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FIBecoming a FIFA licensed agent is Nigeria does not come easy but you can achieve it. Much work and effort needs to be put in place to spot talents. You also need to convince these talents that you are after their own best interests. This will enable them grant you the permission to front for them in seeking contracts with foreign clubs. Someone might ask why foreign football clubs? What about the domestic league in Nigeria? The answer to this question is simple; the domestic league has not advanced to the level of requiring the services of agents.

In addition to this, if it was practiced in the domestic league, the proceeds realized by the agent from sign-on fees and agreed percentages will be peanuts compared to what a FIFA licensed agent will earn if a transfer (usually from Nigeria and Africa to Europe) pulls through.

1. Why Become a FIFA Licensed Agent in Nigeria?

With an ever increasing football talent in Nigeria, there has been an attendant quest by these local talents to seek better or greener pastures abroad. The most attractive of these destinations has been Europe. This is so because the best leagues in the World are found there. As a FIFA licensed agent in Nigeria, there is never a short supply of quality players to export to Europe. However, a lot of players in Nigeria have been used and dumped by many so-called football agents which in most cases do not have licenses. These set of agents are in the business for just themselves and themselves alone.

Nigeria offers a very fertile ground for interested individuals having the desire to become FIFA licensed agents. In Africa, Nigeria has the largest export of football professionals plying their trade across the world and Europe in Particular. Taking advantage of the growing number of skilled players possessing superb talents is very important to propelling you ahead. There are certain character traits a good agent must possess. Some of these include;

2. Honesty is a Major Requirement

Honesty is one important ingredient a FIFA licensed agent must possess. If the player has absolute trust in capabilities of the agent, then the working relationship will be pleasant. This will result in increased patronage from talented players. While being dishonest may sometimes get you want you want, over the long run, it has consistently proven to be very destructive to overall success in the field.

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3. Patience is Needed

Along the path to becoming a FIFA licensed agent in Nigeria, you need a good dose of patience, as the procedure involved might be hectic and tasking to say the least. If you want to realize your dream, possessing patience is an important ingredient. If the right steps are taken, and the license is issued, it is rewarding in every way, as it will reward you for the trying times you had to face.

4. The Process of Being Licensed by FIFA

To commence the application process, it is important to note that the right body to approach is the NFF (Nigerian Football Association). A written application should be addressed to the NFF after having paid an application fee at a designated bank. The amount to be paid is communicated to the interested individual either on the Federation’s website or any of its nearest office. The proof of payment and other relevant education documents should be carried along to the office as they will be required.

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FIFA will conduct a full background check to ensure that the applicant has not been involved in any crimes. After this process, an examination is conducted to test the knowledge of the applicant in matters relating to FIFA rules and guidelines. The dates and the minimum marks are all set by FIFA. For successful candidates, they are cleared to commence preparations leading up to their final licensing. Candidates unable to meet the minimum exam points can reapply to resit for the exams. Candidates resitting for the exams are allowed to sit a maximum of 3 times, after which they will have to wait a period of 2 years before retaking the exams again.

You need to follow the above procedures diligently in other to achieve you desire to become a FIFA licensed agent. You must understand that dubious means can not be used to achieve your objectives of becoming a Licensed football agent. This is the case of several individuals who falsely present themselves as FIFa licensed agents only to swindle gullible footballers whose dream is to play football at the highest level.

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