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How to apply for a Bolivia student visa is the question you might want an answer to especially if you want to study or further your Education in Bolivia. Most people find it hard to get a Bolivia student visa not because the process is complicated, it’s simple because there are no clear information out there. I am dedicating this article to addressing every questions you have relating to how you can get a Bolivia student visa from Nigeria. Make sure you read to the end.

This article will be relevant for you if you are searching for Bolivia embassy in Nigeria, Bolivia tourist visa application, Bolivia embassy in Africa and Bolivia online visa application. This is the article you need to read to the end. Because I am going to show you easily, how you can get your Bolivia student visa from Nigeria step by step from start to finish.

Few of my past articles where i talked about how you can process your student visa to study in other countries like: USUKCanadaAustraliaMalaysiaBelarusThailandUkraineIndiaFinlandIcelandIrelandAustriaMaltaKenyaSouth AfricaLithuaniaGeorgia and others are few countries you can go to study from Nigeria. I am just going to focus solely on Bolivia student and I won’t talk about all I talked about already.

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Study In Bolivia Overview

There have been a lot of changes in higher education in Bolivia over the past few years. There are 7 major public autonomous universities and the Bolivian Technological Institute, which was established in 1962. Most of the colleges and universities focus on the liberal arts such as Education, Engineering, Medicine, and the sciences. But there are also a wide variety of other career choices which can be focused on in college, including Fine Arts, Music, Art, and others.

Bolivia is a good place to study for a number of reasons. One of these is the relatively low cost of living and the access to rigorous learning curriculums in the field of study. The environment and climate is diverse and offers a variety of weather which some people find refreshing. In addition, the atmosphere is diverse and multiethnic.

How To Apply For Bolivia Student Visa

Bolivia is one of the many countries you cannot enter as a Nigerian without a Visa. Not just an ordinary visa but a Valid visa. Before you can enter Bolivia for anything, you will definitely need a visa that will correspond with the reason you are going to Bolivia. You can’t just go to Bolivia for nothing, there has to be a reason. The reason is what will determine the kind of visa you will apply for. Either you are going for business or pleasure or study, a visa is the key. In this case, you want to study in Bolivia, the visa you will need is a Bolivia student visa.

While preparing for your travelling to Bolivia, you must have come across many articles and many self claimed agents who will promise to process your Bolivia student visa for you while you sleep at home. My penny advice for you is not to pay anyone online to do it for you. Someone cannot do it for you. It’s your responsibility and its not something you cannot do. Clear your mind of an agent, you must follow the processing by yourself.

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Bolivia Student Visa Processing

A student visa is available to foreign citizens travelling to Bolivia in order to study or take part in an academic programme. Bolivia student visa is issued for sixty (60) calendar days, with the purpose of studying at primary, secondary and higher education institutions. This then enables the process of temporary stay of a student for up to three (3) years, renewable for periods of up to three (3) years, until the completion of their studies to the Directorate General of Immigration.

The first step towards getting your Bolivia student visa is securing an admission in an institution for a Course of your choice. If you are applying for a Bolivia student visa without an admission firstly from an institution in Bolivia, you are just wasting time. You apply for an admission and wait for the institution to notify you with an acceptance letter. Once you get admission, you will fill the Visa application form. You will then grab the documents below and proceed to the Consulate.

Bolivia Student Visa Required Documents

The following documents have to be legal, honest and contain no false information. Below is a list of documents you will need for your Bolivia student visa procesing:

1. Visa Application form must be filled honestly and with no false information.

2. Original inyernational Passport with at least 6 months of validity

3. Yellow Fever card.

4. One recent 2″ x 2″ passport type photograph

5. Fee of $50.00

6. School transcript containing the full details of your previous academic experience.

7. Original or copy of acceptance letter given to you by the Higher Education Institution in Bolivia.

8. Certificate stating that the applicant has no criminal and/or police record. A competent authority must issue this in the country of origin or last residence, according to current regulations.

9. Financial sustenance with details of bank statements account of the sponsor.

The consular officials might ask for additional documents.

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Bolivia Embassy Address In Nigeria

Currently, there is no Bolivian embassy in Nigeria. As a Nigerian, you can get a visa to Argentina and then cross to Bolivia or you can go to Egypt and then apply for Bolivia student visa directly from Egypt. Egypt seems to be the only country in Africa with Bolivia Embassy.

Argentina Embassy in Abuja
Nelson Mandela Street, Asokoro, Abuja FCT Nigeria
E-mail Contact:
Plot 340 Diplomatic Drive,
Central Business District,

Address Of Egypt Embassy In Lagos

34, Kofo Abayomi Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos
Email address is:

Getting your Bolivia Student Visa From Nigeria is easy and something you should do yourself. It might be a little bit stressful but if you actually want Bolivia, you can go for it.

Thank you for reading

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