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How to apply for Finland student Visa from Nigeria is an easy process when you have the correct information. You have the dream to further your Education in Finland. You want to know about Finland student Visa. This article is all you need to read to the end. I will tell you that you can do the processing by yourself. There has been issues with people who would pay an online against to get the Finland student Visa for them and at the end they lost all. You don’t have to risk your money or time asking someone to apply for you. It’s a DIY and the process is easy.

My past articles have been about getting a student Visa for countries like: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Argentina, Russia, Scotland, Portugal, Cyprus, Iceland, Lithuania, Italy, Mauritius and many others. Click the country of your choice from the list above to read more. This article is to talk about getting a Finland student Visa from Nigeria and am going to stay to that.

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Finland Education Overview

How To Apply For Finland Student Visa From Nigeria

Finland is known as a modern, highly advanced country with a world-class educational system. It has become a popular destination for international students in recent years – and the government wants to invite more students from abroad to study at universities in Finland.

One amazing thing about Finland is that students can get a job, even if they don’t speak the language. Even if it would be a bit difficult to get a professional job due to lack of experience, international students can easily land part-time jobs, especially in the greater cities of Finland, like Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Jyväskylä and others

Finland is one of the top destinations for international students, so there are high chances that you will be surrounded by all types of cultures and peoples.

Finland Student Visa

A student who wants to stay and study in Finland, but is not a citizen of Finland, will require either a student visa or a student residence permit to fulfil this objective. However, the Finland student visa and the residence permit do not refer to the same document.

Finland student visa is a temporary short term permit that is issued to a foreign student who wants to stay and study in Finland for a maximum of 90 days (3 months).

Finland student residence permit is issued to a foreign student to wants to stay and study in Finland for duration of more than 90 days (3 months). Normally, Finland residence permits for students are granted for one year at a time.

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Finland Student Visa or Residence Permit Required Documents

Documents are ways the consular officials will get to know you. So you will have to be honest and present legit documents. To get your Finland student Visa, you will need to submit the following documents:

1. The official letter of acceptance issued by your hosting Finnish university or educational institute or polytechnic.

2. A valid International passport. The passport must have a validity that exceeds the duration of the visa or residence permit you are applying for by at least 3 months

4. Your passport must have been issued within the previous 10 years

5. Copies of the completed and signed application form.

6. Proof of your financial ability so as to support yourself financially during your entire period of study in Finland and for your return transportation. At present, a student must have a minimum of EUR 560 (INR 43,316.17) per month for staying in Finland. This means the student must have minimum EUR 6720 (INR 519,794.02) per year for his or her expenses in Finland.

7. A recent statement of your financial situation from your bank that shows you have at least EUR 6720 in your bank account. Note that students undertaking degree courses in Finland must have funds for one year at a time.

8. A proof of having obtained valid health and medical insurance that covers the entire duration of your stay in Finland. Refer to health insurance for detailed information.


9. You must be in good physical and mental health and free from any kind of contagious diseases.

10. No criminal records. You should have a clean background.

11. You must not have been refused entry into Finland previously

12. Intention to leave Finland at the end of your authorized stay

Note that the bank statements of an applicant’s parents or a shared or joint account will not be accepted for Finland student visa or residence permit.

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Important Information For Finland Student Visa

Visa processing period takes between 2 to 4 weeks. It can also take up to two months depending on the nature of your application.

After you applied, you need to make a new visit to the local embassy or consulate, to present originals and copies of the requested documents and to prove your identity. You will have your fingerprints taken. This is also a part of the registration process that will happen after you arrive in Finland, regardless of your country of origin.

How To Apply For Finland Student Visa From Nigeria

In the beginning of this article, I told you that you can do the application by yourself. All you have to do to apply is get an admission letter from an institution in Finland. Download and fill the Finland student Visa application for online. Get all the requirements above and visit the Finland embassy in Nigeria through the address below.

Finland Embassy in Abuja
9 Iro Dan Musa Street
P.M.B 5140

Finland Consulate in Lagos
No. 4, Akanbi Danmola Street off Ribadu Road, Ikoyi
P.O.Box 427
Lagos Nigeria
Now you see how easy it is to get a Finland student Visa from Nigeria. Go ahead and share this article or ask any questions you have below.
Thank you so much for reading.

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