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How to apply for Israel student Visa From Nigeria, Israel Visa processing time, Israeli embassy application form and how much is Israel visa fee are few of the popular questions that people who want to study fresh in Israel or further their education in Israel are asking about. When you are planning to travel abroad, a proper information on the process can make the whole thing easy for you. This article is an attempt to explain to you step by step full process on how to apply for Israel student Visa from Nigeria from start to finish.

This article will focus only on applying for a student Visa in Israel. However, if you want to get knowledge or details about how to apply for student Visa in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Malaysia, India, Italy, Japan, Dubai and others, just click on any of the country above to discover everything you need to study there. You are probably here because you are looking for answers to how to apply for Israel student Visa from Nigeria. So make sure you read this to the end to know everything there is to know to get you started.

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Applying for Israel Student Visa

An international student that wishes to pursue a scholastic program or study in Israel will certainly need to get the Israel student visa, likewise referred to as A/222 student Visa. This Student visa is approved to those who intend to research in the elementary and also high schools, scholastic establishments as well as Yeshiva as well as young people organizations of the Jewish Firm.

The Israel Student visa is valid for approximately one year. It is a several entry and departure visa and also it does not approve the recipient the permission to operate in Israel.

Eligibility Requirements for Israel Student Visa

To be qualified for Israel student visa you must satisfy the requirements in the list below problems:

You must have applied to a higher institution of your choice. You must give the main letter of invitation provided by the academic institute in Israel. The letter has to be legit and signed by an institute agent.

  • You should have a legitimate passport. Most countries will not allow you if you don’t have a Nigerian international passport. You can click here to know how you can apply if you don’t have.
  • Your Passport need to have a legitimacy that surpasses the period of the visa you are making an application for by a minimum of 6 months
  • You should supply your original birth certification
  • You must have a copy of your finished as well as signed visa application form
  • If you are a minor, you should offer signed consent from both parents.
  • You have to give evidence of your economic capacity so regarding support on your own economically throughout your whole period of research study in Israel.
  • Also, you need to remain in excellent physical and also mental wellness and also devoid of any type of transmittable illness. You could check the inoculation requirements for visitors to Israel here.
  • You intend to leave Israel at the end of your authorized stay. Even if you have plans, just make sure you state that you will return after your study.

Step By Step Guide Obtain Israel Student Visa

You will have to use at the Israel Embassy or Consular office for the student visa. After you inspect your qualification for obtaining an Israel trainee visa, you can proceed with the below discussed procedure.

1. Get the Trainee Visa Application Form

The very first step of your visa application process is to acquire the student visa application you could download and fill the form online. The form is very important and it’s the first step to take on how to apply for Israel student.

2. Fill out the Trainee Visa Application Form

Carefully complete the details called for in the visa application. Please you have to fill the form with all honesty and don’t give an information you are not sure of or try to play smart.

You should fill the form by yourself. A friend or your boyfriend cannot fill it for you. Fill it out correctly yourself.

3. Gather the Needed Documents

Prepare a check listing of all the files required for entry in addition to your visa application form at the Israel Embassy or Consulate. Gather all the papers and also keep them prepared for submission.

4. Supply Picture for your Student Visa Application

Ensure that you offer two recent colour pictures for your trainee visa application. Your photograph should not be more than 6 months old. Please do not supply an old passport photograph you used about four years ago. Use a current clear picture.

5. Get the Visa Application Charges Ready

Have a look at the most up to date visa application fee and the settings of accepting the fee at the Israel consulate or consular office where you plan to send your visa application. If you don’t pay, your application will not even be checked.

6. Submit the Student Visa Application

Submit your visa application form along with all the required papers. As well as the required visa application fee at the Israel consulate or embassy.

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Important Information

  • Your application fee will certainly not be refunded if your application for student visa is refused or declined for any type of reason.
  • Make an application for a student visa soon after you receive the main letter of acceptance from your organizing Israel educational institute.
  •  Fill up your application form very carefully with all precise information.
  •  Bring initial duplicates and photocopies of all supporting records when you pertain to send your visa application at the Israel Embassy or Consulate.
  •  Do not absent false files for your pupil visa.
  •  Do not hide or misrepresent truths in your application.

One of the mistake people do which in turn always get them rejected is give an information they are not sure of, all in the eagerness to study in Israel. It is a good thing you are going abroad to study, just take it easy and fill all the forms honestly and don’t make a mistake. If you are not sure of an information, verify it. Check above for all the documents you need and make them available before you start your application.

If you have any question or clarification on this article on how to apply for Israel student Visa from Nigeria, just ask below. If you also have any question based on my previous articles, you should use the comment box below.

Thank you so much for reading.

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