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How to apply for Austria student Visa from Nigeria, Austria student visa requirements, Austrian visa application form and Austrian embassy visa appointment. Do you want information about Austria embassy in Nigeria, study in Austria or how much is Austria visa fee. You are in the right place because this article will explain to you everything you need to know about Austria student visa. I will advice you not to pay a self acclaimed online agents who will promise to do it all for you. It’s a simple process you can do all by yourself.

If you will like to read about how o obtain a student visa for top countries like: USUKCanadaAustraliaMalaysiaBelarusThailandIndiaFinlandIcelandIrelandNetherlandsKenyaSouth AfricaLithuaniaGeorgia and others. Click the country above or click here to have access to all the amazing article in our Study Abroad section. This article is just explain how you can get your Austria student Visa from Nigeria and am just going to stay on that.

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Study In Austria Overview

The Republic of Austria offers one of the highest living standards in the world. It may be relatively small, but there are many reasons to study in Austria, including a number of universities which rank among the world’s best. International students in Austria have the opportunity to study within specialized universities.The academic year in Austria is split into two semesters: winter and summer. The academic year begins around October 1st and ends around September 30th of the following year.

Austria Student Visa

As a Nigerian international student intending to study in Austria, you’ll need a visa and/or a residence permit. The Austrian student visas type D is a non-immigrant visas for individuals who intend to study in an Austrian institute, college or university for a short period of 6 months While for a longer period of above 6 months, you’ll require a student residence permit alongside your Austria student visa which the Austria authorities will issue to you.

Austria Student Visa Requirements

You will need to present the below documents for your Austria student Visa application.

1. Visa Type D application form.

2. Two recent passport photographs in dimensions of 35 – 40 mm, full face capture.

3. International Passport which must be valid for at least three months after your study period. With two empty leaflets at the back. You must have been using the passport for over 10 years.

4. Letter of admission issued by your Austrian university confirming your admission.

5. Proof of accommodation arrangements.

6. Proof of health insurance, It is important that insurance covers all days you are planning to stay in Austria, this document must cover medical costs of up to €30,000.

Financial Evidence

7. Proof of sufficient funds in the form of bank statement, confirmation issued by future employer, bank account that you can access when in Austria, travelers’ cheque or scholarship grants by a sponsor if applied.

The required amount is €487.53 per month for students aged 24 and below, while students aged 24 and over require €882.78 per month

8. Proof of tuition fees payment or grant/scholarship submission to cover tuition fees.

9. Notarized letter signed by one or both of your parents declaring financial responsibility (not required if you are able to financially support yourself).

10. Copy of your itinerary or round trip ticket.

11. All applicants must also submit biometric data (10 fingerprints). You need to schedule an appointment at the Austrian Embassy in your country in order to do this.

12. Birth certificate

13. Police clearance certificate indicating that you have no prior convictions and a model citizen.

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Austria Student Visa Processing Fees

The consular fees of €50 for minors and €80 for adults are to be paid at the time of application in cash (naira at the equivalent exchange rate).

Austria Student Visa Application Process

You will do the application for the Austrian student visa (Type D) through the Austrian Embassy in Nigeria.

Consular office hours: Monday till Thursday, 09:00 till 12:00 hrs. The embassy is closed on Austrian holidays: 26 Oct, 1 Nov, 8 and 26 Dec.

Austria Embassy Address In Nigeria

9, Usuma Street,
Maitama District,

How to get Austria student visa from Nigeria is not as hard as people or online agents will paint it. Have complete documents and you can start anytime you wish. You can drop any of your questions in the comment box below. You should also share with our social buttons so that others can benefit from it.

Thank you so much for reading.

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