How to Find Real FIFA Licensed Football Agent in Nigeria

Having an Agent represent you is fantastic way to gain new contacts with football club across the globe, without having to wait forever, for a Scout to discover you from your den. But it isn’t easy to find the right Agent!

Many who claim to be Player’s Agent in Nigeria either fall between quacks or Fraudsters. I have heard a lot of terrible stories from players who were victim of sub-standard Agents – who couldn’t deliver on their Promise or those who out-rightly made away with large sum of money and abandoned the player in the mix.

A professional player’s career could be complicated without a quality Agent representing him or her. The fact is, not many players in Nigeria have adequate football business knowledge or the cognate skills to negotiate employment terms with clubs.

A quality player’s Agent will introduce you to clubs, arrange for your trial tests, negotiate and re-negotiate employment terms on your behalf. Now-a-days, Agents even work more like “Guardian Angels.” They take care of most matters regarding the players well being. This is the reason it is important for you to find the right Agent from the onset, to handle your football affairs.

If you’re having trouble finding and evaluating who to represent you, keep reading., I’ll outline six tips you should consider to make sure you are entering into a business relationship with the right Player’s Agent.

Tips to Finding the Right Player’s Agent for Your Football Career

1. Try to Make Contact with Top Renowned Player’s Agents Across the World:

There are top dogs in the industry such as Jorge Mendes, Jonathan Barnett, John Fletcher… try to make contact with their agency, don’t ever be afraid. There are also such renowned Agents from Nigeria: Churchill Oliseh, Mike Emenalu, Daniel Shittu… Read: 5Topmost Football Player’s Agent in Nigeria. Feel lucky to contact them!!

2. Ask a Foreign-Based Pro to Recommend You to His Agent:

This is perhaps the safest way to find a good Player’s Agent. Ask a Foreign-based pro you know to introduce or recommend you to his own Agent. You can be sure the Agent will deliver!!

3. Ask NFF Staff or Some Key Sports Journalists You Know to Introduce you to A Good Agent:

By the nature of their jobs, they mingle with these Agents. They have records of which Agent transferred which player. They have investigated into many transfer market deals and are in position to introduce you to right player’s Agents in Nigeria. Ask a sport journalist or NFF Staff, they will be able to recommend you to the right Agent.

4. Search for the Success Story of Person who claim to be a Player’s Agent:

Before you commit yourself with any Agent, find out how many players he or she has successfully transferred into clubs abroad. Make sure you make advance search to verify the claims of the Agent.

5. Contact the list of Licensed Payer’s Agents from Nigeria:

You can find the list of Player’s Agents on or google search engine on the Internet. Further find out which players each of them may have represented recently before you sign-up with the Agent.

6. Green Hunters Sports International can Package You:

The Football Marketing and management consult in Lagos Nigeria can properly package you and recommend you to some of the top Agencies across the world.

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There is also article on this site on how to become a football agent in Nigeria. It will be useful for those looking to become a licensed FIFA agent in Nigeria.

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