exporters in trying to cut corners by shipping unhealthy yams and other agricultural commodities out of the country.

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    Till the embargo expires and the business resumes back to normal, any one that is interested in yam exportation business should be gearing up towards obtaining all the necessary documents that would ensure that his goods encounters less scrutiny at the ports.

    Meanwhile, for those with less start up capital, we are not telling you to go into borrowing but you can still start with the little you have. Reasonable amount of about N.5million can get you started in a small scale. Get your goods packaged in cartons of 20kg each and have it forwarded to your customers abroad.

    As time goes on, and if you maintain the needed trust, you could even be given a contract to supply  in a bigger quantity. That is when you can go all the way to source for funds through any means. At that point your business has gained enough ground. Your sincerity at having nothing but quality yams shipped out has started paying off.

    Navigating Through The Export Terrain

    Just like every other exportation business, you are required to have good valid means of identification, like international passport, domiciliary account, e-mail address, and etc. Do your best even if you are dealing just an individual to register with NEPC, Nigeria Export Promotion Council.

    In this business, an issue will definitely arise that may warrant your valid identifications. Get all your documents ready. Venturing into yam exportation is not a backyard business.

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    Make enough finding and see what types of yams and species that are acceptable oversea. Do your best to surpass the expectation of the stringent requirements involves in having agricultural products moved out of the country.

    Enough emphasis has to be laid on this because any Nigerian made products going abroad are known to be always subjected to strict surveillance and tests. Little thing could disqualify you. But when you are known to exceed the expectation on regular basis, your good reputation stands to speak for you.

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    • Temi February 23, 2016

      Good day Mr Ekeh, I found this post very informative and will like to get more information from you if you do not mind.

      Kind Regards

    • Okechukwu Ngene March 21, 2016

      Your indepth analysis of business ideas is amazing. You nailed it…On the aspect of choosing the best specie of yam, anybody venturing into this business must first of all learn how to pick the best specie……the one that will lasts longer than others…and sweet too. Thanks for the info bro. Anyone interested can also leave how to make much money in yam business including how to buy it for as low as N40, N50, N60 and above per tuber and resell at any price. When to buy it, how to store it so it wont rotten, etc. Check it out here foodstuffmillions.blogspot.com

    • Aghananti Queen April 25, 2016

      good job bro. this is more like it. i am a yam farmer but not encouraged due to price my customers buy. I know about specie and quality of yam well. if I am done with certification and stuffs. where do I take the yams for export. kindly text me via or reply me via me email. keep the fire burning. thanks a whole lot.

      • Ernest October 27, 2017


        What species do you have ? I am a yam buyer. Note it must be straight no dots and white


        • grace September 23, 2018

          pls can I have your contact…mine us 07057161024.. u can msg me on Whatsapp thanks

        • Francis Isaac June 2, 2020

          08113199078 we are sellers of all kinds of Root and Tubers

    • Thanks for your invaluable information. I am really interested in export business. How will I go about it? The requirements and documentations required.

    • Hamed mutiu kehinde May 31, 2016

      Thanks so much. I’ve interest in charcoal biz. Kindly connect me with foreign customers. My email address is. Thanks

    • Hamed mutiu kehinde May 31, 2016

      Thanks so much for your time and effort on this wealth result. Pls I need more information on charcoal exportation.

    • Kelechi June 20, 2016

      Mind blown thanks for the article,I’d be sure to inform on any update I make.

    • hyacinth June 22, 2016

      Dear Amechi, may God continue to bless you all for these wealth of information you are dishing out to the public. You do not know the lives you are saving through this timely information.

    • Ejiro Akudihor July 4, 2016

      Hello, Amazing article on wealth . What are the documentation required to start up any export business .

    • ashadeabiodun October 2, 2016

      Thanks for the information. i will like to go indept into this bussine, but my problem is, what are the necessary docuent needed and pls do you have any EBOOKS on how to identify the best spices of yam and how i can recognise it. pls u can send your reply. thanks

    • raysolab October 26, 2016

      please connect me on how to export red palm oil,gaari,ofada rice and beans to abroad

    • ranzford December 29, 2016

      Very good business idea.. How do I get the necessary documentation. . Am in Ghana .

    • UGWU JUDE July 15, 2017

      what a good business planning concept i will love to be an exporter of yam, kola and timba if i get the money

    • Agboola Olatunji July 17, 2017

      Thank you for the good work. May God bless you. I’m a new member and I’m enjoying my membership. For now I’m into plantain farming. I need to grow in this and I’ll be in contact with your good work. I’ll be asking questions as I grow. Thanks

    • Timothy Okolo July 19, 2017

      Thank you immensely for info. Please how can someone invest or start the business. Also can you train or help someone to get the necessary information and requirements. What will be your cost if you can help

    • LadyJemima August 2, 2017

      Hi, am Jemima. How can I get the necessary documents to start this business. Need some help here is my phone number

    • Adewunmi Gabriel September 7, 2017

      Thanks so very much for this information, God bless u richly. I am just thinking of something like this,I Google and I got some of the info needed such as how to state the reasonable capital to start with.I will still need more info as time goes on.

      • Benjamin Sunday September 13, 2017

        Interesting read. I appreciate your effort in educating us on export business.

        I will need more information on the basic requirements for registration and how to go about it.

    • Mr Omeiza Emmanuel Ibrahim October 19, 2017

      Hi i am Emmanuel and i am a farmer and am willing to export my yam to the western world. i operate from the Niger State…..how can you link me up………..

    • sam kyuga October 27, 2017

      How can i know the species of yam that is exportable iam also farmer with about 3 hecters of yam farm in benue state

    • charles November 18, 2017

      I can supply quality yam to any interested individual from Minna at a cheap price

    • Eunice December 14, 2017

      Can you kindly connect me please , regarding how to import yam and palm oil.

    • idubor rachael April 20, 2018

      I am rachael . I love and appreciate this business plan, but how do I go about the registration processes.

    • Lan cynthia Iember April 21, 2018

      Pls sir, I need to speak directly to an agent on how to import yams to Malaysia and the least capital I can kick start the business with. Thanks. Cynthia Lan. 09020555347

    • Mr Pek May 11, 2018

      This is a great info… can you write on how to export Cocoa Powder pls

    • Lucky Nwosu jideofor June 4, 2018

      Thanks for this piece

    • Stephen Igbinosa July 4, 2018

      Good information…

    • Vincentia okoye July 22, 2018

      Thanks so so much on dis information, am interested in exports business how do I go about it..

    • davido August 17, 2018

      Young starters how do we go about it and the requirements needed.thanks

    • Christian uche September 2, 2018

      Thank u very much for the information.
      How can one locate liable buyers in abroad
      I’m so much interested in this business as a youth.

    • Agwu Joseph November 20, 2018

      I need a good links on supplying pap a.k.a akamuakamu to united States of America .

    • ohonsi bernard December 10, 2018

      Hello sir, good job may God bless you. My name is! Bernard. How can I buyers of yam abroad.

    • Sunny O. December 10, 2018

      Good evening. Pls which country can one export plantain to? And what are the requirements one need to meet. Thanks for all the info. Best regards

    • Sunny O. December 10, 2018

      Which country can one export plantain to. And what are the requirements

    • Osigwe March 15, 2019

      Hello I like this information about yam exporting but how can I start and where can I get buyers abroad .pls I really need your help

    • otumala Ezekiel June 13, 2019

      Hello. i want to know how to get this process through for the exportation of yam from Nigeria to other countries especially Europe and USA. i am keenly interested

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      I must appreciate your effort.
      Please I need information on exportation of cola nut. (You can send via email)
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    • Godfrey Peter July 23, 2019

      waooo this is cool, and am here crying looking for job,,please God bless you for this post …but how do i get connection in the exportation farm product and the licencing please i need for info or possibly link to some one who is whiling to help

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      Am Maureen thanks for the information. I like to export pure honey pls how I go about it?

    • Johnson November 24, 2019

      Hello, this is such a powerful article and i’m really interested , but how can i start , where can i get buyers abraod, the certifications i’m meant to do . pls just email me and we can talk more on this. thanks

    • Johnson November 24, 2019

      Hello this here is a powerful article, is there a way you can direct me on how to start, how to get buyers in abroad and the certifications or license to have. thanks

    • Ibukun November 30, 2019

      How do I get connected to start my exportation biz in Palm oil ,Gari and yam. Your help will be highly welcome. My watsap number is 08094171234

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